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News / MavWar Hype Tournament: Unity (2018)
« on: January 13, 2018, 09:15:14 pm »

We hereby officially announce the MavWar Hype Tournament: Unity (2018)! We are aiming to have as many as 16 teams battle each other in a round robin format, with 8 teams then advancing to the single-elimination knockout stage. The prize pool will be $1,000 split between the top 3 teams, and there will likely also be a prize for the participant voted by the public as the MVP of the tournament!

However, because the tournament is being sponsored by a foundation who is attempting to raise money for mental health, 10% of any donations will also be allocated to the prize pool. The choice of config for this tournament will be Pro Mod Elite.

Now before you get the urge to message your friends and stack together, this is NOT an open tournament. You don't sign up as pre-established teams; you sign up as individuals who will be slotted into teams via a specific selection process. You can sign up here via this eFreak thread.

FoundTyme is the official sponsor of the tournament and will be providing and paying out the prize money to the players. It is a foundation that was created in remembrance of Found, Tyme and Hype; three L4D2 players who passed away. The foundation raises money to support the following:

  • The Project for Mental Health
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Brain & Behavior Research Foundation
  • Trevor Project

eFreak is the official server group of the tournament. The matches will take place on their servers, and they will also be responsible for forming the draft teams. A player's ability to compete in this tournament is contingent on them being able to play on eFreak servers. So if you're banned from the servers, be it temporarily at some stage of the tournament or permanently, that is completely within eFreak's jurisdiction and it will not change just because a tournament is ongoing/on the horizon.

Maverick Warriors is the official organising group of the tournament. Even though eFreak will be responsible for selecting the teams, ALL participating players and teams will still have to be approved by Maverick Warriors. Once that happens, Maverick Warriors will take over the tournament process itself and all participants will be directed to join the official tournament steam group, discord channel and website. Anyone who competed in previous MavWar tournaments will be familiar with the process.

For those who aren't familiar, know that we're looking at a minimum of 2 months before a tournament date can be officially announced. The first course of action is to gather a list of willing participants and start putting the teams together. A word of caution: registering yourself initially on the sign-up page is not an ironclad guarantee that you'll be competing, but we shall do our best to accommodate those who signed up first provided they qualify.

Other details worth mentioning:
- This will be a lengthy process; the tournament itself will go on for about 2 or 3 months. So if you are lacking in either maturity, responsibility or commitment, then please DO NOT sign up! In this tournament, the actions of one player can affect the whole team; if one player commits an offence, it risks punishing their entire team. We aren't as concerned about the skill level of players as we are about their conduct.

- Teams will be required to create artwork/team logo. The logo template will be provided by Maverick Warriors.

- This tournament will not allow for rescheduling. MavWar will handle ALL game schedules. There will be more information on this later.

- No ringers. Each team will have 4 official players (who will get paid prize money should their team win) and 2 official substitutes (who will NOT get paid prize money should their team win).

- Tournament rules will be provided to players later on, they are still being worked on.

- Penalties, Suspensions and Disqualifications can and will most likely occur should any of the rules be breached by a players or team.

- All official tournament games will be streamed on the official Maverick Warriors Twitch Channel that is currently being worked on.

Bear in mind that the ultimate purpose for this tournament is for charity: FoundTyme is doing this in order to aid groups focused on mental health. It’s a noble cause for which we’re organising a fun competition to further help raise awareness, and it’s an angle that hasn’t been explored before in competitive L4D2. And with the eFPS tournament about to begin, there already is an open competition with pre-established teams competing, so we chose to go a different route by doing draft teams.

P.S. Before people get any misconceptions, I would like to clarify a few things. Myself and the owl haven’t been involved in the L4D2 scene since the previous MavWar Heroes vs Villains Tournament back in 2016, and we were recently approached by Lotus (head of FoundTyme) who asked if we would be interested in organising a tournament which he is willing to sponsor and who MK (head of eFreak) is willing to provide servers for the matches to be hosted.

Both Lotus and MK requested that Pro Mod Elite be the config that is used and since their groups are providing both the sponsorship and the servers respectively, we acquiesced with their request. With that said, both the owl and I have not been in the scene for around 18 months, so we looked into the config situation by watching a few games and asking around, and saw that the current climate is far from ideal no matter where you look, for reasons I’m sure that any avid reader of L4Dnation is all too aware of.

So if you have questions about the config, it’s best that you ask either MK or Jacob or whoever else is involved in its development. But if you have any questions about the organisation or structure of the tournament itself, then fire away!

Equilibrium / Re: Equilibrium Cup #4 (EQC4)
« on: February 28, 2016, 06:14:06 pm »

Finally, we're at the end of the road! 30 teams signed up for this competition and after 6 weeks of action, now we're going to witness the top two seeded teams from the group phase duke it out on Dark Carnival.

TEAM ECLIP5E vs HELHEIM (NA vs EU) Home/Away/Neutral - This is entirely dependent on who Helheim fields. If they elect to use 3 of their EU/RUS players, then it shall be home/away. But if they choose instead to play both their NA-based players, then it would make things simple enough for just one neutral match on a 100 tick New York server.

