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Custom Campaigns & Mapping / Left 4 Dead 2 Beta Maps
« on: January 19, 2015, 09:17:50 am »
EDIT: Make sure to read the whole thread, new discoveries are posted throughout.

Watching some old beta vids from E3 2009 and PAX 2009, I noticed some things:

- Swamp Fever used to be much brighter
- Swamp Fever 1 used to have way more foliage and different kinds; I noticed pine trees like from Blood Harvest
- There were more item spawns and with different items, but this was likely just to demonstrate the new things in the game
- Parish 2 alarm sounded different, and you dropped out (one way drop?) of the CEDA trailer instead there being steps
- Apparently, in the original Hard Rain, survivors had to go around turning on lights in houses to light the path on the way back

There is also the c5m1_waterfront_sndscape map still remaining in L4D2 that you can try out yourself by starting it through console. It combined Parish 1 and 2 into a single long map and has a lot of other cut changes. I wonder how the comp L4D2 would change if this was still the case... would the map be considered too hard?


Dark Carnival also looks like it went through a lot of changes close to release. There are a lot of entities still remaining in the maps that were never removed but can be seen by decompiling the maps.

Cool little observation I noticed from an old beta video. When he goes into the Dark Carn 2 warehouse, you see a new area that was cut from the game. That explains why there is that long dark hallway blocked off still remaining in the current version of the map. Wonder how the inclusion of this area would have changed the game as it is now... Perhaps running Tanks all the way back wouldn't be feasible anymore and you'd have to fight the Tank in that building. This area was likely cut to make the shooting gallery bigger (with that room there, the shooting gallery had to have been half it's current length). I plan to remake this area for fun soon.

Other things I have noticed:

- Instead of Jimmy Gibbs car on Dark Carn 1, there was a police car (probably a placeholder)

- There are hints that there used to be a path that took you to the rooftop behind the ladder choke once
- The rooftop had almost no detail, most of the vents and wood pieces weren't added until later
- The slide used to be darker and have higher contrast colors, and the staircase leading to the top had a different texture that would have blocked LOS (allowing you to spawn underneath it)
- There are hints of a cut dynamic path that would have had you leaving the left side of the pill room before the event, instead of the right side
- There used to be a scavenge version of DK2 that was cut but entities were left in. A lot of the gates that separated the areas (kiddyland/slide, first fairgrounds area) can be removed for such a mode. You can still remove these gates with the stripper:source plugin if you wanted to access the new routes.  (Screenshot 1, 2, 3)

- There are leftovers from a cut path after the swan maintenance room. It appeared as if you originally went straight from the room with the shelves into the tunnel of love, instead of going to the one way drop as you do now. You can still see the arrow decal left in the current map.  (Screenshot 1, 2, 3)
- Dark Carnival 3 has a survival map, but it's not accessible without addons or console commands

- There is secret room on Dark Carn 4 in the stadium, that had to be addressed in a Promod update once, because unreachable pills could spawn there. There's nothing interesting there but a few shelves and item spawns.
- The exit from the bumper car building probably looked like this once. There are trigger brushes for an unused nav blocker entity there as well as some extra clips, which are typically used for dynamic pathing or changing map boundaries in various game modes (survival, scavenge etc). This might have been cut because it made a short map even shorter.
- There is a ride that is used as a background / skybox prop on maps 3 and 4. It may have been intended to be fully textured at one point or it may just be for detail

- There are unused entities for a possible dynamic path that would have had you get to the outside of the stadium from the right side, rather than the left
- When Valve updated the finale sometime in 2011 (I believe) and remade some areas, they forgot to delete entities from the old version. You can easily see a few of them left in the map in noclip mode


I know of a lot of other small things in the campaigns still but they probably aren't worth mentioning unless someone is curious.

Some other neat cut content:

Here's some more really cool concept posters for new campaigns Valve made. You can see some early concepts of areas that would eventually become L4D2 maps, like the motel, carnival, and swamp. I would've loved to explore these maps if they were ever made.

Anyway, that's all for now. Thought you guys might find this stuff interesting.

