lampEzPz Series - Tournaments, Invitationals, Fun!

June 18, 2017, 07:04:39 pm by Sir
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Howdy fine folk of L4DNation 8)
I've come yet again to spread the word regarding Tournaments and whatnot.

About the Series:
Originally I wanted the EzPz Series to only provide 1v1~3v3 Tournaments.
But, I like the name, and I wish to host Invitational Matches and 4v4 Tournaments under it as well.
The Prize Pool will always be €50 per player (1v1 = €50 prize pool, 4v4 = €200 prize pool)

Invitational Matches?
The idea is to create an "easy-to-cast" and fun to watch Matches  (basically Scrims v2.0)
These Matches contain two teams that will fight for honor, glory, and a few bucks (Ranging between €40~€80).

How is it Hosted?
We handle and setup our Tournaments, Matches, Match Reporting, Disputes, Rules and what not through Battlefy.
We're pretty much using a standard ruleset in every Tournament, but they do change, so make sure you read to what you agree to during sign up.
And yes, I know using a 3rd party website yet again isn't very attractive, but have faith, Battlefy is very simple to use and causes a lot less clutter.

As for the Servers, thankfully most of the community and I personally have a healthy relationship with the Hotmess and EMC Staff.
The admins allow for quick and painless updates to Configs and desired changes, which is why they're the Servers we use in our Tournaments.

You can contact us through our Steam Group or on this very page to sign yourself up for Invitational Streaming, on approval you get "Priority-Streaming" which basically means that you are the to go to Streamer for Invitational Matches and have priority on regular Tournaments.
As Priority Streamer, You will be judged on the professionalism of your Streams (in terms of choice of Casters and such).

Please keep in mind that anyone that wants to, can Stream regular Tournament Matches, unless the Teams don't want you to.
When you're a Priority Streamer, you however are always allowed to Stream, teams are not allowed to lock/kick you out.

Current Tournaments and Open Registrations:

EzPz Series [#1] - Apex Hunters 1v1 Tournament
Style: Single Elimination (1 NA Pool + 1 EU Pool -> Winner of NA Pool vs Winner of EU Pool)
Config: Apex Hunters 1v1
Prize Pool: €50 (Winners take All)
Status: LIVE

EzPz Series [#2] - Witch Party 2v2 Tournament
Style: Single Elimination (1 NA Pool + 1 EU Pool -> Winner of NA Pool vs Winner of EU Pool)
Config: Witch Party 2v2
Prize Pool: €100 (Winners take All)
Status: Finished!
Winners: Team 2Sweat (bryaN & Xenaya!)


xxAnnouncing the efps 2017 Summer Tournament!

fig newtons
June 08, 2017, 12:54:20 pm by fig newtons
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Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce the
everythingFPS 2017 Summer Tournament!

I will be your host, an entire sleeve of fig newtons, joined by my perennial partner in crime and assistant TD extraordinaire Rails Barlow and the hero of LTD, jαγ.


1st Place

International format!

Home/Away (International)
Swiss followed by a knockout playoff bracket


Registration Opens
Monday, June 12th, 2017

Registration Closes
Friday, June 23rd, 2017 at midnight Pacific Time

Round 1 Begins
Monday, June 26th, 2017

Competitive configuration:

Stay tuned on l4dnation and the everythingFPS subform for details on registration info!

xxZoneMod 1.3

May 10, 2017, 12:23:43 pm by Sir
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    Welcome to ZoneMod!


    This config is based on Acemod V4 and will have changes from there.
    But.. it's not just simply an Acemod/EQ Alteration, it's much more than that and will continue to grow alongside/past AceMod.
    ZoneMod's focus is also to make setting things up a lot easier for Server Admins, Casters and Players.
    Why make everything difficult when it doesn't have to be? :)

    Info for Server Admins:

    DISCLAIMER: Using the plugins provided with the download in other configs is at your own Risk as they're designed around ZoneMod and are likely to be unstable in other configs or general usage. Also keep in mind that this config will only work on Linux Servers.

