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General / SirPlease: Cold Reboot - Semi Finals
« on: December 25, 2017, 06:47:13 pm »

The "Semi Finals"
Basically.. Round 2.

Match #1:
:Alexlowbrow: VS. ZANSHIN 残心

Currently Scheduled at: Wednesday, 27th @ 4PM CET (10AM EST)
Stream(s): Unknown.

Match #2:
Anime Trump VS. Team Florida

Currently Scheduled at: Saturday, 30th @ 11PM CET (5PM EST)
- Team Florida PoV: Dusty


Tournament Staff:
  • The Tournament Director: Sir
  • Assistant Tournament Director(s): Danne

Crucial Info:
  • Games have to be played on Zonemod 1.7.3 and on the SirPlease Servers
  • Make sure you're aware of the Ruleset, as this ruleset will likely only receive very small updates for future Single Elimination Tournaments.
  • Home/Away games are allowed in this Tournament, as long as the teams can't agree on a neutral Server.
    • Keep in mind that you're limited to the SirPlease Servers, which means you're restricted to the provided NA and EU Servers.
    • If teams are unable to agree on a Server, contact the Staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why wasn't there a post like this for Round 1?
A: Mostly because L4DNation had been "down" for a while and a bunch of stuff that I had to work out.
It might look like it was laziness, but I was just too busy and.. yeah, no, no excuses here. Should've just kept you guys posted. Forgive me.

Q: Why is the Tournament only Single Elimination, especially with 8 Teams?
A: Because this is a small Tournament, I wanted it to be short and sweet so that it wouldn't interfere with upcoming events!

Q: Why is this posted in the General Section?
A: Because there's no subforum for SirPlease Events (yet!), and an announcement is a bit much. :P

News / SirPlease: Cold Reboot - Small Tournament
« on: December 03, 2017, 06:32:31 pm »

Finally, another "Tournament"
Whilst small in size, this is merely the start of a lot of upcoming Events.

Prize Pool: $100
1st Place takes it all..

Sign-ups: > CLOSED. <
Sign-ups have closed on Thursday, December 14th.

Brackets: > HERE <
Games are.. LIVE!

Tournament Staff:
  • The Tournament Director: Sir
  • Assistant Tournament Director(s): Danne

Tournament Settings:

  • Round 1: Death Toll.
  • Round 2: Dark Carnival.
  • Final Round: The Parish.

Crucial Info:
  • Make sure you're aware of the ruleset, as this ruleset will likely only receive very small updates for future Single Elimination Tournaments.
  • Home/Away games are allowed in this Tournament, as long as the teams can't agree on a neutral Server.
    • Keep in mind that you're limited to the SirPlease Servers, which means you're restricted to the provided NA and EU Servers.
    • If teams are unable to agree on a Server, contact the Staff.

We will be running all of our Events through the eFPS Website, so if you haven't registered there yet.. what are you waiting for?!

News / Zonemod v1.7.1
« on: November 24, 2017, 04:58:25 pm »

Finally, a ZoneMod changelog!
Yeah.. it's been a while since I posted a Changelog.. eheh.


Most of you have played Zonemod in the past or still play it every now and then.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Zonemod, the entire changelog can be found here.
Most of you have probably played v1.6 last and have only missed the 1.7 Update, so I will be posting the 1.7 + 1.7.1 Changes.
I'd love to hear your initial thoughts are on these changes and perhaps you even have some suggestions for the config :D

Info for Server Admins:

I take pride in being able to say that this config is by far the easiest to setup for clean servers and to update outdated Servers.
Starting with v1.7 I'll be adding "Update Packs", which will allow you to easily update from older versions (starting from 1.6).
These packs will only contain files that need to be updated, making it far less likely that your personal adjustments get ruined.

This makes it really easy to distribute the config and have it working properly, thus making it easier to get Servers together for Events and to get much more reliable feedback regarding bugs.


  • General:
    • Spawntimers have been decreased by 1 second, making it 14.

  • Charger:
    • Punch Damage increased to 8.
    • First Punch deals 5 Damage.
      • As requested, the Charger can now easily bash people to Death again.
      • In an attempt to refrain from spawning just to get easy damage in, the first punch will do less damage.

  • Jockey:
    • Increased Jockey Ride Speed with 8%.
      • Buffing the Jockey slightly, allowing him to become a bigger priority in terms of who to clear first.

  • Tank:
    • Tanks will now start losing frustration 1.2 seconds after losing LOS (Vanilla is 2 seconds)
    • Keeping LOS of the Survivors will fill your rage bar by 5% for every 4 seconds of LOS held.
      • This change might seem scary, as it could potentially keep a Tank at full range for long periods of time, fortunately this is the first test of many and settings will be tweaked accordingly.

  • Melee:
    • Melee Weapons have now been removed from the Saferoom.
    • Melee Weapons now have a Limit of 2 in 4v4 and 3v3 (1 in 2v2 and No limit in 1v1)
      • Melee Damage on Tank has been reset to it's Vanilla value to balance these Nerfs. (300)

[Bug Fixes]
  • Spawn Rotation:
    • Fixed a Bug that would cause non-full Infected Teams constantly getting stuck with at least one Support SI on every hit.
    • The Spawns are fixed and the rotation will work as intended now.
      • As fun as the quads were, they were unintended.


Config Download
Leave your feedback/suggestions in the comments!

Final Words:

You can always reach me on Steam or contact me through Discord.. speaking of Discord, y'all should come hang out on L4DNation's Discord.

News / EzPz Series - Tournaments, Invitationals, Fun!
« on: June 18, 2017, 07:04:39 pm »
Howdy fine folk of L4DNation 8)
I've come yet again to spread the word regarding Tournaments and whatnot.

About the Series:
Originally I wanted the EzPz Series to only provide 1v1~3v3 Tournaments.
But, I like the name, and I wish to host Invitational Matches and 4v4 Tournaments under it as well.
The Prize Pool will always be €50 per player (1v1 = €50 prize pool, 4v4 = €200 prize pool)

Invitational Matches?
The idea is to create an "easy-to-cast" and fun to watch Matches  (basically Scrims v2.0)
These Matches contain two teams that will fight for honor, glory, and a few bucks (Ranging between €40~€80).

How is it Hosted?
We handle and setup our Tournaments, Matches, Match Reporting, Disputes, Rules and what not through Battlefy.
We're pretty much using a standard ruleset in every Tournament, but they do change, so make sure you read to what you agree to during sign up.
And yes, I know using a 3rd party website yet again isn't very attractive, but have faith, Battlefy is very simple to use and causes a lot less clutter.

As for the Servers, thankfully most of the community and I personally have a healthy relationship with the Hotmess and EMC Staff.
The admins allow for quick and painless updates to Configs and desired changes, which is why they're the Servers we use in our Tournaments.

