xxMavWar Hype Tournament: Unity (2018)

January 13, 2018, 09:15:14 pm by Dragon
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We hereby officially announce the MavWar Hype Tournament: Unity (2018)! We are aiming to have as many as 16 teams battle each other in a round robin format, with 8 teams then advancing to the single-elimination knockout stage. The prize pool will be $1,000 split between the top 3 teams, and there will likely also be a prize for the participant voted by the public as the MVP of the tournament!

However, because the tournament is being sponsored by a foundation who is attempting to raise money for mental health, 10% of any donations will also be allocated to the prize pool. The choice of config for this tournament will be Pro Mod Elite.

Now before you get the urge to message your friends and stack together, this is NOT an open tournament. You don't sign up as pre-established teams; you sign up as individuals who will be slotted into teams via a specific selection process. You can sign up here via this eFreak thread.

FoundTyme is the official sponsor of the tournament and will be providing and paying out the prize money to the players. It is a foundation that was created in remembrance of Found, Tyme and Hype; three L4D2 players who passed away. The foundation raises money to support the following:

  • The Project for Mental Health
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Brain & Behavior Research Foundation
  • Trevor Project

eFreak is the official server group of the tournament. The matches will take place on their servers, and they will also be responsible for forming the draft teams. A player's ability to compete in this tournament is contingent on them being able to play on eFreak servers. So if you're banned from the servers, be it temporarily at some stage of the tournament or permanently, that is completely within eFreak's jurisdiction and it will not change just because a tournament is ongoing/on the horizon.

Maverick Warriors is the official organising group of the tournament. Even though eFreak will be responsible for selecting the teams, ALL participating players and teams will still have to be approved by Maverick Warriors. Once that happens, Maverick Warriors will take over the tournament process itself and all participants will be directed to join the official tournament steam group, discord channel and website. Anyone who competed in previous MavWar tournaments will be familiar with the process.

For those who aren't familiar, know that we're looking at a minimum of 2 months before a tournament date can be officially announced. The first course of action is to gather a list of willing participants and start putting the teams together. A word of caution: registering yourself initially on the sign-up page is not an ironclad guarantee that you'll be competing, but we shall do our best to accommodate those who signed up first provided they qualify.

Other details worth mentioning:
- This will be a lengthy process; the tournament itself will go on for about 2 or 3 months. So if you are lacking in either maturity, responsibility or commitment, then please DO NOT sign up! In this tournament, the actions of one player can affect the whole team; if one player commits an offence, it risks punishing their entire team. We aren't as concerned about the skill level of players as we are about their conduct.

- Teams will be required to create artwork/team logo. The logo template will be provided by Maverick Warriors.

- This tournament will not allow for rescheduling. MavWar will handle ALL game schedules. There will be more information on this later.

- No ringers. Each team will have 4 official players (who will get paid prize money should their team win) and 2 official substitutes (who will NOT get paid prize money should their team win).

- Tournament rules will be provided to players later on, they are still being worked on.

- Penalties, Suspensions and Disqualifications can and will most likely occur should any of the rules be breached by a players or team.

- All official tournament games will be streamed on the official Maverick Warriors Twitch Channel that is currently being worked on.

Bear in mind that the ultimate purpose for this tournament is for charity: FoundTyme is doing this in order to aid groups focused on mental health. It’s a noble cause for which we’re organising a fun competition to further help raise awareness, and it’s an angle that hasn’t been explored before in competitive L4D2. And with the eFPS tournament about to begin, there already is an open competition with pre-established teams competing, so we chose to go a different route by doing draft teams.

P.S. Before people get any misconceptions, I would like to clarify a few things. Myself and the owl haven’t been involved in the L4D2 scene since the previous MavWar Heroes vs Villains Tournament back in 2016, and we were recently approached by Lotus (head of FoundTyme) who asked if we would be interested in organising a tournament which he is willing to sponsor and who MK (head of eFreak) is willing to provide servers for the matches to be hosted.

Both Lotus and MK requested that Pro Mod Elite be the config that is used and since their groups are providing both the sponsorship and the servers respectively, we acquiesced with their request. With that said, both the owl and I have not been in the scene for around 18 months, so we looked into the config situation by watching a few games and asking around, and saw that the current climate is far from ideal no matter where you look, for reasons I’m sure that any avid reader of L4Dnation is all too aware of.

So if you have questions about the config, it’s best that you ask either MK or Jacob or whoever else is involved in its development. But if you have any questions about the organisation or structure of the tournament itself, then fire away!

xxAnnouncing the efps 2018 Winter Tournament!

fig newtons
December 25, 2017, 01:14:34 pm by fig newtons
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Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce the
everythingFPS 2018 Winter Tournament!