    • Competitive Servers:
      • None, modify your matchmodes file to add the config to the Match menu and you're set.

    Admin Simplicity:
    • To make sure none of your precious plugins get overwritten, all plugins have their separate folder optional/zonemod
      • If you have a prefered edition of a Plugin, you are able to simply replace the file in optional/zonemod.
        • Make sure the Plugin you're overwriting doesn't have a feature added that's required for proper ZoneMod play!

    • To make it easy for personal configuration for certain plugins, there's an added "server_preference.cfg" in the cfg/cfgogl/zonemod folder.
      • This is to prevent Admins from messing with crucial variables.
      • Keep in mind that this is a shared cfg, so it'll only contain shared cvars.
      • These cfgs are very useful for Admins wanting to load 1v1~4v4 supported plugins on top of the Configs.

    • Server_Namer is added to this package, useful for a clean Hostname.
      • Everything is explained in the Server Preferences.
        • It is not loaded by default, needs uncomments.
        • The .txt file will ask permission for an override, this should be fine.

    Admin Tips:
    • bequiet.smx is a very useful plugin to keep chat clean, if you decide to load it in other configs, make sure it's loaded before other plugins.
      • Keep in mind that it comes with a "Spec-Listening Feature", this might collide with other plugins that you generally load.
        • To fix this simply unload the other plugin, or set bequiet's "bq_show_player_team_chat_spec" cvar to 0.

    • TickRateFixes now also fixes Slow Doors and Pistol Scripts, useful for use with other configs.
      • Make sure you're not loading l4dpistoldelay if you're using this Plugin.
      • Don't make any adjustments to prop_rotating and prop_rotating_checkpoint speeds in your cfg/stripper/zonemod folder.

    Bug / Exploit Fixes:
    • Fixed Players being able to exploit switching team to get earlier SI Spawns.
    • Fixed Players being unable to Punch/Jump when they get Tank right after dying as SI.
    • Fixed Players being able to FF eachother with the Shotgun when they're in too close-range.
    • Fixed Players being able to Pause/Ready-up by switching to Spec and spamming Pause at the same time.
    • Fixed Players being able to Pause after the round had ended.
    • Fixed Weapon Changes (Spread, Clipsize, etc) sticking after Config unload.
    • Fixed Slow Doors from within the Config (TickrateFixes.smx)
    • Fixed Players taking Friendly Fire while jockied or carried by a Charger.
    • Fixed a Survivors being able to "self-shove" Jockeys off after already being Jockeyed when holding out their melee.
    • Fixed a bug that froze the Tank if a player controlling the Tank switched team or disconnected during the Death Animation.

    Map Changes:

    Big Thanks to NF for most of these! :)

      • All pill cabinets in Valve maps will now have a maximum of 2 pills

      Dead Center:
      • Map 4
        • Event Horde will stop swarming in whilst the Tank is alive.
      Dark Carnival:
      • Map 2
        • Fixed Survivors getting punched onto wooden supports on the ladder choke rooftop.
        • Added saferoom props from map 3 start to map 2 end for consistency.
      • Map 3
        • Blocked Infected from getting underneath the map near the coaster
        • Added a few props to saferoom on map 3 to discourage fighting the Tank there
        • Added saferoom props from map 4 start to map 3 end for consistency.
        • Fixed an exploit that allowed Survivors to skip to the end of the coaster near the first ramp
        • Blocked a way to jump up some wood pieces and skip to the end of the coaster
        • Blocked survivors from accessing parts of the coaster tracks that allows them to turn off the event early.

      Hard Rain:
      • Map 1
        • Added a way for infected to get on the tall rooftop near the ambulance.
      • Map 4
        • Added a way for infected to get on the tall rooftop near the ambulance.
      • Finale
        • Removed extra pills.

