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Left 4 Dead 2 / GoNext 2019 Tournament!
« on: November 02, 2019, 12:21:11 pm »

Tournament 2019
Hosted By: Spoon
Prize: TBA


GoNext 2019 will be a 16 team, 8 week, double elimination tournament. Because of the double-elimination format, this means losing teams will get a second chance to make it to the finals! All scheduling, match results, cast announcements, as well as sign-ups will all be handled on the Steam Group!

The tournament is set to be played on NextMod v1.0.4 please make sure that if you encounter any config errors, you report them directly to me so that they can be fixed ASAP! And for server owners, if you need help installing NextMod, feel free to contact me!


Your admins for this tournament are all very approachable and you may already know them, please if you have an issues contact one of us.

Will this be an international tournament?

Because of issues in previous tournament involving servers, and scheduling, I've decided that this tournament will NOT be international. That being said, this can change depending on how sign-ups go. Please feel free to sign your team up just make sure you put the correct region. So what regions are allowed to play? At the moment, it will be NA / EU / SA only.

Is there a sign up limit?

Yes. The tournament is planned to only have a total of 16 teams. Don't let this discourage you from signing up your team though, depending on how many signups there are anything is subject to change!

Will games be casted?

We will try our best to ensure that every game is casted or at the very least that it is streamed. This does mean you will need to make sure you contact a tournament admin before your scheduled match, so we can get the casters and streamers set up. This does unfortunately mean there may be a slightly longer waiting time for you (Although they're usually pretty quick! ;] )

Map Pool?   

Big thanks to team Pubstar for helping with the map list!

Winners Bracket
      └[Round 1] Death Toll
      └[Round 2] Hard Rain: Downpour
      └[Round 3] Dead Center
      └[Round 4] Dark Carnival: Remix
      └[Grand Finale] The Parish
Losers Bracket
      └[Round 1] Hard Rain: Downpour
      └[Round 2] Dead Center
      └[Round 3] Dark Carnival: Remix
      └[Round 4] Detour Ahead
      └[Round 5] Swamp Fever
      └[Round 6] Dead Before Dawn

Note For Server Owners: Please use the same versions of custom campaigns as linked above, and make sure you are using the newest version of NextMod! You can follow my GitHub to see when I release updates. Inconsistencies across servers is what has lead this tournament to not be international, it can lead to unfair home/away games.

Left 4 Dead 2 / Cold Course - The two best maps combined!
« on: September 08, 2019, 01:43:56 pm »

Cold Course

Welcome to the best map you will ever play in Left 4 Dead 2, Cold Course. Cold Course combines maps 1, 2, and 3 of Cold Stream, with the Crash Course campaign to create the ultimate 4 hour Left 4 Dead 2 gaming experience.

For Players

You don't need to download anything! Cold Course works in the same way that the Passifice does!

Cold Course will be automatically loaded when the Cold Stream Campaign is loaded up, once you finish map 3, it will switch to Crash Course.

For Server Owners:

Cold Course is extremely easy to install. Simply download the .VPK file, and move it into your servers addons directory.

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