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Confogl & Miscellaneous / Re: Ping Compensation Points (PCP)
« on: September 05, 2013, 06:48:14 am »
I personally agree with memory on getting a plug in that allows tanks and witches to be at the same percentage each game. I was saying that all throughout CCT2 because some teams would be disadvantaged depending on the tank spawns which would make it either harder or easier to catch up depending on the situation. For us to expand to a global community and keep the game truly active this is an essential step.

Yes, I remember you and I having our private mumble discussion about that during the interlude of a delayed match (was it Velocity vs nv-?) and we were thinking "why hasn't this been thought of before?" Felt like years ago  :D

Confogl & Miscellaneous / Re: Ping Compensation Points (PCP)
« on: September 05, 2013, 06:19:04 am »
Ok, based on what's being said so far, we are leaning towards abandoning the PCP system for EQ Cup #2.

I felt it was necessary to bring it up because there were a few complaints in CCT2 where teams believed they were at a disadvantage even with home-away matches. And apart from the impossible scenario of gathering everyone worldwide for a LAN cup, this was really the only other alternative towards addressing that concern.

But if and when it is fully abandoned, I for one will not take any complaints about pings seriously. It will be too late to moan about it during the cup when a possible solution was offered here but not enough people spoke up about it. So anyone who feels differently from what others have said in this thread, now is the time to have your say.

no ping points, but same spawns for tank/with and pills etc would be awesome.

I would like to see interp forced to one specific value for all and both sides.
No lerp toggle -> no long tank arms -> same condition for all

like all have to use 0.0167 for example.

This is a common rule in other games such as Counter Strike.

Although I like the general idea, this community in regards to lerp is almost as far away from unanimous accord as a catholic nun and a porn star debating their views on sex. Some players swear by their lerp settings and will never budge from their position. It was difficult in the 1st EQ Cup to get European teams used to no lerp toggling as players in those days used to obsess about finding the right lerp for tank arms and then switching to 0-10 for survivor rounds.

Lerp toggling is banned in this upcoming cup too, but I don't think you'll ever see the same forced lerp rates for everyone. Especially teams new to the comp scene will be used to 100 lerp as that's the default rate.

Confogl & Miscellaneous / Ping Compensation Points (PCP)
« on: September 05, 2013, 03:55:07 am »
There is a discussion about this in the EQ Cup #2 steam group. Because it is an international cup, there were a few points raised from CCT2 about certain inequalities when home and away matches figured into the equation. One way of addressing that is to enforce in the 2nd match the exact same tank and witch spawn percentages as they appeared in the 1st match, which I don't imagine anyone would object to as it's in the interest of maintaining consistency and equality for both teams.

The 2nd method however, seems controversial to some and is going to draw a lot of mixes opinions based on matters such as its necessity, how exploitable the system is and what consequences it will lead to. I will copy-paste from the steam group:

"Most of you will have read about this in the rules and are probably unsure about what it is exactly. Well, it is a controversial and an exploitable system, which is why we are imposing bans for individuals and disqualification for teams who try to cheat the system.

Let me explain to you the following example: Team A is from the Netherlands and on their home server, they enjoy an average 15 ping for the whole team, which is a huge advantage in an international contest. They play Team B who is from America (and to illustrate this example further, let's say that there is an American player residing in each of the 4 time zones). Their pings to a Netherlands server will vary according to the time zone they live in. A player from New York will probably have 80-100 ping, but a player from California could have almost 200 ping.

Then what happens when the American team has the home game? Their home server could be located in New York, in which case the whole Netherlands team may have 80-100 ping. But this will be the same ping for the player connecting from California, in what is the home game for his team.

Another scenario similar to this is to picture the Netherlands team vs a Russian team which has 1 or 2 players from eastern Russia or a nation like Kazakhstan. Despite home and away matches in play, there is still a very noticeable inequality in terms of ping. Teams that are based in smaller countries can get a big advantage, whilst those who live in more geographically expansive nations are at an overall disadvantage.