King of the Huntards / King of the Huntards - Final Results!
« on: November 02, 2014, 11:52:00 pm »

Bracket Link

1st LuckyLock
2nd Lust
3rd eTronic
5th dst
5th Titan Disco
7th Bravo
7th purpletreefactory
9th Evol
9th Cashmere
9th Rob
9th Deathcrazy
13th Dyl Dough
13th Hib
13th WestheimeR
13th Twisted

Thanks for playing everyone! Keep an eye out for future tournaments!

King of the Huntards / King of the Huntards - GRAND FINALS!
« on: October 27, 2014, 06:14:08 am »

LuckyLock vs Lust
Sunday, November 2nd, 7PM EST
Hard Rain: Downpour [Download]

After 4 weeks of elimination, we have now reached the grand finals!! Lust clutched another win over eTronic to win the lower bracket finals, and will once again face off against the only person to defeat him, LuckyLock. The match will be on saturday at 3PM EST. Get hype!

Once again a big thanks to Xbye for streaming the matches. Check out his playlist here if you missed them!

Also, with the grand finals, I've created an updated 1v1 config: Promod 1v1 4.04f. This will be the required config for this round, as it contains some crucial fixes for the grand finals map, Hard Rain: Downpour. Server owners can download it here.


Code: [Select]
1v1 Hunters, 1v1 Deadman, 1v1 Promod

- Removed Pump Shotgun and Unsilenced SMG
- Hunters can now pounce and scratch through doors instantly
- Common will now destroy all doors in one hit
- Gas can pour time lowered from 0.7 seconds to 0.5
- Fixed Blood Harvest 3 event spawning too many common
- Fixed Dead Air 4 event spawning too many common

Hard Rain: Downpour 2

- Fixed stripper file being named incorrectly
- Fixed multiple Witches sometimes spawning

Bracket Link

Good luck to both players!

King of the Huntards / King of the Huntards - SEMIFINALS! eTronic vs Lust
« on: October 22, 2014, 05:09:23 am »

With only three players remaining, we're nearing the final stretch of the tourney and the highly anticipated Grand Finals! Last round, eTronic played SiDEWAYSBOX on Blood Harvest and managed to get the lead after 4 maps (no finale was played), advancing him to the lower bracket finals. This round he will be playing against Lust for a chance at challenging LuckyLock in the final game. This same matchup happened earlier in the tournament in Round 3 on Death Toll, and Lust won that match. Will we see a repeat of history, or has eTronic leveled up? We'll soon find out!

I also wanted to give a shoutout to Xbye for streaming and casting these matches. He has VODs up on his channel so be sure to check them out if you missed it!

The map for this round will be Dead Air. Not much to say really, this map is just great all around. A ton of spots for huge damage pounces, the maps have a decent length, and a good balance of chokes and open areas. I expect this to be a great match.

Don't forget to post your match times AT LEAST TWO HOURS before you play your match! This is a requirement. Not following this rule will give you a -25 point deficit in the next round.

MAP Dead Air (Maps 1-5)
DEADLINE Sunday, October 26th, 11:59 PM

Player Profiles

Good luck to both players!


We're now down to our final four: eTronic, SiDEWAYSBOX, Lust, and LuckyLock! Last round, eTronic took a clutch win over dst on Swamp Fever, where the game was exactly tied after all four maps, and a tiebreaker map had to be played! I hope to see more close games like that in the matches ahead. On the other side of the bracket, SiDEWAYSBOX took a ffw over Titan Disco. The winner of this quarter finals match will go on to play Lust in the Semifinals (or losers bracket finals) on Dead Air. Meanwhile, the undefeated LuckyLock is still holding strong waiting for his next challenger in Grand Finals.

The map for this round will be Blood Harvest. I expect the foliage and high damage pounce spots to shake things up a bit and make this an interesting match on this classic L4D1 map.

Don't forget to post your match times AT LEAST TWO HOURS before you play your match! This is a requirement. Not following this rule will give you a -25 point deficit in the next round.

MAP Blood Harvest (Maps 1-5)
DEADLINE Monday, October 20th, 11:59 PM

Player Profiles

Good luck to both players!