You can contact us through our Steam Group or on this very page to sign yourself up for Invitational Streaming, on approval you get "Priority-Streaming" which basically means that you are the to go to Streamer for Invitational Matches and have priority on regular Tournaments.
As Priority Streamer, You will be judged on the professionalism of your Streams (in terms of choice of Casters and such).

Please keep in mind that anyone that wants to, can Stream regular Tournament Matches, unless the Teams don't want you to.
When you're a Priority Streamer, you however are always allowed to Stream, teams are not allowed to lock/kick you out.

Current Tournaments and Open Registrations:

EzPz Series [#1] - Apex Hunters 1v1 Tournament
Style: Single Elimination (1 NA Pool + 1 EU Pool -> Winner of NA Pool vs Winner of EU Pool)
Config: Apex Hunters 1v1
Prize Pool: €50 (Winners take All)
Status: LIVE

EzPz Series [#2] - Witch Party 2v2 Tournament
Style: Single Elimination (1 NA Pool + 1 EU Pool -> Winner of NA Pool vs Winner of EU Pool)
Config: Witch Party 2v2
Prize Pool: €100 (Winners take All)
Status: Finished!
Winners: Team 2Sweat (bryaN & Xenaya!)


News / ZoneMod 1.3
« on: May 10, 2017, 12:23:43 pm »

    Welcome to ZoneMod!


    This config is based on Acemod V4 and will have changes from there.
    But.. it's not just simply an Acemod/EQ Alteration, it's much more than that and will continue to grow alongside/past AceMod.
    ZoneMod's focus is also to make setting things up a lot easier for Server Admins, Casters and Players.
    Why make everything difficult when it doesn't have to be? :)

    Info for Server Admins:

    DISCLAIMER: Using the plugins provided with the download in other configs is at your own Risk as they're designed around ZoneMod and are likely to be unstable in other configs or general usage. Also keep in mind that this config will only work on Linux Servers.

    • Competitive Servers:
      • None, modify your matchmodes file to add the config to the Match menu and you're set.

    Admin Simplicity:
    • To make sure none of your precious plugins get overwritten, all plugins have their separate folder optional/zonemod
      • If you have a prefered edition of a Plugin, you are able to simply replace the file in optional/zonemod.
        • Make sure the Plugin you're overwriting doesn't have a feature added that's required for proper ZoneMod play!

    • To make it easy for personal configuration for certain plugins, there's an added "server_preference.cfg" in the cfg/cfgogl/zonemod folder.
      • This is to prevent Admins from messing with crucial variables.
      • Keep in mind that this is a shared cfg, so it'll only contain shared cvars.
      • These cfgs are very useful for Admins wanting to load 1v1~4v4 supported plugins on top of the Configs.

    • Server_Namer is added to this package, useful for a clean Hostname.
      • Everything is explained in the Server Preferences.
        • It is not loaded by default, needs uncomments.
        • The .txt file will ask permission for an override, this should be fine.

    Admin Tips:
    • bequiet.smx is a very useful plugin to keep chat clean, if you decide to load it in other configs, make sure it's loaded before other plugins.
      • Keep in mind that it comes with a "Spec-Listening Feature", this might collide with other plugins that you generally load.
        • To fix this simply unload the other plugin, or set bequiet's "bq_show_player_team_chat_spec" cvar to 0.

    • TickRateFixes now also fixes Slow Doors and Pistol Scripts, useful for use with other configs.
      • Make sure you're not loading l4dpistoldelay if you're using this Plugin.
      • Don't make any adjustments to prop_rotating and prop_rotating_checkpoint speeds in your cfg/stripper/zonemod folder.

    Bug / Exploit Fixes:
    • Fixed Players being able to exploit switching team to get earlier SI Spawns.
    • Fixed Players being unable to Punch/Jump when they get Tank right after dying as SI.
    • Fixed Players being able to FF eachother with the Shotgun when they're in too close-range.
    • Fixed Players being able to Pause/Ready-up by switching to Spec and spamming Pause at the same time.
    • Fixed Players being able to Pause after the round had ended.
    • Fixed Weapon Changes (Spread, Clipsize, etc) sticking after Config unload.
    • Fixed Slow Doors from within the Config (TickrateFixes.smx)
    • Fixed Players taking Friendly Fire while jockied or carried by a Charger.
    • Fixed a Survivors being able to "self-shove" Jockeys off after already being Jockeyed when holding out their melee.
    • Fixed a bug that froze the Tank if a player controlling the Tank switched team or disconnected during the Death Animation.

    Map Changes:

    Big Thanks to NF for most of these! :)

      • All pill cabinets in Valve maps will now have a maximum of 2 pills

      Dead Center:
      • Map 4
        • Event Horde will stop swarming in whilst the Tank is alive.
      Dark Carnival:
      • Map 2
        • Fixed Survivors getting punched onto wooden supports on the ladder choke rooftop.
        • Added saferoom props from map 3 start to map 2 end for consistency.
      • Map 3
        • Blocked Infected from getting underneath the map near the coaster
        • Added a few props to saferoom on map 3 to discourage fighting the Tank there
        • Added saferoom props from map 4 start to map 3 end for consistency.
        • Fixed an exploit that allowed Survivors to skip to the end of the coaster near the first ramp
        • Blocked a way to jump up some wood pieces and skip to the end of the coaster
        • Blocked survivors from accessing parts of the coaster tracks that allows them to turn off the event early.

      Hard Rain:
      • Map 1
        • Added a way for infected to get on the tall rooftop near the ambulance.
      • Map 4
        • Added a way for infected to get on the tall rooftop near the ambulance.
      • Finale
        • Removed extra pills.

      The Parish:
      • Map 1
        • Fixed players getting stuck on the trashbags at the very start.
      • Map 2
        • Removed yellow concrete block in alleyway.
        • Blocked survivors from getting on a balcony with no nav.
        • Replaced wall in area leading up to alleyway with props that make more aesthetic sense.
      • Map 3
        • Fixed bridge explosion doing damage to infected.
      • Map 4
        • Fixed survivors getting punched out of map in the first alleyway.
        • Added an ammo pile in the event area for late spawn Tank fights.
        • Fixed Survivors sometimes hanging from the rooftop by the event.

      No Mercy:
      • Map 3
        • Readded the forklift to the warehouse.
        • Fixed a stuck spot on the tables next to the pill cabinet.
      • Map 4
        • Removed floodlight props due to exploit potential.

      Death Toll:
      • Map 1
        • Fixed being able to jump across the bridge and skip the ladder choke.
        • Fixed infected being able to get under the map near the ladder choke.
        • Fixed multiple out of map exploits near the start.
      • Map 5
        • Added some spawns near the dock to discourage camping there.

    Gameplay/Balance Changes:

    • Anti-baiting Timer decreased from Acemod's 60s to 30s.
    • Anti-baiting Sensitivity Delay decreased from Acemod's 20s to 15s.
      • Baiting is a valid tactic, but nobody wants to fall asleep during very lengthy baiting sessions.
      • This change means that the timer once triggered is 30s, so don't worry about it being too short.
    • Damage Bonus now also takes Friendly Fire and Fall Damage into account.
      • No more getting away with these!

