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General / Scavogl?
« on: August 15, 2017, 06:59:17 pm »
What ever happened to Scavogl? I havent seen any games for a while. I dont see any games anymore in the server browser, and I used to when I would type 'confogl' but that would be a rare thing to see a scavogl match. Did the config die out or players just stopped playing on it? I kinda liked watching people play a scavenge version of confogl instead of your average versus confogl match. It was just something else to watch lol. I checked the last time someone posted something with the word "scavogl" in it and the last post was in December of 2015 (im late asf).                                                                                                 
  • Also: In my opinion, it shouldve been called Scavfogl. I would literally search this up on Youtube and Google and nothing would come up until I removed the "F" LOL
  • Also: I dont know If there is one and if there is then great but is there like a confogl version of survival/Versus Survival? That would be cool to see. (Survfogl/Survogl) lol

Consoles / Xbox vs PC
« on: July 14, 2017, 01:03:43 pm »
Personally I believe that the PC version is better because the game mechanics are smoother than on Xbox, you can add more configs, mods, etc., change appearences and models, find more games, and get highter FPS. (These are just to name a few. The highest FPS you can get on xbox is like 30 something. The Xbox community is still big and strong there and I respect that but PC holds its place in my pick. This is just a random opinion to throw out there lol  :) ;) :D Also another thing: If Valve shuts the servers down (which they most likely wont considering the game is still popular almost a decade later), the Xbox community wont really be able to play L4D ever again but Im sure people on the PC can find a way. (Ik this post is really irrelavant and late but yeah...)

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