King of the Huntards / King of the Huntards - ROUND 5
« on: October 11, 2014, 07:08:43 am »

With Winners Finals now over, LuckyLock takes it over Lust to clutch out the win on Dark Carnival! Check out the VOD here. Congrats to him, but the tournament isn't over yet. He'll be taking a break for a few rounds while the lower bracket catches up. Lust will be waiting for his next challenger in the lower bracket finals in the meantime as well.

This round our map will be Swamp Fever! I was originally planning to only use 5-map campaigns in this tourney, but I feel this map is a pretty good one for 1v1 with a decent balance of open areas and chokes.

In response to player feedback, the rule regarding posting your match time has been reduced to two hours before the match and a 25 point penalty instead of 50. dst will still receive the 25 point penalty for the rule violation this round.

And remember to make sure you use Promod 4.04d or later to ensure a bug free experience! 8)

Don't forget to post your match times AT LEAST TWO HOURS before you play your match! This is a requirement. Not following this rule will give you a -25 point deficit in the next round.

MAP Swamp Fever (Maps 1-4)
ROUND FIVE DEADLINE Wednesday, October 15th, 11:59 PM

Player Profiles

  • eTronic vs dst
  • SiDEWAYSBOX vs Titan Disco

Good luck!

Why are some of the topics in Announcements, some in Confogl and other Configs, and some in Community News? It's annoying just to find the topics sometimes because they're moved around the forum seemingly at random. Just keep them all in Confogl and other Configs. Thx.

King of the Huntards / King of the Huntards - ROUND 4 - Winners Finals!
« on: October 06, 2014, 07:03:59 am »

We're now down to our top 8! Half of the original entrants have been eliminated, leaving only Lust and LuckyLock remaining in the upper bracket, and Bravo, dst, eTronic, purpletreefactory, Titan Disco, and SiDEWAYSBOX in the lower bracket. eTronic and SiDEWAYSBOX will be sitting out this week as the lower bracket proceeds. We've seen so many upsets this tourney, I don't think anyone could make any predictions over what will happen next!

This week we're on everyone's favorite Dark Carnival. Make sure to check the additional rules below pertaining to this map.

Also, Promod 4.04d has been released, and will be the required config for this round. It fixes Witches spawning among other things.

Additional Rules:

- Going into the small vent alt-path on Dark Carnival 3 is not allowed
- Camping underneath the open tents on Dark Carnival 5 is not allowed

Don't forget to post your match times AT LEAST TWO HOURS before you play your match! This is a requirement. Not following this rule will give you a -50 point deficit in the next round.

MAP Dark Carnival (Maps 1-5)
ROUND FOUR DEADLINE Friday, October 10th, 11:59 PM

Player Profiles


  • Lust vs LuckyLock


  • Bravo vs dst
  • purpletreefactory vs Titan Disco

Good luck!

Custom Campaigns & Mapping / "Cheap" spots in Hunter based configs
« on: October 03, 2014, 09:52:06 am »
What are some spots that are really hard or borderline impossible to pounce someone in, and reduce the elements of skill required in Hunter based configs? I will likely block them in future configs. Promod used to have this but it got removed somewhere along the way (probably the time when stripper files were unified across configs).

Some spots I know of:

- Parish 4 event underneath the stairs
- Dark Carnival 3 small vent alternate path
- Underneath open tents on Dark Carnival finale

If you know of any others, post em here.

King of the Huntards / King of the Huntards - ROUND 3
« on: October 01, 2014, 07:52:55 am »

We're now on round 3, and we've seen our first wave of eliminations! Better luck next time to those players.

In the upper bracket, we're converging on the final two who have yet to lose a game. The lower bracket is still something to be feared however, as there are some hard hitters still in the game! After this round, half of the original entrants will be eliminated and we'll have our top 8.

This week we'll be going back to a Valve map, Death Toll.

Note: There have been reports of Witches sometimes spawning. If that happens, just continue to play out the game until I can get fix for it. If it spawns for the first player but not the second, you can replay the map.

Don't forget to post your match times WELL BEFORE your play your match! This is a requirement.