    • Special Infected:
      • Tanks
        • Tank Rocks will no longer get stuck on Common Infected, they will now successfully pass through them (still killing them).
        • Tank Rocks will no longer get stuck on Incapped Survivors, they will pass through them unless the same Rock incapped them.
      • Witch
        • The Witch has been fully removed.
          • The First config to actually take this step, this magnificent creature is simply too glitchy and random to accept in a competitive environment.
      • Smoker
        • Smokers no longer instantly do damage, the first tick of damage is vanilla styled (1s) and deals 3 damage. (After that it's 1 per 0.33s like in Acemod)
        • Survivors are now pulled through common infected. (Video)
        • Godframes have been Removed.
      • Jockey
        • Godframes have been Removed
      • Hunter
        • Claw damage decreased to 4.
        • Hunters can be shoved off normally, without requiring silly-ish fov angles.
        • Wallkicks have been enabled again.
      • Charger
        • Punch damage decreased to 6.
        • Chargers can no longer be fully leveled, a melee strike will do 350 damage per swing.

    • Tank Spawns:
      • Dark Carnival Map 3: The Tank can no longer spawn on the Coaster.

    • Survivors:
      • Friendly Fire Godframes have been added and set to 0.8 seconds.
      • After being punched, melee weapons will be useless for a bit to ensure "easy-hits" are not possible.
      • Water Slowdown is back, but only outside of Tank Fights.

    • Melee Weapons
      • Knife and the Tonfa have been removed from within the Config because of their speed.
      • Hardcoded spawns are now random, this means that for example in Parish 2 start saferoom you might have a cuttable melee instead of a Frying Pan.

    • Weapon Adjustments:
      • Reload Speed:
        • Uzi: 1.74 (Acemod: 1.75 - Vanilla: 2.23)
        • Silenced Uzi: 1.85 (Acemod: 1.8 - Vanilla: 2.23)
      • Spread:
        • Uzi: Moving 1.95 / Still 0.22 (Acemod: 1.65 / 0.20 - Vanilla: 3.00 / 0.69)
        • Silenced Uzi: Moving 2.45 / Still 0.30 (Acemod: 1.75 / 0.26 - Vanilla: 3.00 / 0.85)
      • Damage:
        • Uzi: 21 (Acemod & Vanilla: 20)
        • Shotgun Bonus Damage Range: 50 (Acemod: 75 - Vanilla: 100)
      • Damage Drop-off:
        • Uzi: 0.81 (Acemod & Vanilla: 0.83)
        • Silenced Uzi: 0.79 (Acemod & Vanilla: 0.83)
      • Ammo:
        • Uzi & Silenced Uzi: 50/650 (Acemod: 50/800)

    As we've noticed in Acemod V4, the Uzis were completely taking over and shredding everything.
    In the first release of ZoneMod, I want to test out these middle grounds, whilst trying to making the regular Uzi more attractive.
    The damage-drop off changes will result into the Uzi having a noticable advantage at long-range damage while the silenced uzi will remain dominant in close to medium range damage, as well as SI taking far less damage from medium to long range.
    Resetting the ammo back to Vanilla values for Uzis should have an noticable effect on spray and praying.

    • Updated AutoPause so that it no longers pauses during Ready-up and Round Ends.
    • Removed !spawns functionality while the Game is Live.
    • Survivors no longer switch to Pills automatically when they're being passed pills through M2.
    • Survivors can choose whether or not to use the "Vanilla" behaviour when picking up Secondary Weapons when they have something else equipped.
    • You can use !secondary to toggle the behaviour.
      • Vanilla behaviour: Switch instantly to picked up Secondary Weapon.
      • Modified behaviour: Add the item to the inventory, but don't switch to it.

    • Cleaned up the Chat by blocking useless prints caused by cvar, clients used by Players, etc.
    • Consistency Checker is loaded by the Config by default, it'll actually use the whitelist.
    • Added !voteboss, this will allow players to vote for Boss Spawns if needed.
      • Very useful when playing Home/Away in Tournaments!
      • Usage: !voteboss tank witch

    • Added !slots, this will allow players to vote for the Maximum amount of slots on the Server during the game.
      • Again, very useful when playing Tournaments.
      • Usage: !slots <number>

    • Players are now able to register themselves as Casters.
      • This makes it a lot easier to get Casts setup without the need of an Admin.
      • As a side effect Ready-up will no longer wait for Casters.

    • Added !cfg
      • This allows players to see the current status of the config, in-game (Changelog)

    • Combined Usage of l4d2_playstats with survivor_mvp.
      • The original didn't work as it should and was a giant wall of code, which made me simply combine the two plugins to get the best out of them.
      • Fully colorized, Rank prints, console info.. Functional!

    Config Download

    Confogl & Miscellaneous / Zonemod and its future.
    « on: April 08, 2017, 10:31:38 am »
    After leaving Zonemod in the ditch for a while as well as L4D2, I've decided to pick the development on the config back up again as well as a spin-off config that will be revealed shortly.
    While I want to cater to the demands of the players, my goal is to make the config as balanced as possible.
    I don't mind reverting certain changes at all, as long as I get enough feedback and good argumentation as to why.
    Previously, unless I begged players for feedback personally, I've never actually gotten any useful feedback/discussions on the config, apart from Server Admins that reported issues with plugins every now and then.

    So my question to you fine people of L4DNation is, what would you like to see changed in Zonemod and why?
    In case you need to read up on Zonemod's current features: Zonemod Github

    For server admins, I believe there is a patch that was pushed out a couple of weeks ago.  I will attempt to hunt it down and attach it to this post in a bit.  Thank you for the server admins for being quick to push patches to disable these types of things and to also the players that stray away from using these sort of things.

    Link to patch: (Thanks to Epillimic)[/center]

    I generally let things like this slide.. but..
    Thanks to Sheo, not Epillimic.

    He even posted on here about it, but was ignored because he's not one of the gang. :(
    I demand an edit of your post, crediting the rightful person.

    General / Tournament Servers
    « on: October 21, 2014, 07:37:31 am »
    Howdy guys.

    <<<<<<<<<<< Introduction >>>>>>>>>>>

    In the light of recent events, I started thinking of all the old "Projects" I've abandoned halfway (I've lost count of how many, maybe Visor kept track) and how one of them would definitely solve a few of the problems we've seen and/or have.
    Problems such as servers having different configurations/performance and not having (enough) servers in the optimal locations, for example.

    Alright enough of the intro already, let's get to the idea.

