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Left 4 Dead 2 / Revival of North American PUG Network
« on: December 22, 2014, 11:52:38 pm »
With Swib moving onto bigger and better things, the staff of h2k have decided to start our own mumble and bring back a group that sat dormant for sometime.

If you would like to join the new group to have access servers through group servers you can find that here. It will remain public for the next while but may or may not be switched to members only in case of abuse or spam.

Also, it never hurts to remind everyone of the Rules.

Mumble Info:
Label: NAPN
Port: 64738

No third-party registration necessary. Simply, right-click your own name once connected, and select "Register."

Feel free to ask any questions however please remain on topic for this post.

Videos & Media / Left 4 Dead Schoolbus!
« on: September 18, 2014, 02:04:09 pm »
As you can imagine, it is a pretty short bus.

Yes, I'm bored at work and thought others may enjoy this if they didn't already see it on

Looking & Recruiting / [Recruiting] Looking for Additional Members
« on: January 24, 2014, 03:57:53 pm »
We are recruiting for the watchcup tournament. Dylan, Fyr and myself are looking for 1 main player and 2 ringers, depending on availability.

Please contact Dylan if you're interested.

This is the summary of the discussion thus far provided by stabs (thank you) as not to derail any more threads. Please feel free to contribute to the conversation but please, no trolling/flaming and no bandwagons. If you have an opinion, please express it clearly, not just I agree with so-and-so.  Detracting other people's opinions and jumping on bandwagons is what degrades to the name-calling and condescension.

Summary of Discussion:
1. Topgunfogl the best thing ever.

2. Jacob has to go back to DotA 2.

3. Very few people are capable of a reasonable discussion in this community. Some don't even seem to use any form of logic.

4. Damage Bonus:
- Brings back intuitiveness to SI attacks.
- Does not entirely remove survivor-side HB tactics: you can still use a damage sponge for choke points, being that a player with less health has less health to lose if he ends up going down and therefore will result in a smaller change to your bonus. If it's likely that you'll suffer an incap but not necessarily anything beyond that, you can send him first to keep most of your bonus safe, same as you'd do with HB.
- Temp. health still matters because bleed counts as damage and being slow means you'll take more hits on the way, so you'll take more damage.
-Temp. health still matters because bleed means you'll be slow, which means you'll take more hits on the way, so you'll take more damage.
(Witch damage counts. Bleed doesn't currently, my mistake there! I edited it on the original post, but seems WoN quoted it before my edit.)
- Puts value on the team's ability to protect each other rather than on the team/best player's ability to protect a single player (usually comes down to a single player).

5. Health Bonus:
- Why change something that isn't broken?
- Puts more value on individual skill: a player who can keep himself safe can still carry his team, even if he can't keep them safe.

The real difference between HB and DB just comes down to a single item: DB is a better judge of which team is better, while HB is a better judge of which team has the better player(s). HB only rewards you for protecting a single VIP, while DB rewards you more based on how well you protect every man. I've said this several times before: L4D2 is the most team-focused game out there, and ProMod aims to demand more out of the whole team than of any of its members as an individual.

DB also makes attacking more intuitive for new players, since you don't have to focus the green health. This isn't truly a good argument though: you just need to play 1 game with people who know how HB works to adapt to it (assuming there's communication).

Another thing that could be said is that there's only resistance because HB is the norm. If DB had been implemented from the start, and people were trying to change to HB, the reaction would be exactly the same. Although I don't think anyone would actually try to implement HB if the DB was the norm: having damage on one player be worth more than on another is unintuitive.

This is not the right thread for this discussion anymore though. It stopped being the right thread when shade created a poll and asked people to discuss ages ago, though people prefer to flame on the PM3.4 discussion thread than on the non-PM3.4 discussion apparently. Also, I really don't see what could be said that hasn't been said already. Either split this thread up and move the flaming part to the proper forum section or stop saying things in general.

I would like to disagree however about DB being intuitive because you don't have to get green health players. I've played competitive games where health bonus wasn't an objective, yet i would still target them as though there were health bonus. This was xbox confogl so vanilla damage scoring was in place.

MY INITIAL ATTEMPT AT A CIVIL DISCUSSION HAD FAILED.  4 pages of discussion, which got off-topic, can be read in it's full entirety Here. I have also summarized those four pages on Page 9.

Looking & Recruiting / Recruiting
« on: March 05, 2013, 08:31:21 pm »
Silver and I want to start a team and wondering who would be interested in playing with us for the CCT. Serious inquiries only.  PM me or silver.

Left 4 Dead 2 / Favourite Custom Campaign Map?
« on: January 26, 2013, 04:41:58 pm »
I'm planning an upcoming event for L2L where they get to play a custom map for fun and was wondering which map would be good to play.  I wanted to know what the community thought was their favourite map, especially with the familiarity we had with Estoopi's tournament. I was going to do a poll but some suggestions would be nice, particularly if you played in the CCT I would love to know your opinion on which map you think is the best, or at least the most fun.

I know Detour Ahead, Carried Off and Back to School are popular. Out of those three or feel free to name your own fave however, please keep in mind these are the campaigns we have on the server we plan to use. If you do not see your selection in the list and you know of a quality download link, feel free to provide that as well.

Discuss which maps are best for competitive play.

General / Game Suggestions?
« on: October 31, 2012, 04:19:03 am »
Looking to buy some new games, anyone have any games they would recommend?

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