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News / Sky v.2.7.1
« on: May 17, 2015, 12:38:20 am »

What is Sky?

Sky is a competitive configuration for Left 4 Dead 2. Original L4D/L4D2 maps are modified in this config: variable weather conditions across maps(such as Hard Rain), modifications of vanilla events etc. Thus rendering the game more interesting and diverse.


Current version: 2.7.1
Developers: JaneDoe, Electrik, Visor
Ideas: JaneDoe
Plugins: Visor, Vintik, JaneDoe
Sky Stripper: JaneDoe, Electrik
Base plugins: CanadaRox, ProdigySim, Tabun, Vintik, Stabby, Blade, CircleSquared, Jacob, Grego, purpletreefactory, epilimic, Arti, Raecher, Xan, Griffin, SilverShot, Sir
ProMod Stripper: Tabun, NF, EsToOpi, Jacob, Blade, Stabby, CircleSquared
Special Thanks: b9ka, semi, An†ares, iCake, s0b, Sir, nikeOn, Princess Twilight and etc.

* Many thanks to the Confogl team. Tell me if I forgot to include you in the thanks list.


1. Install latest ProMod: ProMod 4.3.1
2. Setup Stripper Source: Stripper 1.2.2 (if not installed)
3. Install Sky: Sky 2.7.1

*Small Fix Static Tank Spawns: Fix Static Tank Spawns (if you download before 25.05.2015)

Config Specifics:



Archive (ZIP)

* Config is fully compatible with the latest Promod, EQ etc.

Emperors FragMovie
Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4

*If you have any questions or problems with the cfg, if something is bugged, leave your posts in this thread, we will try to resolve your problem.

Confogl & Miscellaneous / 1v1 meta plugin
« on: April 30, 2012, 08:22:59 am »
Hi, anyone can give me source code plugin 1v1 meta ?

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