    <<<<<<<<<<<< The Idea! >>>>>>>>>>>>

    Step 1. A Tournament Match gets scheduled.
    Step 2. I will setup the Server in an area that is confirmed by the Tournament Admin of the on-going tournament. (If the Admin is not around and hasn't set a location, I will pick one based on my own geographic skills and routing knowledge.
    This will take 10 minutes at most.
    Step 3. The Team Captains playing the Match will be given the hidden server's IP Address with the request to make sure they and their team are all shown as offline on Steam.
    Step 4. The Players can get Streamers/Admins/Casters into the game, with the same request that they hide their status offline.
    Step 5. The Game is played and the Server will be destroyed after it, making it unuseable after the Game.

    <<<<<<<<<<<< Locations >>>>>>>>>>>>

    New Jersey. (Why not New York? Because New Jersey has 10 less ping to EU while maintaining the same ping for US)
    Los Angeles.
    Silicon Valley.

    United Kingdom.

    Tokyo, Japan.


    <<<<<<<<<<<<< F.A.Q. >>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Q: Hey that's cool and all, but that sounds pretty expensive.. so you're going to charge us for gameplay?
    A: Not at all, any Tournament host can come up to me and I'll gladly provide a stable high performance Server free of charge. All I ask in return is to oblige the few rules I have and to have fun. ;)

    Q: Why do we all have to go offline..?
    A: It's no secret that Left 4 Dead 2's competitive scene has had quite some people trying to kill it off by (D)DoSing Servers, the Tournament Servers are focused on performance and optimal routing, not DDoS Protection. There is DDoS Protection on the network, but I don't want to risk players being unable to finish their games because someone managed to pull of a large enough DDoS. (My own servers endure 30gbps~100gbps floods every week or so, so there's definitely a chance)

    Q: You really like talking about Performance, huh? What's going to be powering these Tournament Servers?
    A: Hey, that's two questions..! But yeah, I do. Every server will be running on Top Tier Intel hardware. 3.6GHz Processor dedicated to every Server, and by Dedicated, I mean Dedicated.

    Q: Great.. European.. 100 tick.
    A: Not up to me, the Tournament host gets to call the shots. Switching between the two mid-tournament is no problem either.

    Q: If approved, can we use this in CCT3?
    A: No, there's still a lot of things I want to improve and upgrade before "Official" launch. :D

    Q: Do you have any future improvements planned?
    A: Yes, the final goal is to have it nearly automated. At the moment, the Server installation script includes the standard DoS Protection and current Promod and EQ installations.

    General / A little Survey
    « on: March 16, 2014, 07:08:51 am »

    So I thought to myself, why not make this wonderful little "survey" to ask Stream viewers what their internet specs are and what they prefer watching (Quality vs Smoothness).
    By smoothness I don't mean that it has horrible quality, just not as good as 1080p and obviously not as sharp.
    If you could please vote here, it would be much appreciated by the L4D2 Streamers :)

    I've personally always gone with 60FPS Streams because they look so fluid and amazing.
    So yeah, what do y'all think?

    Left 4 Dead 2 / Longterm Cup: Promod4v4
    « on: March 07, 2014, 03:29:02 pm »
    - Canceled. -

    I've put a lot of money and effort into the EU Side of the L4D2 Community over the past year or two and I've decided that I'm done with it.
    After all the amazing things I've seen it all in this beautiful community, I think it's finally time to drop everything I was working on or have worked on.

    A small list of things I've had to deal with over the past few years:

    - Financial Partner ("Friend") bailing out on you, repeatedly lying to you.
    - 4th Grade Drama that apparently needs Server Admins to get it sorted (Excluding the very very very personal stuff)
    - Constant attempts of people trying desperately to take down the servers, always trying new methods.
    - An insane amount of people that simply refuse to do anything unless you stuff it down their throat. (Scheduling Matches, Optimization, etc)

    Believe me, I've tried.
    I've tried my best to make things work in favor for everyone, even for those who seem to see me as a bad guy.


    Streaming & Casting / CastHuD Tutorial for Server Owners & Streamers
    « on: February 04, 2014, 04:30:42 pm »
    A fine day to write another tutorial.
    My inspiration for this one comes from seeing every single cup game that's been streamed after "THE Valve Bomb" with the standard confogl spechud.
    Not even one game was streamed with the use of a CastHuD.

    - 1. Server Owner Setup
    - 2. Streamer Setup

    ------------------------------------------- < Here we Go! > -------------------------------------------

    1. Server Owner Setup

    Left4DownTown - Main CastHuD Support
    Your server will be unable to support CastHuDs if it can't load Visor's updated Left4DownTown which is used in EQ (If your server supports EQ you're fine!)
    This means that most Gameservers will not be able to provide a smooth viewer experience for tournaments (watchl4d for example) as they tend to have outdated systems.

    If you own a VPS/Dedicated Server, but are still unable to run your server on the latest Left4DownTown, you will need to update your glibc.
    Google will be more of a help in this as it's different for each distro.

    Visor's Left4DownTown: Download
    Install Instructions -> Place in your Extensions Folder.

    Gamedata: Text
    Install Instructions -> Copy + Paste the text into the existing left4downtown.txt (Located in Gamedata folder)


    Keep in mind that the controlling cvar is: "l4d2_addons_eclipse"
    -1 = Use addonconfig.cfg (Doesn't support CastHuD)
    0 = Allow Addons for Everyone.
    1 = Block Addons for Everyone except for Casters.

    You need to have this set at 1 before players have connected in order to actually disable the addons during Cup matches.
    I recommend keeping sm_cvar l4d2_addons_eclipse in your server.cfg though, as fairplay > eyecandy.


    Caster Addons
    Then of course we're going to need a plugin to make use of Left4DownTown's ability of allowing addons on certain players.
    I recommend to force this plugin to be loaded on every matchmode config. !!!!!!!! Make sure this plugin is loaded AFTER readyup !!!!!!!!!!

    Source / Plugin

    Caster Assister
    This is a simple yet awesome plugin that wasn't included in the Promod package (No clue why!)
    This plugin allows spectators to increase/decrease their spec speed individually while also allowing them to go up or down by using Use and Reload.

    I recommend to force this plugin to be loaded on every matchmode config as well.

    Source / Plugin

    2. Streamer Setup

    The CastHuD
    CastHuDs are incredibly fancy and informative, they prevent the need to press "TAB" every now and then to show the scoreboard to viewers.
    Zeon's CastHuD has got to be the most used HuD for Streaming in the business, and for good reason.
    I've added a Simple yet "Stylish" logo to the mix and this came out: Preview

    CastHuD Addon

    Disable Orange Infected Vision VPK

    - Place the addon(s) in your addon folder.
    - Edit the cast.cfg file to your needs and place it in your cfg folder, read the file!!!
    - After a Matchmode is loaded an Admin needs to register you as a Caster. (To do this, the admin must use "!caster <namehere>")
    - After you've been registered as a Caster, reconnect to the server to make your Addons work.
    - Open up console and type "exec Cast.cfg"

    - You can use your "Use" button to go up.
    - You can use your "Reload" button to go down.
    - The Latest Version (20th March 2014) no longer requires you to turn off the Scores to switch between Players.