      The Parish:
      • Map 1
        • Fixed players getting stuck on the trashbags at the very start.
      • Map 2
        • Removed yellow concrete block in alleyway.
        • Blocked survivors from getting on a balcony with no nav.
        • Replaced wall in area leading up to alleyway with props that make more aesthetic sense.
      • Map 3
        • Fixed bridge explosion doing damage to infected.
      • Map 4
        • Fixed survivors getting punched out of map in the first alleyway.
        • Added an ammo pile in the event area for late spawn Tank fights.
        • Fixed Survivors sometimes hanging from the rooftop by the event.

      No Mercy:
      • Map 3
        • Readded the forklift to the warehouse.
        • Fixed a stuck spot on the tables next to the pill cabinet.
      • Map 4
        • Removed floodlight props due to exploit potential.

      Death Toll:
      • Map 1
        • Fixed being able to jump across the bridge and skip the ladder choke.
        • Fixed infected being able to get under the map near the ladder choke.
        • Fixed multiple out of map exploits near the start.
      • Map 5
        • Added some spawns near the dock to discourage camping there.

    Gameplay/Balance Changes:

    • Anti-baiting Timer decreased from Acemod's 60s to 30s.
    • Anti-baiting Sensitivity Delay decreased from Acemod's 20s to 15s.
      • Baiting is a valid tactic, but nobody wants to fall asleep during very lengthy baiting sessions.
      • This change means that the timer once triggered is 30s, so don't worry about it being too short.
    • Damage Bonus now also takes Friendly Fire and Fall Damage into account.
      • No more getting away with these!

    • Special Infected:
      • Tanks
        • Tank Rocks will no longer get stuck on Common Infected, they will now successfully pass through them (still killing them).
        • Tank Rocks will no longer get stuck on Incapped Survivors, they will pass through them unless the same Rock incapped them.
      • Witch
        • The Witch has been fully removed.
          • The First config to actually take this step, this magnificent creature is simply too glitchy and random to accept in a competitive environment.
      • Smoker
        • Smokers no longer instantly do damage, the first tick of damage is vanilla styled (1s) and deals 3 damage. (After that it's 1 per 0.33s like in Acemod)
        • Survivors are now pulled through common infected. (Video)
        • Godframes have been Removed.
      • Jockey
        • Godframes have been Removed
      • Hunter
        • Claw damage decreased to 4.
        • Hunters can be shoved off normally, without requiring silly-ish fov angles.
        • Wallkicks have been enabled again.
      • Charger
        • Punch damage decreased to 6.
        • Chargers can no longer be fully leveled, a melee strike will do 350 damage per swing.

    • Tank Spawns:
      • Dark Carnival Map 3: The Tank can no longer spawn on the Coaster.

    • Survivors:
      • Friendly Fire Godframes have been added and set to 0.8 seconds.
      • After being punched, melee weapons will be useless for a bit to ensure "easy-hits" are not possible.
      • Water Slowdown is back, but only outside of Tank Fights.

    • Melee Weapons
      • Knife and the Tonfa have been removed from within the Config because of their speed.
      • Hardcoded spawns are now random, this means that for example in Parish 2 start saferoom you might have a cuttable melee instead of a Frying Pan.

    • Weapon Adjustments:
      • Reload Speed:
        • Uzi: 1.74 (Acemod: 1.75 - Vanilla: 2.23)
        • Silenced Uzi: 1.85 (Acemod: 1.8 - Vanilla: 2.23)
      • Spread:
        • Uzi: Moving 1.95 / Still 0.22 (Acemod: 1.65 / 0.20 - Vanilla: 3.00 / 0.69)
        • Silenced Uzi: Moving 2.45 / Still 0.30 (Acemod: 1.75 / 0.26 - Vanilla: 3.00 / 0.85)
      • Damage:
        • Uzi: 21 (Acemod & Vanilla: 20)
        • Shotgun Bonus Damage Range: 50 (Acemod: 75 - Vanilla: 100)
      • Damage Drop-off:
        • Uzi: 0.81 (Acemod & Vanilla: 0.83)
        • Silenced Uzi: 0.79 (Acemod & Vanilla: 0.83)
      • Ammo:
        • Uzi & Silenced Uzi: 50/650 (Acemod: 50/800)