I will be your host, an entire sleeve of fig newtons, joined by the honorable Sir and the hero of LTD, jαγ.


1st Place

International format!

Home/Away (International)
Swiss followed by a knockout playoff bracket


Registration Opens
Monday, January 1st, 2018

Registration Closes
Friday, January 12th, 2018 at midnight Pacific Time

Round 1 Begins
Monday, January 15th, 2018

Competitive configuration:

Stay tuned on l4dnation and the everythingFPS subform for details on registration info!

exclamationSirPlease: Cold Reboot - Small Tournament

December 03, 2017, 06:32:31 pm by Sir
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Finally, another "Tournament"
Whilst small in size, this is merely the start of a lot of upcoming Events.

Prize Pool: $100
1st Place takes it all..

Sign-ups: > CLOSED. <
Sign-ups have closed on Thursday, December 14th.

Brackets: > HERE <
Games are.. LIVE!

Tournament Staff:
  • The Tournament Director: Sir
  • Assistant Tournament Director(s): Danne

Tournament Settings:

  • Round 1: Death Toll.
  • Round 2: Dark Carnival.
  • Final Round: The Parish.

Crucial Info:
  • Make sure you're aware of the ruleset, as this ruleset will likely only receive very small updates for future Single Elimination Tournaments.
  • Home/Away games are allowed in this Tournament, as long as the teams can't agree on a neutral Server.
    • Keep in mind that you're limited to the SirPlease Servers, which means you're restricted to the provided NA and EU Servers.
    • If teams are unable to agree on a Server, contact the Staff.

We will be running all of our Events through the eFPS Website, so if you haven't registered there yet.. what are you waiting for?!

xxZonemod v1.7.1

November 24, 2017, 04:58:25 pm by Sir
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Finally, a ZoneMod changelog!
Yeah.. it's been a while since I posted a Changelog.. eheh.


Most of you have played Zonemod in the past or still play it every now and then.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Zonemod, the entire changelog can be found here.
Most of you have probably played v1.6 last and have only missed the 1.7 Update, so I will be posting the 1.7 + 1.7.1 Changes.
I'd love to hear your initial thoughts are on these changes and perhaps you even have some suggestions for the config :D

Info for Server Admins:

I take pride in being able to say that this config is by far the easiest to setup for clean servers and to update outdated Servers.
Starting with v1.7 I'll be adding "Update Packs", which will allow you to easily update from older versions (starting from 1.6).
These packs will only contain files that need to be updated, making it far less likely that your personal adjustments get ruined.

This makes it really easy to distribute the config and have it working properly, thus making it easier to get Servers together for Events and to get much more reliable feedback regarding bugs.


  • General:
    • Spawntimers have been decreased by 1 second, making it 14.

  • Charger:
    • Punch Damage increased to 8.
    • First Punch deals 5 Damage.
      • As requested, the Charger can now easily bash people to Death again.
      • In an attempt to refrain from spawning just to get easy damage in, the first punch will do less damage.

  • Jockey:
    • Increased Jockey Ride Speed with 8%.
      • Buffing the Jockey slightly, allowing him to become a bigger priority in terms of who to clear first.

  • Tank:
    • Tanks will now start losing frustration 1.2 seconds after losing LOS (Vanilla is 2 seconds)
    • Keeping LOS of the Survivors will fill your rage bar by 5% for every 4 seconds of LOS held.
      • This change might seem scary, as it could potentially keep a Tank at full range for long periods of time, fortunately this is the first test of many and settings will be tweaked accordingly.

  • Melee:
    • Melee Weapons have now been removed from the Saferoom.
    • Melee Weapons now have a Limit of 2 in 4v4 and 3v3 (1 in 2v2 and No limit in 1v1)
      • Melee Damage on Tank has been reset to it's Vanilla value to balance these Nerfs. (300)

[Bug Fixes]
  • Spawn Rotation:
    • Fixed a Bug that would cause non-full Infected Teams constantly getting stuck with at least one Support SI on every hit.
    • The Spawns are fixed and the rotation will work as intended now.
      • As fun as the quads were, they were unintended.


Config Download
Leave your feedback/suggestions in the comments!