    Q: "All the healtbars are grey"
    A: Exec Cast.cfg again

    Q: "Score is Overlapping"
    A: Exec Cast.cfg again

    Q: "Cast.cfg can't be loaded"
    A: Make sure you save the file as a .cfg file and not a .txt file.

    Q: "It shows the scores for the wrong teams"
    A: !spectate

    Seeing as the Promod Guide still hasn't received an update and a lot of people are clueless as to what to do, I've decided that I'll write up a guide for it that I'll actively maintain.
    I'd like to note that this would be a guide that doesn't only support Promod, it's meant to provide guidance to everyone that wants to install Mods on their Servers.
    If you have a Linux VPS/Dedicated Machine and need help with setting that up first or want to aquire DoS protection for it, please refer to my L4D2 Server Guide first.

    This guide will again be for Linux, as it's the main weapon of choice.
    Plus, not everything is fixed up yet for Windows, so I'm afraid I will have to leave it out for now.

    Most of the downloads in this Guide will have the same folder structure as on your server, which makes it a breeze to install :)

    - 1. Sourcemod, Metamod and Stripper:Source
    - 2. Promod Install
    - 3. Loved/Recommended/Requested Server Additions
    - Errors.
    - FAQ.

    1. Sourcemod, Metamod and Stripper:Source:

    Seeing as we're very keen on modding our game, we need the tools to be able to do just that.
    After Valve's bombarding update, most people have learnt to stay updated on their Sourcemod and Metamod install.
    Unfortunately, some versions cause issues with quite a few plugins for L4D2, which is why I've setup a small package that I also use personally.

    This Package includes Sourcemod, Metamod, Stripper:Source and SDKHooks, which are all the goodies you'll need.
    Keep in mind that this is a full install, if you have configs edited (admin_simple.ini), this will overwrite it.

    Download: SourceMetaHookStripper

    2. Promod Install:

    There we are, I see you're into Promod and wish to install it with possibly even more Matchmodes.
    Well let's get started then, shall we?
    Feel free to skip right to the Extensions and Gamedata chapter if you're just attempting to recover from Valve's Steampipe Update. (L4DToolz and Tickrate Enabler are seperated)
    If this is a first install, you will need both the Promod and Extension Package.

    <Promod 3.5.5 Full Install>

    I'd like to note that this package is put together with all the public files that I've managed to salvage, seeing as everything is spread out.
    This means that your full install will be based on the original Promod Install + Epilimic's 3.3.3 Facelift.
    I've added and adjusted a few files myself, but only if they were missing or if I felt like they HAD to be included, I've kept the Install as "Promod-release-like" as possible.

    Changes I've made personally:
    - Confogl_rates.cfg is ready for 60 and 100 Tick usage, simply open and adjust the file in notepad. Default is optimized for 30 Tick.
    - Updated Match_Vote to prevent quick loaders from unloading a Matchmode (File was missing from Promod 3.2 - 3.3.3 Facelift)
    - Added a Cfg file that will execute certain plugins for every Matchmode included in this package. (Configure the file in notepad (cfg/sharedplugins.cfg)
    > It currently loads a fully setup Sourcemod Anti-Cheat (Only the reliable plugins), a small plugin that will prevent "!ready", "!match", etc from printing to chat and a Plugin that deals with 40+ Tickrate Issues such as superfast pistols and other wacky stuff.
    > SMAC will not print the welcome message by default, feel free to change/check out the SMAC Configuration file in cfg/sourcemod.
    > ReadyUp will not teleport the entire Team back when a Survivor attempts to leave the saferoom, it will teleport just that client back.
    > "!" Chattriggers are silenced and not printed to chat.

    Download: PromodFull

    <Extensions and Gamedata>

    This Package includes all the Extensions and Gamedata you'll need to get everything setup.
    > This Package has the "non-player slots" version of Left4DownTown, as this should be handled by L4DToolz instead.
    > This Package has Builtinvotes compiled against Sourcemod 1.6, so I suggest downloading the Sourcemod package above if you've gotten 1.5 instead.
    > These files are the ones that were broken by Valve's Steampipe update, which is why they're seperated from the ones in the Promod Package.

    Download: Extensions&Gamedata

    3. Loved/Recommended/Requested Server Additions:

    <Increasing Slots>

    A lot of people wish to increase slots on their servers to allow Spectators or to allow more than 8 players.
    Spectators won't be a problem, just keep in mind that if you plan to use the extra slots for gamemodes you'll need additional mods like SuperVersus.

    To make more than 8 slots possible, you will need to install L4DToolz (Maximum fully supported slots is 31)
    Install it by extracting the files into the addons folder.
    After that you'll have to set "sv_maxplayers <value>" in a place that gets executed on every config launch.
    Most people will place this in their server.cfg or confogl_personalize, but this will reset the slots on map change, which can be a pain if you're trying to limit slots.

    I personally use a modified match_vote, which will set the maxplayers on config launch as well as make sure that your prefered maxplayers is set back to that value on unload.
    If you decide to use the modified match vote, the cvar controlling your prefered amount of slots is "mv_maxplayers", you're safe to place this in your server.cfg or confogl_personalize.cfg

    - L4DToolz
    - Modified match_vote

    <Tickrate Enabler>

    Quote from: Valve
    During each tick, the server processes incoming user commands, runs a physical simulation step, checks the game rules, and updates all object states. After simulating a tick, the server decides if any client needs a world update and takes a snapshot of the current world state if necessary. A higher tickrate increases the simulation precision, but also requires more CPU power and available bandwidth on both server and client.

    You might want to read up on it here.
    From what I understand it seems that EU + RU players absolutely love this, but US players seem to be against it for the most part.

    Most issues caused by increased Tickrate are already dealt with, the full package loads "Tickrate Fixes" for every included Matchmode config.
    If you do decide to use this, please adjust your confogl_rates file (The one in the full package has everything ready, just needs little editing)

    Download: Tickrate Enabler 1.4

    <Confogl Autoloader>

    The confogl autoloader is nothing new, but people still seem to struggle with its setup, so I've decided to add this into the guide.
    Simply download the confogl autoloader below, place it in addons/sourcemod/plugins and add+manage these lines in your server.cfg
    Code: [Select]
    sm_cvar confogl_autoloader_config "" // Config/Matchmode to launch with the autoloader
    sm_cvar confogl_autoloader_execcfg "" // Config to exec before starting confogl, leave empty if none.

    Download: Confogl Autoloader


    < Errors/Issues >
    Please make sure you've read the guide fully (including the FAQ below) to get a full understanding of what you're trying to install/achieve with your setup

    If you run into issues and this section can't help you out either, the first thing you should do is check your logs, which can be found at addons/sourcemod/logs.
    Check the latest error files and copy paste (or link to pastebin if too big) when reporting an issue.
    Please be as descriptive as possible.

