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Looking & Recruiting / [Looking/Recruiting] presto
« on: December 14, 2014, 06:35:46 pm »
I'm aware of shit going on with RBWT, but honestly I just want to get a cool squad of video gamers to shoot zombies going.
I'm fine with joining an already existing team. However, anyone shows interest by adding me/offering to make a team with me, I could also recruit. I'm starting to feel as if I'm playing more consistently and comfortably. I'm almost always a positive and happy guy, so I'd prefer to not play with people who get mad at video games.
I have pretty limited availability on weeknights, but throughout the weekend I'm almost always on.

Add me @

Looking & Recruiting / [Recruiting] presto/awptimus
« on: August 11, 2014, 05:02:13 pm »
Hey everyone!

I've been lurking the pugs for a little bit now and I'm looking to form a new team of new/semi-new players. I'm in need of nerds for this team.
As long as you have an optimistic attitude (because nobody likes mad/salty mumbles) and are looking to improve, you're qualified.
Plus, if and when we enter tourneys, it's never too early to start building team cohesion.
Looking to recruit around anywhere from 2-4 dedicated individuals
If you're interested, add me >>>>

edit: it would actually be preferred if you are eastern standard time or central time, because of time issues with our current members

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