    As we've noticed in Acemod V4, the Uzis were completely taking over and shredding everything.
    In the first release of ZoneMod, I want to test out these middle grounds, whilst trying to making the regular Uzi more attractive.
    The damage-drop off changes will result into the Uzi having a noticable advantage at long-range damage while the silenced uzi will remain dominant in close to medium range damage, as well as SI taking far less damage from medium to long range.
    Resetting the ammo back to Vanilla values for Uzis should have an noticable effect on spray and praying.

    • Updated AutoPause so that it no longers pauses during Ready-up and Round Ends.
    • Removed !spawns functionality while the Game is Live.
    • Survivors no longer switch to Pills automatically when they're being passed pills through M2.
    • Survivors can choose whether or not to use the "Vanilla" behaviour when picking up Secondary Weapons when they have something else equipped.
    • You can use !secondary to toggle the behaviour.
      • Vanilla behaviour: Switch instantly to picked up Secondary Weapon.
      • Modified behaviour: Add the item to the inventory, but don't switch to it.

    • Cleaned up the Chat by blocking useless prints caused by cvar, clients used by Players, etc.
    • Consistency Checker is loaded by the Config by default, it'll actually use the whitelist.
    • Added !voteboss, this will allow players to vote for Boss Spawns if needed.
      • Very useful when playing Home/Away in Tournaments!
      • Usage: !voteboss tank witch

    • Added !slots, this will allow players to vote for the Maximum amount of slots on the Server during the game.
      • Again, very useful when playing Tournaments.
      • Usage: !slots <number>

    • Players are now able to register themselves as Casters.
      • This makes it a lot easier to get Casts setup without the need of an Admin.
      • As a side effect Ready-up will no longer wait for Casters.

    • Added !cfg
      • This allows players to see the current status of the config, in-game (Changelog)

    • Combined Usage of l4d2_playstats with survivor_mvp.
      • The original didn't work as it should and was a giant wall of code, which made me simply combine the two plugins to get the best out of them.
      • Fully colorized, Rank prints, console info.. Functional!

    Config Download

    xxAcemod V4

    August 16, 2016, 06:01:52 am by Visor
    Views: 14130 | Comments: 96

    Acemod V4

    The game's on borrowed time people. Let's make it count.