MAP: Death Toll (Maps 1-5)
ROUND THREE DEADLINE: Sunday, October 5th, 11:59 PM

Link to player profile URLs:
Bracket Link:

  • eTronic vs Lust
  • LuckyLock vs SiDEWAYSBOX
  • Evol vs Bravo
  • dst vs Deathcrazy
  • purpletreefactory vs Rob
  • Cashmere vs Titan Disco

Good luck!

King of the Huntards / King of the Huntards - ROUND 2
« on: September 26, 2014, 09:09:35 am »

Round two has begun! A few upsets happened last week, totally changing my expectations of the bracket. Anything can happen now.

This is the first round of the tournament that will take place on a custom map. This week we've got the great map Open Road! This map has a very Valve-like feel, both in design and difficulty, making it a perfect for competitive versus. I expect the map's relative unfamiliarity might cause some more potential upsets this round. Map knowledge will play a much larger role now in addition to your skeeting skills!

New Rule: Starting this round, all players must post their scheduled match times in this thread! Casters have been given permission to stream any of these games they wish.

MAP: Open Road (Maps 1-5) Download here.
ROUND TWO DEADLINE: Tuesday, September 30th, 11:59 PM

Link to player profile URLs:
Bracket Link:

  • eTronic vs Cashmere
  • Lust vs purpletreefactory
  • LuckyLock vs dst
  • Evol vs SiDEWAYSBOX
  • Bravo vs WestheimeR
  • Deathcrazy vs Hib
  • Dyl Dough vs Rob
  • Twisted vs Titan Disco

Good luck!

King of the Huntards / King of the Huntards - ROUND 1
« on: September 21, 2014, 04:13:44 am »

It begins! We've got quite a stacked tournament, but only one person will walk away the winner.

If any server owners don't yet have the most recent version of the Hunter 1v1 config, here's a link. The following servers have this config:

StickUpKidz 1v1 Server
Puppy Palace (must be forcestarted by admin)
purpletreefactory's Server

Changelog was based on feedback from players and polls.

- Removed Witches
- Reduced common infected from 7 to 6
- Reduced megamob size from 12 to 10
- Reduced gas can pour time from 2 seconds to 0.7 seconds
- Reduced deadstop Field of View from 20 degrees to 15 degrees

MAP: The Parish (Maps 1-5)
ROUND ONE DEADLINE: Thursday, September 25th, 11:59 PM

Link to player profile URLs:
Bracket Link:
  • Bravo vs eTronic
  • Westheimer vs Cashmere
  • Lust vs Deathcrazy
  • Hib vs purpletreefactory
  • Dyl Dough vs LuckyLock
  • dst vs Rob
  • Evol vs Twisted
  • SiDEWAYSBOX vs Titan Disco

Good luck!

News / King of the Huntards - 1v1 Hunters Tournament
« on: September 07, 2014, 07:46:22 am »

...or King of the Tards for short!

START DATE: Sunday, September 21st
RULES: Same rules as CCT/most tournaments. North America only for now.

>>>> Vote here regarding what should be done (if anything) with Witches in 1v1:

MAPS: TBA. Expect a combination of CCT3 maps and Valve maps.
CONFIG: Promod 4.0x - Hunters 1v1. There will possibly be a slightly updated version of 1v1 based on feedback coming soon.
PRIZES: Absolutely nothing!
Steam Profile Link
Steam ID

Find your ID here.
If you change your steam profile link it's your responsibility to update your post here as well.

This will be a fast tournament. You will have 5 days to play your next match. If you can't do that then don't bother entering. For example, the first matches will begin on the 21st and end on the night of the 25th.

List of entrants:

1. LuckyLock
2. Dyl Dough
3. Titan Disco
4. Evol
5. eTronic
6. Lust
7. WestheimeR
8. Bravo
10. Twisted
11. hib
12. Rob
13. Cashmere
14. purpletreefactory
15. Deathcrazy
16. dst

Offtopic / EVOLVE Alpha
« on: August 02, 2014, 03:46:48 pm »
Who else got in? We should team up and pubstomp some scrubs  8)

General / Happy 2014th Birthday America!!!!
« on: July 04, 2014, 07:40:39 pm »

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