Final Words:

You can always reach me on Steam or contact me through Discord.. speaking of Discord, y'all should come hang out on L4DNation's Discord.

xxInformation on Dark Carnival's Development from Valve

September 21, 2017, 05:03:49 pm by NF
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I'm currently working on a Dark Carnival remake campaign, and as I was going through the files, I noticed a lot of beta models and voice lines left in the game. I speculated on what they were for for a while, but eventually decided to just get in contact with Valve themselves to find out what they were for so I could possibly restore them for my campaign. To my surprise they responded to me with huge detailed summaries! I got their permission to post this information, so I'll sum it up here (anonymized).

Q: Was Dark Carnival inspired by any real life locations?

Valve Dev 1:
There were really two of us who worked on the fairgrounds portion of the campaign. I designed from the entrance up until the roller coaster and <Valve Dev 2> designed from the roller coaster until the end. <Valve Dev 3> also took over the map with the Tunnel of Love to the end of the roller coaster when we split the maps. So, I can only speak of my own inspiration for the part up until the roller coaster, but I referenced the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA:
This is just a short drive from Valve and an artist and myself went there when it was not open as a fairgrounds to take reference photos. This was mainly for the kinds of buildings and structures they have at the fairgrounds but not so much the rides. I also referenced Kings Island in Ohio (where I grew up) for a lot of the rides and organization of the carnival games but it was a very loose reference:
Valve Dev 2:
The rollercoaster was inspired by Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The stage was inspired by Puyallup Fairgrounds, WA.

Q: In the files I found models for a monorail (different from the one in the game) and voice lines where Coach and Nick talk about jumping on it. What was the original plan for this?

Valve Dev 1
The "monorail" wasn't really a monorail but more like the People Mover in Disneyworld. I think Monorail would have been too permanent a structure so you can see an elevated ride in kiddieland that was more what we had in mind. I think the original thought was you would go up and run along that track to jump over a fence, but I changed it to the rooftops and down the slide because we were going to have you on a track of the roller coaster later.
Valve Dev 2:
I wanted to do a walk along a monorail track after the rooftop jumps but the map was getting too big by that point. [note by me: this dev designed map 4, not map 2, so it's possible there was supposed to be a monorail there too. The voice files for the monorail are also labeled c2m4, supporting this theory]

Q: Similarly, I read some more about how the finale was to be set on a train, akin to a more county fair type setting. I also found some voice lines where Nick is arguing with a "hippie". Do you remember anything about this?

Valve Dev 1:
The original finale was supposed to be a train (you can see you arrive in a train boxcar at the beginning of Swamp Fever) but I think we felt it didn't feel like it really tied into the carnival type setting and <Valve Dev 2> wanted to do the concert. If I remember correctly, there was supposed to be a guy in the concert area who was going to help you with the stage lights and sound. He was going to be up the audience area at the back and you'd have to ask him to be your tech crew. It was later changed to turn it on yourselves. I think this was the "hippie" in the script.
Valve Dev 2:
The stage finale originally had you move about the stadium to switch banks in the bleachers but we cut it back to just defending the stage. I wanted to keep the players moving rather than sticking to the stage. I eventually pulled this off by placing items around the arena. This might have been when the tech guy was written in but I’m not sure. The train departure was cut in favor the of the helicopter rescue from the stadium. As far as I can remember, the train rescue was going to involve a train showing up behind a fence and the team jumping on when it arrived. It was tougher spatially to pull this off from the stage because we wanted to keep the experience more contained. Much easier to make a chopper fly in over the walls that kept you inside the stadium.

Q: This is a bit of speculation on my part... but were all the campaigns in the game originally slated to be 4 maps instead of 5? It's known that Parish 1 and 2 were originally merged, and I've noticed some circumstantial evidence Hard Rain was 4 maps...

Valve Dev 1:
   Typically we plot out each campaign base on what we want to include and try to keep it around the same length each time but as the development progresses and we test more and more we find that maps need to be split or maybe another mini finale is added to require a split. It's a bit organic. Hard Rain was quite different since the goal was to come back on the same path with different terrain. [note by me: Basically: if it was too hard, the maps were split]
There was a part after the roller coaster that <Valve Dev 2> built before the end of that level but we found people almost dead right after the roller coaster so we had to cut it so the exit was right there. I think it was just more track of carnival tents and fairground though - not another ride or attraction. [note by me: I think this implies the original end saferoom for the coaster map was the little room in the back of the bumper car building]

Q: Did Valve have any plans to do anything more with the Midnight Riders?

Valve Dev 1:
    We had a little bit of the Midnight Riders in the DLC where you see a bus driving down the street and it's their tour van. We had planned that they escaped the infection and maybe were going to use them in a DLC at some point where you play as them. This never came to fruition however.

There you have it! Thanks again to Valve for such an in-depth response! Going to try to incorporate these elements into my new map if I can.

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