3rd place match between Team France vs Millennium is optional: you can choose to play or not to play, we're not going to hassle you into it. But if the match is not played, 3rd place will automatically be awarded to whichever team lost to the eventual cup winners in the semi finals.

Speaking of which, match of the week on Hard Rain goes to Millennium vs Helheim. The Russians were leading for 4 maps and looked to have victory in the bag, but Helheim staged a dramatic comeback in the final map. The only available stream is in Russian, but the action itself is worth checking out:

Thread for scheduling is here:

And the cup brackets are here:

Good luck and may the best team win!

Equilibrium / Re: Equilibrium Cup #4 (EQC4)
« on: February 22, 2016, 05:35:02 am »

With 4 teams and just 2 weeks remaining, we are almost there! The quarter final match of the week has to be Team ECLIP5E vs Team Tableflip, the two heavyweights of the NA competition putting on a really good show.

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Don't have much else to say this week, other than the campaign of choice will be Hard Rain. There was talk of it being saved for the grand final, but there have been at least FIVE tournaments in recent months that I can think of which have reserved Hard Rain for the grand final, with at least an additional two having done the same in the past year! So with that mentioned, I'll give you the draws for Hard Rain:

Team ECLIP5E vs Team France (NA vs EU) Home/Away - I don't think Team ECLIP5E have enough players on their roster to make a neutral match viable in this contest between Team France. Unless there are any complications with the roster that Team ECLIP5E elect to use, this will be a case of one match on an EU server and another on an East Coast server, preferably a 100 tick New York one to match similar settings on the EU server and lower the latency for everyone. But in case the overall ping disparity is enough to justify it, don't rule out the use of a Chicago server.

Millennium vs Helheim (RUS vs EU) Neutral - Russians get very good routing to Central Europe, so this should be kept as simple as possible by doing just one match on a Central European server. Helheim will very likely field at least 1 of their NA-based players as well.

Thread for scheduling is here:

And the cup brackets are here:

Good luck to all of you!

Equilibrium / Re: Equilibrium Cup #4 (EQC4)
« on: February 15, 2016, 06:13:45 pm »

Well, what a turn of results Round 4 gave us; only 3 of the 8 teams who won their groups have advanced to the quarter-finals! Match of the week on Detour Ahead goes to the one I had my eye on most when the draws were made: Salmon Catchers vs Team France. Both teams had to contend with around 200 ms latency in what was a gruelling and colossal battle that was very close the entire way! The action can be seen here:

The campaign for this week is Death Toll and let's go straight to the draws:

Team ECLIP5E vs Team Tableflip (NA vs NA) Home - I won't even bother telling you gentlemen which server you should specifically use as I'm sure you'll be able to sort that out between yourselves.

Team France vs Boy Scouts (EU vs EU) Home - Another domestic match, one simple home match is all that's needed.

Abnormal vs Millennium (RUS vs RUS) Home - Yet another domestic draw, you know the drill by now.

Better Pizza vs Helheim (NA vs EU) Home/Away/Neutral - This particular draw can be anything, it's all dependent on which rosters both teams decide to field, so to clarify matters, here is how it should go:

If you guys want one single 'neutral' match (which we always recommend over playing home/away in terms of simplifying scheduling), then we advise that Helheim play both supra and purple, while Better Pizza have Impulse (and/or any other West Coast player you may have in your roster) while playing on a New York server. Better Pizza may have slightly better ping overall in this scenario but only by virtue of one player, and we don't deem one player with higher/lower ping on their own to be enough to prevent a neutral match from being a possibility.

But if you guys are not interested in settling this in just one match and Helheim field at least 3 non-NA-based players, then there will have to be one match on a Central European server and the NA server will either be New York or even Chicago, depending on how the pings are for both teams. But we absolutely recommend the neutral option: it saves more time and is less complicated.

You have until the 22nd February 00:00 PST to complete your matches and submit the results with mandatory screenshots in this thread:

As always, you can follow the cup tree here:

Good luck to all of you!

Equilibrium / Re: Equilibrium Cup #4 (EQC4)
« on: February 08, 2016, 04:03:48 pm »
EQ CUP #4 Round 4 - Detour Ahead

Well done to the 16 teams who have made it to the halfway point of the tournament. The honours for the Dead Air match of the week go to Babadook vs Urine Danger in Group F, where even though both teams did not have the same number of wins as each other heading into the game, their average scores were close enough that either of them could have sent the other home early; Urine Danger needed to beat Babadook with at least a 114-point margin to attain such a result. Some familiar names from past and present competing and a very close game throughout with great Tank and SI play. You can watch the VOD here:

Before you see the draws for Round 4 and the cup tree for the single-elimination knockout phase, know that there is a system for the teams you've been paired against. The teams who won their groups are drawn against teams who finished 2nd which is basic and to expected, however, it is your average scores that have determined which team you face exactly. In a sense, the group phase was a way of generating a more 'fresh' seeding for the final 16. Although some might fear that group winners vs group runnners-up might be a tad processional, this week is the best time to test everyone's sense of map knowledge. It's custom campaign time which can only mean that this week's action will be taking place on Detour Ahead and if you don't already have it downloaded, then please do so now via this link:

One more thing to note is that as we venture into the playoffs where international competition will officially take place, I will write brief summaries of which server locations are to be used for each draw and explain why those choices were made. Note that these summaries are written purely on the basis of making the scheduling of international matches as simple as possible; it does not take into account factors such as any team's strongest starting four or if just one player has much lower/higher ping than everyone else.