So basically, this discussion is about gathering honest opinions on the PCP system and whether you believe it's right for it to be introduced. Depending on the reaction, it could influence whether the PCP system is used or if it is abandoned. But even though it might seem controversial to some, be aware that it is intended to establish equality and fair play in international contests."

I don't have time to explain a full example right now, but picture this: PCP works both ways for both teams in a home-away contest, so when the away team gets PCP, so will the other team in the next match. The only difference in the end is that it would compensate for the players who have overall higher pings to contend with in both matches, those who live in much larger nations or further away from the servers than everyone else. So if an American team was playing a Euro team and the Americans choose a New York server for their home game, then PCP will compensate overall for any players based in California or Western Canada for example.

News / Re: Equilibrium Cup #2
« on: September 03, 2013, 07:44:46 am »
yo i'd be more than happy to assist u guys w/ this from a North American standpoint if you want my help

Cool, feel free to add me on Steam, my profile can be found via the EQ steam group link.

News / Equilibrium Cup #2
« on: September 02, 2013, 07:06:57 pm »
We are pleased to announce that Equilibrium Cup #2 will be going live on 30th September. This cup is unique in the sense that nothing quite like it has ever been done before. It will be a hybrid cup, meaning that TWO different configs will be used. They are EQ 2.0 and EQ Retro. This cup is a test to see which team can master both playing styles of L4D1 and L4D2, in order to prevail over all others and succeed Team Impossibru to become the next EQ Cup Champions.

The format is simple: it’s an international cup, open to anyone regardless of their geographical location. Home and away matches are mandatory for teams and players competing from different continents or communities. Depending on the number of teams that sign up, we are provisionally set to host a double-elimination cup just as we did in EQ Cup #1. We are aiming for a minimum of 16 teams, with a maximum of 32, in which case the registration will be closed and only re-opened in the event that one or more teams change their minds before the cup begins. However, the structure of the cup itself will be subject to change if necessary.

On the provisional basis that the cup will run in a double-elimination format, when teams from different continents are paired against each other in a round draw, they must play a total of 4 matches in the space of 2 weeks, which will be devised into one campaign for home and away matches each week (note that when teams from the same continent face each other, they have the option of playing just 1 match per campaign instead of home-away contests). Each round draw will consist of 2 campaigns: a campaign to be played on EQ Retro, and a campaign to be played on EQ 2.0. In the interest of ensuring as much consistency and equality in regards to international matches, teams will play with the exact same tank and witch spawn distances as they appeared in the first match of the round draw. In addition, their pings will be calculated to compensate for teams whose players are at an overall disadvantage due to residing in more geographically expansive nations and/or different continents. The map rotation will entail: 4 L4D2 campaigns, 4 L4D1 campaigns, and 4 custom campaigns, with the latter having 2 campaigns designated for each of the 2 configs.

As for the configs, there are significant updates being introduced in EQ 2.0 which will not have any impact on EQ Retro, but the one biggest change they both share is EQ’s new and unique, hybrid scoring system: a combination of healthbonus and damage scoring. The parameters for this new scoring system are provisional and will go through testing to gauge the overall accuracy and reliability. In preparation for this cup, we will be testing out the configs and certain new features, and there is a steam group and a list of rules which everyone should familiarise themselves with, which you can find here:

We are currently looking for an admin based in North America who is well-respected, trusted to maintain their duties and serve as a reliable contact and representative admin for teams in North America. Any additional volunteers, including server admins and streamers, can talk to me.

If you’re interested in the challenge of having to play the styles from both entries in the L4D series, then this cup is definitely for you. If you’re more interested in playing for fun, then this cup is definitely for you too. We encourage anyone and everyone to grab their friends and sign up whether it’s for fun, competition or just doing your part to help make the community a little bit more active. Registration officially begins now and will close on 29th September 00:00 GMT. So get together, sign up your teams and we’ll see you all in 4 weeks from now!

P.S. - The timing of this cup is purely coincidental and is not at all intended to disturb or draw attention away from the “TI” tournament and those who are organising it.

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