    Exploits blocked
    • Fast melee exploit is now blocked
      Damn, this one was a real bitch! Suck on that Dec.
    • Fast dual pistol shooting exploit is now blocked
      Better find a melee.
    • Blocked an exploit which allowed survivors to revive a teammate while falling to prevent taking damage
      Admittedly it looked impressive, but someone's gotta ruin the party.
    Bugs fixed
    • Fixed various double-getups
      Nobody likes double get-ups. And why would they?
    • Fixed a bug where punching a player who was jockeyed would not give them a getup
      Annoying, or used to be... Until now.
    • Fixed a long-standing memory leak in the Spectator HUD
      Oh, gotta love dem memory leaks, especially in the low-ass Sourcemod environment.
    • Fixed a long-standing boss percentages issue in the Spectator HUD
      This caused boss percentages to not be displayed for the second half of the map.
    • Fixed a long-standing Antibaiter countdown panel stuck bug
      No more stuck antibait timer when a Tank spawns!
    • Fixed a bug in Hybrid Scoring that would cause excessive loss of Damage Bonus after a ledge hang
      A terrible exploit, caused by CanadaRox's legacy. CanadaRox, if you can read this... You screwed up. But I got this.
    Balance adjustments
    • SMG spread increase when moving reduced from 3x to 1.65 and 1.75 (uzi / silenced)
      Coupled with the faster reload speed, turns SMGs into the new monsters, finally being able to rival shotguns.
    • SMG spread increase per shot reduced from .32 / .40 to .20 / .26 (uzi / silenced)
    • Duration of the get-up animation after a Tank punch has been extended by 0.2s
      Hopefully no more free melees will come through.
    • Restored godframes on smoked/jockeyed Survivors against Tank rocks and Hunter damage pounces
      Fair is fair.
    • Charger scratch damage is now statically 8 (was 10 normally and 6 against capped survivors)
      Further increases intuitivity.
    • Removed Smokers from 2v2
      For those who didn't like it.
    • Infected now have a 20 second cooldown on despawning to prevent spamming respawns for health gain. (Only applies to spawned infected)
      No more abuse.
    • Limited multi-pickup melee spawns to single-pickup
      Melee is no ordinary weapon. Make an effort if you want one.
    Map-specific changes
    • Blocked spit damage on Dead Center 1 and Dead Center 4 elevators
      Community-approved balance change, first introduced during the initial stages of the Bleed-Out Tournament.
    • Fixed run-back chair on Dead Center 3 being pass-through
    • Survivors will now take a maximum of 30 fall damage if they are pounced or jockeyed while on the No Mercy 3 sewer ladder
      Because balance is balance.
    • Survivors are no longer able to leave the pre-event area on Parish 2 after the event has been started
      Includes the road under the bridge where you can get ammo and guns and a little bit of that aisle that connects this area with the park. No more Russians running back to the saferoom on cupmatches!
    • The CEDA trailer back-door will now automatically open(and remain that way) after starting the event on Parish 2
      That trailer ain't gonna be your safe haven anymore lads. Time to return to your mom's basement!
    • Finite events will now report on their progress
      Now you won't be able to complain about oversized hordes!
    • Survivor bonus will now be displayed realtime on the Spectator HUD
      Your spectator dream has finally come true!
    • Updated Stripper to Promod 5.0.3 version, but without Dark Carnival 3 saferoom changes
      Because we don't want to make this Tank too easy, do we?
    • Spawns out of saferoom can now be checked manually by all players by typing !spawns (sm_spawns). They will still be automatically printed to the survivors on round start
      Well, I guess some might find this helpful.
    • Survivor bots will no longer try to drop your melee weapon upon taking control
      Gotta admit, that's a swell bonus.


    Acemod V4 (Independent Release) -- no other configs required. Can be installed on a clean L4D2 server.
    Acemod V4 (Upgrade Release) -- can be thrown on top of EQ3 or previous versions of Acemod. Use this version to preserve custom plugins in your server.

    Source code

    Sources for all plugins used by Acemod can be found in the official L4D2 Competitive Framework github repo.
    Source code for the Left 4 Downtown 2 extension used by Acemod can be found in its official repo.
    Source code for the Ladder Rambos extension(the one that allows Survivors to shoot on ladders) used by Acemod can be found in its official repo.
    Source code for the Bulldozer Chargers extension(the one that fixes Charger chestbumps) used by Acemod can be found in its official repo.


    Version:            V4 - "Community Ain't Dead Yet Edition"
    Developer:          Visor

    Uses plugins from EQ3 and Promod. Credit for related features goes to their respective authors.

    xxAcemod V3

    April 14, 2016, 01:35:44 pm by Visor
    Views: 10597 | Comments: 58

    Acemod V3
    The Democracy Edition
    (minus hib)

    This is it, guys. Witness the ultimate balance in the game's dying agony.