If there is a suitable option available for playing just one neutral match, we will always advise that over playing two matches home and away. Unless there is no neutral option to avoid the scenario, we would rather not see repeats of home/away games with 250+ ms for both away teams. For teams with more geographically diverse rosters which might determine whether the match is neutral or home/away, we will posit recommendations based on those circumstances as it's your choice who your starting four will be, but bear in mind that if you do play home/away, it's a rule to field the same roster for both games. Even if a substitution is made out of necessity, the team will incur a variable points penalty should the substitute/ringer's latency be lower than that of the original player's latency. We're trying to keep playing conditions as even as possible and to avoid the sort of mind-numbing drama that has occurred in the past when teams didn't heed similar advice on such matters.

And still on the subject of even playing conditions, there's also the potential matter of keeping boss (tank and witch) spawns even for both home/away games. We will NOT enforce spawns or make it mandatory to keep them the same for both games. However, we heavily recommend that if you're able to have a server admin present for your second game, that they use the following commands to equalise the spawns as they appeared in the first game:

!set_tank 0.35
!set_witch 0.69

When a server admin is doing this, it's important that they use decimal places when inputting the values otherwise they'll be incorrect. In the above example, the tank will be made to spawn at 35% and the witch at 69%. If you're interested in keeping the boss spawns even (and you should be because one game could have a difficult fight for a tank while the other could have one that's more likely to wipe), the best thing to do is SAVE the second game for a match where you know there will be a server admin present to help set the boss spawns.

With no turning back now, here are the first knockout draws:

Team ECLIP5E vs The Miracles (NA vs AUS/NZ) Home/Away - This has to be home/away because there is no available neutral server in the middle of the Pacific, unfortunately. To complicate matters further, Australian/NZ internet is so poor that the ping disparity becomes much greater for The Miracles the further east they go, in proportion to NA teams connecting further west. Playing on an Australian server is a given, but the exact choice of NA server location is dependent on who Team ECLIP5E elect to have for their starting four in this draw.

[N]exus vs Team Tableflip (SA vs NA) Neutral - Home/away (if possible) might still cause quite a ping disparity so for the sake of keeping the match itself and the scheduling as simple as possible, we heavily advise just one match on a New York server; South American players get better ping connecting to NY and the majority of Team Tableflip hail from the West Coast.

Salmon Catchers vs Team France (AUS/NZ vs EU) Neutral - Forget about home/away because that really is NOT an option here, the pings of both teams will be in the region of around 350 at the minimum on their respective away servers, probably somewhere closer to 400 ms latency for Salmon Catchers on an EU server such is the quality of Australian internet! A Los Angeles server should suffice but if there is a Colorado server on 100 tick that evens the pings a tiny bit more, then feel free to use that. But if that's not the case, it has to be an LA server because anything further east will create an even bigger ping disparity in the opposite direction.

Team Almania vs Boy Scouts (EU vs EU) Home - Two European teams; one very simple match to schedule.

Abnormal vs Royal Flush (RUS vs RUS) Home - Two Russian teams paired against each other, there is nothing complicated about this draw; resume standard service as in the domestic group phase.

Babadook vs Millennium (NA vs RUS) Home/Away - Because North America is an expansive continent and Russia is geographically the largest country in the world, both communities can have players connecting from further west (NA) or east (RUS). But in our experience, Russians tend to have solid routing to some EU locations as well as in NA. For the reasons stated, we strongly recommend that the NA home game is in New York and that the RUS home game is played on a server in Central Europe.

Rekt by vs Better Ingredients, Better Pizza (RUS vs NA) Home/Away - Exactly the same as the other NA vs RUS draw described above.

Helheim vs Team "ey b0ss?" (EU vs SA) Neutral - I don't even think home/away is much of an option here anyway. Both EU and SA teams get better pings when connecting to an East Coast server so we strongly recommend a single neutral match on a New York server.

Note: the recommendations above are based on some amount of prior experience and knowledge as well as a little bit of theory. If you do find better options which help lessen the ping disparity overall, then please DO tell us!

And one final thing: when you are about to play your matches, ALL players, admins and casters MUST go offline and connect via the chosen server IP. This is imperative as a few cup matches have been targeted by DDoS attacks.

You have from now until the 15th February 00:00 PST to schedule your matches and confirm the results with mandatory screenshots. Good luck to all of you!