    Q: !match, !forcematch, nothing works!?
    A: If you're 100% sure you've installed everything here, then it's likely that the latest Left4DownTown2 is not working on your system. If you're renting a GameServer host, there's nothing much you can do for now.
    The latest working version can be downloaded Here

    This version will support Promod 3.5.5, but configs that rely on an updated Left4DownTown such as EQ will not work fully.
    Infected will also be able to spawn during ready-up and you will be forced to disable the l4d2-logger plugin to prevent crashes.
    Simply replace the existing file in addons/sourcemod/extensions and you're on your way.

    For people on Dedicated Machines/VPS Servers with root access, you can resolve this by updating to the latest glibc.


    < FAQ >
    Q: Why aren't you including the Anti-DDoS Plugin?
    A: Simply because there is no Anti-DDoS Plugin, the Plugin you're talking about only blocks a simple 0 Packet UDP Exploit. (It's also broken)
    Most "DoS-ers" have already learnt to send different packets. The Difference between DoS and DDoS

    Q: Should I ban everyone that gets detected by SMAC?
    A: Definitely not, the only detection that is 99.5% Accurate and Banworthy is the SMAC Eyetest Module.

    The only eyetest log you should ignore is the "Is suspected of cheating with their eye angles" logs as it's not fully reliable.

    The following eyetest reports are what make up the 99.5% Accuracy in terms of cheat detection and should be taken very seriously.

    "is suspected of tampering with an old movement command"
    "is suspected of reusing old movement commands"

    False positives do occur, which is why it's safer to ban people spamming the logs rather than ban them for one detection.
    The eye module part of SMAC checks to see if a players field of view has been altered. The field of view normally gets altered in anti-recoil and nospread hacks.
    The majority of the time you can see the shaky screen which normally indicates this.

    Q: If we wish to Install other Matchmodes, what do we need to change?
    A: You'd want to make sure that the sharedplugins.cfg is loaded for those Matchmodes as well (Edit the new Matchmode's confogl_plugins and add "exec sharedplugins.cfg" to somewhere in the middle.
    Adjust the matchmodes.txt (found in addons/sourcemod/configs) accordingly, everything is explained in the file itself.
    Most configs nowadays have excellent installation guides, which should get you on your way.

    Feel free to use Epilimic's Matchmode.txt generator to speed things up:

    Q: Could you possibly install my Server for me or help me through Teamviewer?
    A: No.
    I've had way too many people ask me to do this for them, it even seems like there are more server hosters than players.
    This would also be one of the reasons why I decided to write up this clear guide.

    Q: Does this mean we can't ask you for further help?
    A: Not at all, you're free to ask me any questions here or through Steam
    Just please don't ask me to Install your server for you. :)

    < Changelog >

    September 2nd, Monday, 6:51PM GMT:
    - Published

    September 2nd, Monday, 8:53PM GMT:
    - Packed up Tickrate Enabler from own local files
    - Fixed Infected Clips not being removed properly as well as Mapinfo issues
    - Fixed a collision with logger-plugin
    - Fixed SMRcon and Connect Extension Errors (SMAC Related)

    September 5th, Thursday, 4:49PM GMT:
    - Updated Promod's Full Package with the updated 3.3.3 Stripper Changes for Promod

    October 15th, Tuesday, 10:09PM GMT:
    - Added Missing Plugin (Basebans) to SourceMetaHookStripper Package.
    - Added 2 Missing Plugins (l4d2_ai_damage_fix & l4d2_deathspit_fix) to PromodFull Package
    - Updated Left4Downtown2 to Visor's latest version in the Extensions&Gamedata Package.

    October 16th, Wednesday, 2:27AM GMT:
    - Fixed Mapinfo Stuff (PromodFull Package)

    October 17th, Thursday, 6:08PM GMT:
    - Updated ReadyUp (PromodFull Package)

    October 28th, Thursday, 1:07PM GMT:
    - Added Confogl Autoloader to the Guide
    - Added an Error section to the Guide

    Promod Full Package Updates
    - Updated SMAC to the latest Version
    - Updated ReadyUp & Pause to the latest Versions
    + Removed Chattriggers printing to chat during Pause
    + Only the Survivor leaving the Saferoom during ready-up will be teleported back now

    - Changed the default behaviour of Boss Percentage to only print to the client requesting it

    November 9th, Saturday, 6:01PM GMT:

    - Updated Sourcemod & Metamod to the latest of the latest (Tested)
    > This also resolves issues with a few SMAC Modules not loading.

    November 17th, Sunday, 11:35PM GMT:

    - Added Missing Socket Extension in the SourceMetaHookStripper Package
    - Updated Info on Error Section

    December 6th, Friday, 12:49PM GMT:

    - Updated PromodFullPackage download to full 3.4 status
    > Apologies for the severe delay, won't happen again~

    January 23rd, Thursday, 1:39PM GMT:

    - Updated outdated pause plugin (PromodFullPackage)
    - Updated thread description to Promod 3.4, totally forgot! :D

    January 31st, Friday, 2:24PM GMT:

    - Updated Promod Package to 3.5 (PromodFullPackage)

    March 1st, Saturday, 5:39PM GMT:

    - Updated Promod Package to 3.5.5 (PromodFullPackage)

    < Contribution/Testing/Credits >

    The cool people in the L4D2 Community

    Left 4 Dead 2 / L4D2 Server Guide (VPS/Dedicated Machine)
    « on: August 02, 2013, 07:36:15 am »
    I've been getting increasingly more questions regarding L4D2 Server setup for Linux as well as on how to protect them from simple DoS attacks. Seeing as most Server Install guides have not been updated to work with SteamCMD, a lot of people are left with confusion and I was hoping I could help a few people out.

    This guide is intended to help Linux VPS/Dedicated Server owners out, I'm aware that there are still a few people using Windows as their Server OS and that they'd like some guidance as well, but I'm afraid that Linux is the "weapon of choice" for L4D2 Servers as they don't have "unfix-able" crashes related to confoglcompmod and are just much easier to protect against DoS. (I have a gut feeling the crashes could possibly be resolved with the arrival of lgofnoc though, I might add Windows to this guide later on)
    Chapter 2 will of course also work for Windows.

    Note: Regular GameServer owners can only make use of the server.cfg in this guide, you could possibly make use of DoS protection, but there's also only a handful of providers that will help you setup your IPTables.
    Most Providers simply don't care and will let your server get attacked over and over again.
    This is why running a VPS/VDS/Dedicated Machine is always better than a simple GameServer.
    Full Control with little knowledge is always better than Limited Control and no support.


    VPS/VDS/Dedicated Machine Setup
    - 1. Setting Up
    - 2. DoS Protection

    1. Setting up your Machine:

    Alright so you've either purchased a VPS/VDS/Dedicated Machine, are ordering one right now or are thinking of purchasing one.
    The first choice you will have to make is picking the Linux Distribution.
    My personal recommendation would always be Debian, as it's probably the easiest to use and it seems to have the most benefits for Gaming Servers in terms of performance, due to its lightweight and efficiency.

