Author Topic: Promod, [e]Freak and Upcoming Tournament  (Read 16324 times)

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Re: Promod, [e]Freak and Upcoming Tournament
« on: January 08, 2018, 07:41:40 pm »
Previously there was only 1 NA server group which was Hot Mess.  Now there are eFreak servers and Sir servers.  If we ban a cheater that player can easily play on Sir servers until or if Sir bans them.

For the record, even though Hot Mess ended up being the primary group at the end, that wasn't the case during most of the time Hot Mess existed.  In NA, Hot Mess shared the load with MANY other groups.  Only at the end did most of the other groups shut down for various reasons.  And internationally, Hot Mess was far from the only group, so players had plenty of server options. 

Dealing with players being banned on some servers and not on others is just simply part of this community, and there is no solution to it.  You can do your best to partner with other server owners, but this community will never reach a state where there is universal consensus on who should be banned, and in my opinion, that's okay because it's almost always subjective.

So, if you concede that withholding a feature or config is not realistically going to magically result in preventing players from playing on other servers, then truthfully the only rationale for doing so is for competition - in hopes that everyone will choose your group instead of others. If that's the goal, then I suppose you are making the right decision (for you) toward that goal.

However, for Hot Mess, that was never the goal.  From day one, the goal was always to do the right thing for the community, and provide a solid, fair option for players to choose to play.  It's true that during the years that Hot Mess existed, many partnerships were formed, and it often resulted in working together toward the betterment of the community, but there was never a point where we went out of our way to actively prevent players from choosing another group or server. If you provide a well-run place to play, then you shouldn't have to resort to petty tactics like withholding configs or excluding players.

I've been involved in this community almost since the beginning, when I helped build LTD, and from the very start, the community was built on sharing of knowledge and technology.  Folks like visor and psim and sir and jacob and countless others spent an absurd amount of their free time to create the plugins and configs that this community is built on.  And even though there has been some dissension in things like sharing source code and such, there has rarely been a time when plugins, configs, and information weren't readily shared with anyone who is willing to invest the time to make use of them.

Of course, some servers have different or better features than others, and that's expected, but the idea of literally withholding an entire config just to maintain a "corner on the market" seems completely absurd to me in this community. I'm actually ashamed of everyone who has participated in making that decision, because I think it completely contradicts the spirit of what this community is all about. 

Running a server group is an incredibly large investment of time, money, and stress, and there literally is NO payoff, financial or otherwise. In my opinion, the ONLY logical reason for even doing it is to give back to the community that we have all shared together, and to help bring a little order to the chaos so that we can continue to enjoy this game.  Making decisions in an effort to proactively control where people are allowed to play or not play, at least for me, is a slap in the face to all the people who have worked so hard over the years to selflessly do the right thing.

I truly mean no offense to anyone who worked on it (especially jacob, who I hold in very high regard), but realistically Promod Elite is just another config.  There is nothing magical or groundbreaking about it, and it will come and go like other configs. It's fun and exciting now, but it's not going to somehow transform the community. My issue is not specifically that this particular config is so special that this gift to mankind simply MUST be shared with the community, but more that I hate to see a dangerous precedent being set. After working so hard for this community for so many years, it would truly sadden me to see the community heading down a path that leads to dissension and exclusion, instead of trying to bring people together.

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