P.S - The official cup bracket is up! Check it out here:

Equilibrium / Re: Equilibrium Cup #4 (EQC4)
« on: January 25, 2016, 06:21:29 pm »
Round 2 is now live and we're visiting more familiar territory: The Parish. One thing to note in case anyone has doubts, the bridge finale is no exception to the rule: it is to be played like all other finales in this tournament.

There are a few important things to point out. First of all, the registration thread has been locked; teams are not allowed to change or update their rosters for the remainder of the tournament. The use of substitutes and/or ringers is fine, but any ringer who has already featured for a different team in the cup, must state to the team captain and the opposing team that they have already played and gain the approval of the opposing team.

Secondly, we admins might not always be able to be present for every match that is played. If that is the case, do not wait for us. Also, any available streamer who wishes to volunteer may also stream your matches, in case you know anyone who has a working stream and doesn't mind being a cameraman/camerawoman.

Thirdly, it is an unfortunate circumstance that we have to place a 1,500-point penalty on Millennium for their match result against Abnormal, because one of their players, JohnnyS (Raiden), was asked for demos of his team's Round 1 match but did not submit them when requested, later claiming that he didn't know he had to record them. Normally, a player forgetting to record demos would not result in such a severe penalty, but this incident is something of an exceptional circumstance which required further discussion between the admins. In discussing further with Visor, it was brought to my attention that Raiden has had a history of being caught cheating, with VAC bans on record and subsequently being banned from several servers. It is because of this combined with his inability to present match demos when requested for whatever the reason may be, that we decided if Raiden is to feature again for Millennium, he will be marked with POV status.

Fourthly, each round announcement, there will be a mention of what was the streamed match of the round. The honours for Round 1 go to the Group A draw between Team France and Team P who provided us with an epic game. Team France, semi-finalists of the previous two EQ Cups, only narrowly defeated by Team NV in the 2nd cup and by Team Ofu in the 3rd cup, had pretty close competition for their very first round of the tournament from Team P, the Finns being grand finalists of CGFB Cup #2 almost 4 years ago. Great play from both teams, I thoroughly recommend checking it out if you haven't already:

Fifthly, the group standings have been updated to reflect the byes that certain teams in Groups A, C, D and G will receive this week due to the uneven amounts of teams in each of those groups. You might notice that your team has a point for a 'win' even though you may not have won a match yet. This is just to denote that your team has received a bye and it has already been accounted for in the group standings.

And finally, this week is going to be a little bit different for teams in Groups A and G. When you read through the list of draws, you will notice that a few teams have two matches to play this week; this is not unintentional. We have done it this way for two reasons: one, if Groups A and G were to follow the exact same formula as everyone else, the group phase would go on for a total of 5 weeks, leaving the advancing teams in every other group with 2 weeks to wait until playoffs begin. This is why we scrapped No Mercy from the map rotation; only 8 out of the 30 teams in the entire competition would be playing it, while the other teams would have no need to practise on one of the more unpopular campaigns in the game. The only slight downside for 6 certain teams is having to play two matches in the same week but in this case, it's one of the most popular campaigns in play. Teams in Groups A and G should also beware that we are seriously considering repeating this step in Week 3 and subsequently removing another unpopular campaign from the map rotation that won't be played, so that you won't struggle to find practise for a campaign that 22 other teams would have no need to play, and also so that the majority of advancing teams will not have to take a one-week break before playoffs commence.

For teams in Groups A and G, if you only see your team's name once, it's because you have also received a bye this week and thus you only have to play one match this week like all the rest of the teams. For the two teams in Groups C and D who can't see their teams' names, you also receive byes this week. With all the relevant information finally out of the way, I present to you the second round draws:

Team France vs Team Almania
Aniimu vs Team PUBSTAR
Team France vs Aniimu
Team Almania vs Team P

Helheim vs Team Vatican`
Team Spas vs Boy Scouts

Royal Flush vs Rekt by

Abnormal vs Minerva

Team ECLIP5E vs Team Paragon
Better Pizza vs Ducatell Boyz

Team Tableflip vs Babadook
Urine Danger vs Team Status Quo

Team Luz vs [N]exus
Team "ey b0ss?" vs Team Relentless
Team Luz vs MTC
[N]exus vs "ey b0ss?"

Salmon Catchers vs The Miracles

You have from now until the 1st February 00:00 PST (Pacific time) to schedule your matches and confirm the results with mandatory screenshots. This also applies to the 6 teams in Groups A and G who have to play two matches on The Parish. It might seem a little unfair, but would you prefer two matches on The Parish, or one match on The Parish and the other on No Mercy? The discussion thread for scheduling matches and posting screenshots of final scores can be found here:

Good luck to all of you!

Equilibrium / Re: Equilibrium Cup #4 (EQC4)
« on: January 18, 2016, 05:27:46 am »
Ok folks, the cup is finally here and going live, with the first round on Swamp Fever. A few teams will not be playing this one due to there being an uneven number of teams in 4 of the groups; if you don't see your team's name listed here, that means you won't be playing your first match this week and you will receive a bye.