    This guide might contain several bits that are handled differently by other Distributions, I will make notes on parts that might require a different setup. You can either google for the answer or contact me on Steam if you need help on those.

    After setting up the Linux distribution and logging into your Server by the use of (Putty - Click Me!) it is recommended to install screen before you begin your Install.
    Screen is a full-screen window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal between several processes (This basically means that it will run processes in the background, while also allowing you to keep processes running when you log off)
    Code: [Select]
    apt-get install screen
    After installing screen, it is advised to create a separate user where you will run your L4D2 Server(s) on. Running servers on Root is never a good thing as it increases security risks.

    Code: [Select]
    // This will setup a user called l4d2 and allow you to set a password for it.
    adduser l4d2

    // This will switch from the root user to the l4d2 user
    su - l4d2

    // This will retrieve SteamCMD, which is used to get the L4D2 Files.

    // This will extract the package to the current folder.
    tar -xvzf steamcmd_linux.tar.gz

    // This will start SteamCMD

    // Time to log in with the anonymous account, you don't need your own.
    login anonymous

    // This one is optional, you can choose a folder to install to or it will create a default structure (Steam/Steamapps/Common/..)
    force_install_dir <path>

    // Download and Validate L4D2 Files!
    app_update 222860 validate

    // After you're done, you might want to leave this crazy SteamCMD Thing

    Voila, you have now aquired all the server files on your separate user.
    Depending on how many servers you wish to run, you will have to setup your server.cfg now

    Single Server (Only need server.cfg):
    Code: [Select]
    //Left 4 Dead 2 Server.cfg
    //This file goes inside your L4D2 Server's "cfg" folder
    //This is the name for your Left 4 Dead 2 Server
    hostname "This Server is Cakey"

    //Use this to prevent your custom hostfile and motdfile to be overwritten (rename the files accordingly)
    hostfile host.txt // default, rename if custom.
    motdfile motd.txt // default, rename if custom.

    //Steam group # to assign to server & making server private
    sv_steamgroup 13377331
    sv_steamgroup_exclusive 1  // 1 = Restrict Server to SteamGroup (ID Above)
    sv_search_key serveryolo
    //Gametypes sets the gametypes you want your server to run
    //----> Versus Only: sv_gametypes "versus"
    //----> Survival Only: sv_gametypes "survival"
    //----> Coop Only: sv_gametypes "coop"
    //----> Realism Only: sv_gametypes "realism"
    //----> Team Versus Only: sv_gametypes "teamversus"
    //----> Scavenge Only: sv_gametypes "teamscavenge"
    sv_gametypes "versus,realism,teamversus"

    // No Tips from Game & Timeout
    sm_cvar sv_gameinstructor_disable 1            // Disable Game Instructor?
    sm_cvar sv_timeout 15                                  // Time players out after this many seconds after losing connection.

    //Stableness and Networking stuff.
    sm_cvar fps_max 0                                        // Forces Server to perform the best it can.
    sm_cvar net_splitpacket_maxrate 30000      // Set Value to: (Tickrate / 2) * 1000
    sm_cvar nb_update_frequency 0.024           // Lowest possible value before noticing stuttering common.
    sm_cvar sv_minrate 30000                           // Should never change this.
    sm_cvar sv_maxrate 60000                          // Set Value to: Tickrate * 1000
    sm_cvar sv_mincmdrate 30                           // Should never change this.
    sm_cvar sv_maxcmdrate 60                          // Set Value to Tickrate.
    sm_cvar sv_minupdaterate 30                      // Should never change this.
    sm_cvar sv_maxupdaterate 60                    // Set Value to Tickrate.
    sm_cvar sv_client_min_interp_ratio -1
    sm_cvar sv_client_max_interp_ratio 2

    //Rcon password - Sets the password for remote rcon admin
    rcon_password "passwordisfornibs"

    //Allow connections without creating lobby. Set to 1 to allow lobby connections only
    sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0
    //Region - This sets the lobby in which your server will be part of
    //You will want to set this to the closest location to your server
    //eastcoast - sv_region 0
    //westcoast - sv_region 1
    //south america - sv_region 2
    //europe - sv_region 3
    //asia - sv_region 4
    //australia - sv_region 5
    //middle east - sv_region 6
    //africa - sv_region 7
    //world - sv_region 255
    sv_region 255
    // Server Logging
    sv_log_onefile 0 //Log server information to only one file.
    sv_logbans 1 //Log server bans in the server logs.
    sv_logecho 0 //Echo log information to the console.
    sv_logfile 1 //Log server information in the log file.
    sv_logflush 0 //Flush the log file to disk on each write (slow).
    sv_logsdir logs //Folder in the game directory where server logs will be stored.
    exec banned_user.cfg //List of banned steam ids.
    exec banned_ip.cfg //List of banned IP addresses.
    //Allow use of cheats
    //0 = Off
    //1 = On
    sv_cheats 0
    //All talk - Allow both teams to use audio chat to speak with each other
    //0 = Off
    //1 = On
    sv_alltalk 0

    Multiple Servers:
    Most people will go for forking, this should be okay for pure basics, but can be quite problematic if you wish to have different launch parameters per server. (For example; Different Tickrates or wanting to run specific servers on constant ports)

    Quote from: Valve
    As part of the forking functionality mentioned below, the server parameters support substitution. For instance, if you specify +exec autoexec##.cfg, then the first server will execute autoexec01.cfg, the second autoexec02.cfg, and so on.

    -fork <number> - Starts up the specified number of servers at once. They will each use the first available port number at 27015 or above.

    I personally use the following approach;

    Server.cfg contents
    Code: [Select]
    // This will be used as an alias to tell the server which server##.cfg to load

    For every server you're going to run, create a server.cfg and a run.cfg
    Name the first one server01.cfg and run01.cfg, the next server02.cfg and run02.cfg and so on.
    Setup the Server##.cfgs with the same data as you would setup a Single Server, but adjust the rates, hostname and the like to match the server's needs (Explained in the server.cfg above)

    The run##.cfgs are setup like this
    Code: [Select]
    // Run01 will work with Server01, Run02 with Server02, etc
    alias loadservercfg "exec server01"

    // Hostport for the Server mentioned above, 27016 for the next server, etc.
    hostport 27015

    Now that we have everything setup for our Single or Multiple Servers, we're ready to setup a starting script to start/stop the servers.
    I recommend using Notepad++ if you want to write Scripts for Linux without running into errors after uploading them to your server. (Standard Notepad editors will save everything in a DOS format, which makes Linux sad)

    Start up Notepad++ and set the format to UNIX (Edit -> EOL Conversions -> Unix)
    Save the following code as;
    Code: [Select]
    #### Define your Server's External IP

