Author Topic: Promod, [e]Freak and Upcoming Tournament  (Read 16301 times)

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Re: Promod, [e]Freak and Upcoming Tournament
« on: January 07, 2018, 05:31:30 am »
Hi all, how are you doing?

Howdy thurr!

Both Zonemod 1.8 and ProMod Elite are exclusive to their steam group servers.

The difference being that Zonemod has been public all this time, it's simply in a safe "test environment" as it's receiving its final touches.
It is in my opinion that a config that aims for "main" competitive play should not be limited to a single Server Group.
Especially not if it's going to be used for bigger Tournaments.

I am going to make an assumption and say that Sir turned on his servers because of eFreak banning Danne.
That is quite an assumption to make there my friend, I mean.. Danne's a good pal, but I wouldn't invest money in a bunch of Servers just so he has a place to call home. Heck, screw that man.
As far as I know, Danne wasn't even banned when I started up my Servers again.
Besides, everyone knows I'm an on/off switch, flickerin' lights, all that jazz.

An ex-eFreak admin by the name of BCK and someone else(I don't remember) were watching Danne play.  They recorded a video and reviewed it frame by frame and believed that his crosshair at different moments was autolocking onto commons.  They made a decision and banned Danne.

I think the problem with this is that the video was never shared AFAIK, multiple requests were made to share said footage, but it never was.

I then removed BCK and Jay from staff for being unprofessional and other internal reasons.

The same admin that banned my good old pal Danne? :-X
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