All finales are to be played in this tournament. Even if a match ends without a finale being played, it will still count towards your teams' average score tallies, thus lowering your average score by default. Teams in close competition for survival might want to reconsider calling gg before the finale as doing so might dramatically lower your chances of advancing to the final-16 playoffs.

Also be advised that if you have any issues regarding servers wanting to be used but one or more members of your team are banned from them, it is NOT within our jurisdiction as tournament admins to resolve or override the actions and decisions of those who actually pay their own money to run the servers in the first place. So please do not come to us and demand that we resolve a matter that is not within our domain at all. Either use another server or find a substitute/ringer to replace the banned player.

We also have a POV list for this tournament, where a player marked with POV status is required by the rules to stream their perspective of every match they play in for reasons discussed by the admins. The list currently consists of:


We also have a list for servers which cannot be used due to one or more tournament admins not being able to connect to those servers for whatever the reason may be. It is worth noting however that this list is not necessarily permanent and can be changed if circumstances prove to be different, even if just for the duration of the tournament. The list currently consists of:


And one final note: be sure to read up on the rules, there have been a couple of edits and revisions to rules 2.3 (Blood Harvest has been removed from the map pool), 4.6.2 and 4.6.3.

The draws for Round 1 are:

Team France vs Team P
Team Almania vs Team PUBSTAR

Helheim vs Boy Scouts
Team Vatican` vs Team Spas

Royal Flush vs Sexy Team

Abnormal vs Millennium

Team ECLIP5E vs Better Pizza
Ducatell Boyz vs Team Paragon

Team Tableflip vs Urine Danger
Babadook vs Team Status Quo

[N]exus vs MTC
Team Luz vs Team Relentless

Salmon Catchers vs The Miracles

There is a separate discussion thread already made for Round 1 where team captains can post schedules and screenshots of the final scores.

You have from now until 25th January 00:00 PST (Pacific Time) to schedule your matches and confirm the results with mandatory screenshots. Good luck to all of you!

Equilibrium / Re: Equilibrium Cup #4 (EQC4)
« on: January 12, 2016, 01:04:48 pm »
Here you have it folks, the domestic group stage for the EQ Cup is all set, with 30 teams split into 8 different groups and without further ado, they are:

Group A (EU)

Team France
Team Almania
Vindictive L4D2
Team P

Group B (EU)

Team Vatican`
Boy Scouts
Team Spas

Group C (RUS)

Royal Flush
Rekt by
Sexy Team

Group D (RUS)


Group E (NA)

Ducatell Boyz
Team Paragon
Better Ingredients, Better Pizza

Group F (NA)

Team Tableflip
Urine Danger
Team Status Quo

Group G (SA)

Team "ey b0ss?"
Team Luz
Team Relentless

Group H (AUS/NZ)

Salmon Catchers
The Miracles

The groups were put together the way they were to avoid making the opening phase go on for too long. Teams in Group H will play each other in a best of 3 due to there only being two teams in their domestic group. But for every other group, each team is to play each other once as normal.

The order in which your teams will play will be decided when the draws and maps are decided for each new round. Each week, you will be told which team to play and on which campaign.

Do not forget that if you plan on using any servers of your particular choice, they MUST have the most recent version of EQ 3.0c downloaded and installed. If you're playing on the wrong version, your match result will be rendered null and void! You can find the latest version via this link:

You can also find the official ruleset via this link:

Good luck to all of you!

Equilibrium / Re: Equilibrium Cup #4 (EQC4)
« on: January 09, 2016, 05:34:48 pm »
Because I might not be able to check out and finalise the entire list of teams tomorrow, I will be granting an extension of 24 hours. New deadline will be on Monday 11th January 00:00 PST.

Also, players are NOT allowed to sign up for more than one team!

Equilibrium / Equilibrium Cup #4 (EQC4)
« on: December 03, 2015, 04:33:01 pm »

Hello ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, and welcome to the 4th EQ Cup which will be coming to you soon in the New Year. It will be showcasing the latest and final instalment in the Equilibrium project. Team NV are the reigning double-champions of the Equilibrium Cup, but are they still in existence and if so, will they show up once again to defend their crown and make it a hat trick? Or will new champions emerge to take the title currently held by the hugely successful Japanese team? We shall find out in March next year!

What type of tournament is this and is it international?

In response to it being international, yes and no. The reason for both answers is because of the format of the tournament: we are separating it into two phases where the first phase is split into groups and is completely domestic. This means that in the group phases, EU teams will only play other EU teams, Russian teams will only play other Russian teams, NA teams will only play other NA teams, etc.

The top finishers of all the groups will then advance to the single-elimination knockout phase which is when international competition will start taking place. Depending on how many teams sign up, we are looking at this tournament to last for a maximum of 2 months, provided there are no delays.

Why is it done this way and not in swiss format?

