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Re: Lerp Guide v2.3.4c
« on: August 19, 2012, 12:33:39 pm »
In CS:S you can't use 0 lerp, the minimum is based on cl_interp_ratio 1.
1 / 66 = 0.015151 ~ 15.1ms

And it's right, because no matter the tickrate, if your interp is following that formula above, you won't see commons stutter, while if it's lower than ratio 1 you will. (of course you have to test this with default nb_update_frequency)

Well until PSim wrote the lerp tracker plugin using ratio <1 would cause issues.  In CSS you are shooting hitscan weapons at lag compensated targets (moving players).  In L4D2 you have to react based on non-lagcompensated events (player collisions) so being able to see a closer representation to live is much more important.  In CSS there is just no desire for a lerp that low because it doesn't really help the game in any significant way.  In L4D2 having a lower lerp can be a significant advantage so obviously people are interested in lower lerps.

And back to what I said before, if nb_update_frequency causes issues at non-default values, restore it to the default.  Then if players still want to use low interps that cause jumpy CI it is their own choice.  In Quake 3 you could have your FOV set to almost any value.  Setting FOV 160 was a setting you were free to set which would increase the amount you can see hugely, but you would have to deal with very high image distortion and middle that felt zoomed out.  Similarly if people want to use low interps that cause jumping CI, they get the advantage of easier deadstops but have to deal with jumping CI.  Their choice of low lerp has no affect on you and doesn't cause any issues with the lag compensation or hit registry on your end, so they should be free to set it as low as they want.  Similarly, their choice of high lerp DOES have an effect on you and causes unintuitive hit registration when you are the target so they are not allowed to use lerps that have been deemed "too high".

Your argument that it is right because common stutter is weak.  People should be free to deal with stuttering CI if they want since it doesn't have any impact on you.  We don't limit any other settings because setting it too high or low makes their game play subjectively worse so why should we prevent a low lerp if all it does is make their game subjectively worse?
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