    • After careful consideration, it has been decided to slightly nerf Chrome shotguns
      Quite a lot of feedback on shotguns since EQ3. Time to shut them up.
      The difference between Acemod's and Promod's Chrome shotgun is now only half of its original value.
    • Decreased reload times for both SMG weapons
      You heardread that right silly!
      Original reload time is ~2.23s(for both). New values are 1.75s for Uzi and 1.8s for Silenced SMG.
      From my own experience(and I personally prefer playing shotgun in all configs), playing Silenced SMG has never been more enjoyable. This seemingly minor change has made a whole world of difference.
    • Increased SMG ammo by 150
      To further convince you that SMGs are now officially back in business, the new ammo figures are now 50/800.
    • Nerfed melee damage against Tanks by 20%
      Scales with the Tank's health. So for 4v4 it's 300->240, for 2v2 it's 150->120 etc. Now it takes 25 hits instead of 20 to kill a Tank.
      A very demanded change. Requests were coming in both publicly and privately.
    • Removed Tank fist recharge speed modifier
      Since this functionality has been superceded by the change mentioned above.
    • Removed all uncommon commons
      Replaced with normal commons, to be more precise. No more annoying cops and clowns.
    • Removed "Riot Cops Headshots" plugin
      As a result of the above change.
    • Fixed hittable cars dealing 6 damage instead of 24 on the Parish finale, on some servers
      Not much to comment on this one without getting personal.
    • Fixed an issue with the Charger Chestbump Fix extension
    • The CEDA trailer backdoor on Parish 2 will no longer be locked after the event is started
      Even though most of the feedback regarding this map was subjective player experience, it made me notice one real issue about the event on this map. Unlike other maps, this one had artifically limited the Survivors' strategic options, mainly -- the choice of falling back and taking the horde there.
      Well, not anymore.
    • Other map changes
      Reduced Swamp Fever 1 map distance from 600 to 500 points
      Reduced Hard Rain 5 map distance from 600 to 400 points
      Reduced No Mercy 3 map distance from 700 to 600 points
      Reduced Dead Air 4 map distance from 600 to 500 points
      Increased Dead Center 1 map distance from 300 to 400 points
      Removed event horde limit on No Mercy 2
      Removed event horde limit on Dead Air 4
      Removed event horde limit on Swamp Fever 2
      Removed event horde limit on Swamp Fever 3
      Increased event horde limit on Dead Center 2 from 150 to 180
      Increased event horde limit on Death Toll 4 from 120 to 180
      Removed an old Tank region spawn ban on Dark Carnival 2 since it was rendered redundant by the ability to shoot from ladders
      Added a 55-100% Tank spawn ban on No Mercy 5


    Acemod V3 - EQ3-dependant release : You need to have EQ3 installed for Acemod to work -- MAKE SURE you install EQ3 first, Acemod second!
    You can find the download links for EQ3 in this thread.

    Source code

    Sources for all plugins used by Acemod can be found in the official L4D2 Competitive Framework github repo.
    Source code for the Left 4 Downtown 2 extension used by Acemod can be found in its official repo.
    Source code for the Ladder Rambos extension(the one that allows Survivors to shoot on ladders) used by Acemod can be found in its official repo.
    Source code for the Bulldozer Chargers extension(the one that fixes Charger chestbumps) used by Acemod will soon be found in its official repo.


    Version:            V3 - The End
    Developer:          Visor   
    Ideas:              Visor, Dragon
    Plugins:            Visor, Jahze, Sir, CanadaRox, ProdigySim, Tabun, Vintik, Blade, CircleSquared, Jacob, Grego, Griffin 
    Stripper:           Tabun, NF, EsToOpi, Jacob, Blade, CircleSquared

    Pages: [1]

    * Poll of the Now

    • What playoffs map are you most excited about?
    • Dot No Mercy
    • 3 (8%)
    • Dot Death Toll
    • 3 (8%)
    • Dot Undead Zone
    • 8 (22%)
    • Dot Detour Ahead
    • 3 (8%)
    • Dot Arena of the Dead 2
    • 2 (5%)
    • Dot Hard Rain: Downpour
    • 4 (11%)
    • Dot Dead Before Dawn
    • 6 (17%)
    • Dot Diescraper Redux
    • 6 (17%)
    • Total Members Voted: 35
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