For several reasons; international competition is a great spectacle for fans and viewers of comp L4D2 but it does not come without its inherent difficulties for players and teams when it comes to scheduling, sometimes being enough to keep a few teams away. Done in this fashion, the only teams that will experience international competition are those that succeed in the group phases. This makes it a lot easier for all teams in the domestic phase to experience the competition without the same problems and risks associated with organising international draws.

We opted not to go swiss this time because a) we wanted to try something different from the usual format and b) because elements of swiss (such as resistance points) also present their own problems which is completely out of the hands of the teams and can result in debates about fairness, etc.

Is there a limit as to how many teams sign up?

No, there is no limit. The great thing about the format here is that it's flexible enough to accommodate any number of teams, it wouldn't matter if we had an odd number of total teams. Even if a large number of teams enter the tournament, the group phases are there to essentially defragment the competition in its entirety and make it a smoother process that sticks to a reasonable time frame.

What config will be used?

The newly-released EQ 3.0 config will be featured and used in the tournament. Any previous version of EQ or another config used for a match will render the result null and void, so make sure your servers have it installed in advance!

Which maps will be played?

Depending on how many rounds are played in the competition, all nine stock L4D2 and L4D1 campaigns are included in the rotation, along with Detour Ahead as the one and only selected custom campaign. But there is no guarantee that all 10 of them will be played.

Are there any prizes?

As of yet, there are currently no planned prizes. If the tournament gets sponsored then perhaps that might change. But a couple of hundred dollars/euros divided between at least 4 people is pocket money which you could probably earn in just a day or two's work in a minimum-wage job, and shouldn't really be a factor that decides whether teams enter a competition or not.

And finally, where do I go to find out more and sign up for the league series?

You can sign up, read and hear about all the latest developments, post your match schedules, your match result screenshots and match VODs, all on the Neo Earth 4 Dead steam group which is where the entire thing will be hosted. Signups are officially open now and you have until 00:00 Pacific Standard Time on January 10th to register your team. So spread the word, get yourselves signed up and we'll see you in the New Year!

EDIT: Direct link to the official signup thread is right here:

General / Re: my ideas on l4d2 competitive
« on: July 01, 2015, 07:06:10 pm »
(Theory for l4d2 high skill) this config is meant to bring out a diversity in player choice instead of creating clones, remember not everyone is born equal that's just my thoughts about promod, some people shine brighter than others playing different roles.

Fielding a survivor team where each player has their own roles, strengths and weaknesses, is something I tried theorising a long time ago while brainstorming for more fun-orientated configs. While I love the spice of life that is variety, an approach like this will inevitably harbour so many factors and variables that it could potentially raise a lot of questions for each unique survivor when in certain situations, depending of course on what unique setup each survivor has. This is to say that it will require a LOT of testing if you're trying to keep all the player types in check.

time in relation to bonus TBD, probably should just be HB for now.

It's been mentioned a number of times before in the past by others, but implementing some sort of bonus based on time would mean that in order to be successful, all teams would have to adopt the exact same aggressive approach, thus making the style of the game more one-dimensional and less variable. While I don't doubt that it would be a more aesthetically-pleasing spectacle, converting the game into a sort of time trial would also hamper the variety between different teams and how they approach comp L4D2. As for HB/DB/Hybrid, there are more than enough forum pages on them already, but they're tried, tested and functional scoring systems.

Technically speaking, a 'time bonus' does exist already in HB scoring; it's called temp health which as we all know, gets activated the moment someone gets back on their feet after an incap or chugs some pills. Although it's not quite like the time bonus you probably have in mind, Grizz, more temp health on the board certainly does encourage teams to be more aggressive knowing that they have fewer options available to them when they're bleeding out and that they must act fast before they're too weak to see the end of the map or do anything else.

no dead stops for jockey and hunter, make jockey skeetable.

Except for still being able to deadstop jockeys, the other two things are already in EQ and have proven to be fine. My only doubt about removing deadstops on jockeys is on dangerous chokepoints, especially ladder hits and giving a separation SI even more power in such a scenario (that particular point being one of the reasons why we made jockeys skeetable). A hunter is not a separation SI: he caps someone but cannot move them like the jockey can. In addition to that and ofc the classic approach of using a shotgun, an smg can skeet a hunter with just 2-3 well-placed headshots, which is why deadstops on hunters can easily be removed.

4 class types to display individual skill and unique abilities  that are brought to the team
1. "The Sniper" choices AWP/scout, AWP damage = 300 per hit with a headshot multiplier of 2x with maybe l4d1 HR spread. the scout rifle should not be changed it's fine depending on the players preference of the sniper.
2. "The Defense" weapons = chrome shotgun/l4d1 pump shotgun/melee weapon of choice
3. "The Fulcrum" weapons = Silenced Uzi / melee of choice/medkit maybe? <-not sure on the medkit
4. "The support" weapons = Uzi 35 round limit/l4d2 pump shotgun 4 shell capacity with the choice of having all 3 throwables known in l4d2 making it helpful for your team being in a tight spot and the support should have a deagle for the role itself done by shade "the jay turret".