    #### Define the path for your L4D2 Server Files
    #### Change if needed!
    SERVER_PATH="/home/l4d2/Steam/SteamApps/common/left 4 dead 2/srcds_run"

    #### Add/Remove/Change lines if needed, I'm sure you get the basic idea now
    #### I personally remove "-tickrate" when using a 30 Tick Server, leaving it in shouldn't cause any harm if you have the tickrate enabler installed.
    #### Taskset is to assign a Server to a certain CPU Core, if you don't define it the server will pick the least busy core. (0 = Core 1, 1 = Core 2, etc)
    screen -mdS server01 taskset -c 0 "$SERVER_PATH" -game left4dead2 -tickrate 60 -maxplayers 16 -ip $SERVER_IP +map c5m1_waterfront +exec run01.cfg
    screen -mdS server02 taskset -c 1 "$SERVER_PATH" -game left4dead2 -tickrate 60 -maxplayers 16 -ip $SERVER_IP +map c5m1_waterfront +exec run02.cfg
    screen -mdS server03 taskset -c 2 "$SERVER_PATH" -game left4dead2 -tickrate 100 -maxplayers 16 -ip $SERVER_IP +map c5m1_waterfront +exec run03.cfg
    screen -mdS server04 taskset -c 3 "$SERVER_PATH" -game left4dead2 -tickrate 60 -maxplayers 16 -ip $SERVER_IP +map c5m1_waterfront +exec run04.cfg
    screen -mdS server05 taskset -c 4 "$SERVER_PATH" -game left4dead2 -tickrate 60 -maxplayers 16 -ip $SERVER_IP +map c5m1_waterfront +exec run05.cfg
    screen -mdS server06 taskset -c 5 "$SERVER_PATH" -game left4dead2 -tickrate 60 -maxplayers 16 -ip $SERVER_IP +map c5m1_waterfront +exec run06.cfg

    Next, create another file and name it, this will serve as your Server Quit script.
    Code: [Select]
    #### Only kill existing ones, if you remove/added/renamed "screens" you'll have to edit this too.
    screen -r server01 -X quit
    screen -r server02 -X quit
    screen -r server03 -X quit
    screen -r server04 -X quit
    screen -r server05 -X quit
    screen -r server06 -X quit

    Once you're done, upload the files to your user's main folder, which is /home/<yourusername>
    This way it'll be easy to launch the scripts directly after logging in.

    Make sure you can run them though!
    Code: [Select]
    chmod +x /home/<yourusername>/
    chmod +x /home/<yourusername>/

    2. DoS Protection (VPS/VDS/Dedicated):

    Seeing as lately a lot more people think it's funny or cool to attack servers with whatever they find on Google's first result, I think more server owners should be aware on how to protect their Linux Servers.
    I've spent a bit of time on testing/tweaking IPTables, which is Linux's main line of defense against kids.

    Luckily, I won't have to write an entire paragraph on this, as I've already done that! Phew!
    I've uploaded and commented everything on my Github, which you can find here

    Don't forget that not every dropped/flood packet is a DoS attempt, a lot of people (including me) have made that mistake in the past.
    I've had several reports of Flooding Packets being caused by HLSW packets, adjusting the rules to prevent HLSW packets from being dropped results into allowing some DoS attacks coming through, so we'll just have to live with a few dropped packets because of HLSW. It should be easy to make a difference between a serious flood and HLSW being silly though.


    < FAQ >
    Q: If I'm interested in getting a VPS/VDS/Dedicated Machine, what should I look for?
    A: CPU Speed and Model as well as Location (Where are most of your players located?) and checking out Reviews isn't a bad idea either, as this will likely give you a better picture of Customer support, Network Quality and Server Performance.
    Most providers also have public IPs/Servers available which you can ping to get an idea of average Pings

    Personally, I have (had) pleasant experiences with the following;
    US Based: NFO Servers (VPS)
    EU/US Based: SingleHop (Full Dedicated Machine)

    Q: I have issues with permission when trying to download the files!
    A: Logging into the User directly when starting up PuTTy should resolve your problem.

    Q: How can I see the servers that are currently active?
    A: Use the command "screen -ls", this will list all the active screens, each has its own server inside.
    Switch to a specific screen by typing "screen -r <screenname>"
    If you wish to leave the screen and go back to where you were, press Ctrl + A +D

    Q: Wouldn't it be better to quit the servers instead of killing the process?
    A: Nobody's stopping you from writing up your own script!
    I can safely assure you that it won't make a difference though, nothing will be harmed.

    < Changelog >
    August 2nd, Friday, 12:36PM GMT:

    August 5th, Monday, 12:26PM GMT:
    Fixed $SERVER_PATH being useless on directories with spaces/symbols
    Added some additional entries on the FAQ

    August 14th, Wednesday 12:02PM GMT
    Cut the guide a bit, my intention was to add a Promod Install guide to it, but I've decided to split it up into another Guide for readability.
    Renamed Thread accordingly.

    < Contribution/Testing >

    fig newtons

    General / DDoS Attacks.
    « on: April 28, 2013, 09:32:52 am »
    Hello guys,

    As some of you might know, we have a vicious bastard among us who likes to use VPS/Dedicated servers to DDoS CCT2 Cup Matches.
    These attacks are no joke and are quite big in size, even going over 1GBps of constant traffic.
    I've decided to trace all the IPs that were logged at the same time. Consistent IPs that are returning with every DDoS attack.

    This is in no way an exposure of a player and or personal info, these IPs are all public IPs from VPS/Dedicated servers located in Datacenters. These IPs are not connected to players.

    Most of the attacks are hosted by ServInt and Axarnet.
    The reason I'm posting this is because you can easily look up the IP-Ranges from these hosters, if you have a nice host you can ask them to simply filter these IP Ranges before they reach your server port.
    If you're assuming that your IPTables will fend off the attack, you are wrong. The point of this DDoS is to saturate your port speed. You will of course prevent the data from coming in, but there's no space left for actual game-data.

    Spain - Madrid.
    ISP: Axarnet Comunicaciones SL
    Organization: Level 3 Communications

    <<United States - Washington>>

    ISP: ServInt
    Organization: ServInt

    ISP: Lunar Pages
    Organization: Lunar Pages

    ISP:    Las Vegas NV Datacenter
    Organization:   Las Vegas NV Datacenter

    ISP: Latisys-Denver, LLC
    Organization: Latisys-Denver, LLC

    ISP: Peer 1 Network
    Organization: ServerBeach / Peer 1 Network

    ISP: Internet Services

    ISP: Hurricane Electric
    Organization: Houston Internet Servers


    France - Paris
    ISP: Ikoula Net SAS
    Organization: Dedicated Server

    Canada - Ottawa / United States - Washington.
    ISP: ServInt
    Organization: Gridasoft / 3 Media Web Solutions

    Reminder; These are consistent IPs, they show up during every DDoS attack.

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