1. While it's cool that the designated sniper player gets the choice of which rifle he/she'd rather have of the two, I personally don't see any reason (other than it being the only choice available at the time) to pick up the scout knowing what the AWP has to offer in this circumstance. Even reducing the headshot multiplier from x4 down to x2, a single headshot from an AWP will still be enough to kill a full-hp charger (whereas the scout at most can only do 500 dmg with a headshot). You can headshot-stumble the witch and do about 900 dmg to her from miles away before she finally starts running for you, at which point she's as good as dead already. And if that wasn't enough on it's own, you'd only need 20 bullets from an AWP to kill a tank all by yourself, seeing as the AWP is effectively a rifle that hits as hard as a melee weapon but from any distance, without having to be within the tank's hugging range.

I think to justify there being a real choice to be made between either of the two, the AWP definitely should do more damage per bullet, but I'd say it should be at half of your estimate at the very least (150 dmg)  if not a tiny bit lower while retaining the usual x4 headshot multiplier. Because the AWP has slightly slower fire rate, longer reload speed and not entirely sure that it's as accurate as the scout either, I would also consider increasing its clip size relative to the scout, which in EQ either does have the L4D1 hunting rifle's spread or a value pretty close to it. So the AWP could have the same or a tiny bit more spread.

2. In terms of keeping with your theme, the "defense" player would be more of a CQC player which would be fine.

3. Again, this seems fine, but bear in mind that unless you edit the medkits, they clash horribly with HB scoring. Even if you lose a lot of perm hp, having a medkit on you when you reach the safe room is still going to give you a lot of bonus and will also have the counter-intuitive effect of negating all the hard work the SI did with their damage.

I don't know the exact specific values in regards to medkits, but for argument's sake let's say that the "fulcrum" player lost 70 perm hp in total before reaching the safe room and medkits in value are worth 80 perm hp. If the fulcrum player still has the medkit, then it will work the same way as pills currently do when contributing to the final score in the current HB system: it will add on the healing item's value until either the item's value has been fully accounted for, or the health bonus value of the survivor has already reached 100. Pills count for 50 temp hp, so that does get included in the current HB system as we know it. If a survivor has 50 perm hp and a set of pills on them when reaching the safe room, they'll have reached the max 100 value albeit the pills only count for temp health in terms of bonus.

Medkits however, count for perm health in HB scoring. As long as the fulcrum player still had the medkit on them when reaching the safe room, then it wouldn't matter if they suffered just 80 damage, 40 damage or no damage at all: the fulcrum player will still get something around 100% perm bonus value (at least that's what I theorise, unless there are other factors to consider?). Anyway, I don't think it'd be that important for your overall idea with this config to have even just one medkit or none at all, but if you really want to try including a medkit then at least in accordance with the current HB system, just make it worth 100 temp hp. Doing this would actually mean it's worth using on a survivor who is crawling on 1 hp instead of just downing them and increasing the incap counter for the sake of running faster and/or slightly more time bonus (temp hp) just before the safe room.

4. Again, for keeping it within your theme, it all seems fine except for the reduced clip size of the weapons which isn't really necessary. I think the "support" player's strength is that they are essentially the utility player: they can adapt to whatever situation depending on whether they prefer the uzi or the shotgun in that moment, but they don't get to wield the silenced smg or chrome shotgun. I think that's enough on its own without further nerfing the other T1 guns.

"Special infected" 12 second spawn timers with ability to choose between quad caps and support SI at all times, also pertaining to trouble finding spawns there should be the option for the infected to have the ability of flying while ghosted giving them the ability to setup quicker for an attack, thus increasing more awareness from survivor play and unpredictability for the survivors at the same time.

As Battle already mentioned, having spawn timers that low makes picking up incapped survivors something of a headache and there's less emphasis on SI actually having to coordinate and maximise their prospects for even more damage. We tested different spawn timers extensively years ago, going as low as 13 seconds at one point (and realising that was a bit too much). We found 16 seconds to be hitting the sweet spot.

The choice of quadcaps is interesting because it turns an SI attack into an all-or-nothing approach: fantastic if the SI can nail it, but if not then the survivors can mitigate a hell of a lot of damage, not including the fact that there's no boomer or spitter to help amplify the damage. As for flight during ghost mode, it certainly has potential and quite a few applications for kamikaze-style rocket spawns that would not normally be possible in comp L4D2.

By the same token however, this kind of nullifies the point in using SI ladders or props to reach certain difficult areas in preparation for an attack. In a situation where the SI would struggle to get a hit in on time because they are having to use SI ladders and/or whatever to get to the spot they want, they can now hold down just one key without even having to use the map to get to where they want to be, and this does not even take into account the drastically-lowered spawn timers either! These two combined would give the SI a hell of a lot of power and damage potential with less effort than ever before.

negating some parts of the sentence above there should be tiers for newer players and high skilled players referring to...

I get where you're coming from with the different tiers, but for the same reason as others already mentioned, why settle for anything less than the "top tier" category if that's where the best players are going to be? Lower tier variants (while understandable) are just delaying the inevitable jump into the deep end of the pool which is what anyone who is interested in bettering themselves and realising their potential, would have to do at some point anyway.

To conclude, there are definitely some interesting ideas here, Grizz. As a proponent of following one's own vision on a project, you should definitely try working on it and see where you get with it. In the state you suggested, I see Topfogl as a config leaning more towards being fun yet incredibly challenging for survivors than being strictly competitive, but with some edits and changes mentioned by myself and others, it might well tip the scale in the other direction. However, the concept of each survivor having a different role still leaves a question mark hanging over whether Topfogl can truly be competitive or not.

In my experience, configs work better by focusing on their unique aspects and strengths. In Topfogl's case, the most unique thing obviously is the different types and loadouts that each survivor is allocated with. It's going to be very tricky to make that work in the config's favour and if you were actually going to go ahead and try developing and testing it, you might need to spend a fair amount of time taking into account what each survivor can or cannot do in certain situations, while tinkering away with the settings until things seemingly fall into place. In case you are contemplating making it more than just a bunch of suggestions and start bringing it to life, good luck!

News / Re: Announcing CCR²T
« on: May 27, 2015, 05:42:48 am »
I've talked to Dragon and we have come to a consensus that playing home and away games is somewhat unfair when doing international tournaments. When we play "home" servers at New York, and we have 2 people from West (California/Texas), we get around 110 ms to that server, while our east coast members get 34-40 ms. Then, when it comes to play on EU home server, EU people have 30 ping, while our team has 2 yellows (~124-130) and 2 red pings (~180-194).

Yes, you and I talked about this once or twice but just to clarify, I never said flat-out that the entire system is "unfair", what I said to you was that because of the geographical disposition of every player concerned in an international contest, there is always going to be at least a few players who draw the short straw when it comes to ping discrepancies, which you've highlighted with your above example. When it comes to the international spectrum, it is the North American community that sees these ping discrepancies the most simply because of the wide expanse of the continent, with the Russian community a likely 2nd, depending on players connecting either from further east of Moscow, Siberia or former Soviet states in Central Asia like Kazakhstan.

When NV and Velocity played each other in CCT2 for example, they did a home/away system (using NA servers) that was pretty much even on pings except for when dec briefly featured for them. In this instance, home/away was indeed fair for both parties, it was just seemingly unfair for dec the moment he had to sub in for a round or 2. So in most cases, the system can be fair and for the odd few who are connecting from far away, it can seem unfair. But a lot of it depends on how many 'higher ping' players are in a team and how to compensate for it with the home/away system.

I also said to you that if there were systems conceived to the point where it can accommodate for the players with the odd high pings, then it might be a better option than doing home/away. If there was such a system where teams could play just one match on a neutral server with a system in place that does something to compensate for the ping discrepancies, then that might be the option that costs less time and hassle compared to home/away games and provides tournament hosts/admins with the benefit of fewer headaches. But whether or not that happens, until then, playing home/away/neutral is the only option tournament hosts have right now in the interest of making things more fair for both parties regardless of their current locations, if they so choose to exercise that option in the first place.

Also, in addition higher tick server adds +10 ping to foreign players. +10 ping for green people won't make a difference but for people who are in the border or orange-red or just simply red, it makes it harder to do things such as get m2s or curve rocks with tank. In my experience, when playing in Asia with the same ping as I do in EU, I seem to have a better chance over there with 60 tick than i do with 100 tick servers.

I don't know what figures you've been seeing to come to that conclusion, but when Hyper-V had 100 tick servers in North America, I always had lower ping than on 60 tick servers, and I even had this with my old machine which was such a budget-rig that it didn't even touch 60 fps let alone 100. I always consistently get 20-30 less latency than connecting to the same locations on 60 tick, even on NA servers despite technically being a "foreign player" myself in that circumstance. Dallas is a server where I get red ping on 60 tick without fail when pressing TAB, it goes yellow when on 100 tick, not to mention a huge boost in hit reg and far less input delay for a server location that's usually a horrid experience for players connecting from outside of North America due to the routing.

What fps does your machine run the game at? Because if it's below 100 fps, your update rate will be less and your image will appear less smooth, it might also impact your m2 in rare situations. I had the same issues with my previous pc even when playing on 60 tick.

Streaming & Casting / Re: On The Couch - Podcast Series
« on: November 20, 2014, 02:05:23 pm »
We will reschedule for another time soon. Oni wasn't feeling well and Battle had a previous arrangement which ended up starting the same time of the podcast last Sunday. It's unlikely that it will be this weekend though, but maybe the one after. We shall see.

Streaming & Casting / Re: On The Couch - Podcast Series
« on: November 15, 2014, 08:55:27 pm »
EDIT: Today's scheduled podcast has been delayed until further notice due to Battle having a previous arrangement, Oni feeling under the weather. We will announce when the podcast is rescheduled for.

Streaming & Casting / Re: On The Couch - Podcast Series
« on: October 19, 2014, 04:08:41 pm »
We're about to start the stream, Killatoy will be hosting so tune into his stream right now:

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