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Re: Lerp Guide v2.3.4c
« on: August 18, 2012, 02:04:09 pm »
Ping always mattered on online fps games, you can't just ignore that fact by letting people use incorrect network settings. How do you explain that in CS and CS:S people have to use the same lerp? And we're talking about a game that relies much more on hitreg than L4D/2.

Seems to me this problems comes from L4D. The competitive scene had no idea what lerp was, so everyone got used to use it at 0 like they're adjusting their crosshair color and now just the suggestion that it should be limited to ratio 1 (like every other valve game) is almost an insult. But I guess this is just one of the problems that will always remain, since people are too biased on their own interests to change to what's right.

CS1.6 uses very different lag compensation than the Source engine so anything in CS1.6 doesn't really mean anything here.  And I did a quick search in the ESEA CSS rules and they didn't have anything about forcing everyone to use the same lerp.

So here is how I explain it:
CS1.6 doesn't uses client side extrapolation do deal with lag compensation so changing the value could change how people move and your ability to shoot them so a single value is forced to keep the playing field even.
CSS doesn't enforce a specific lerp because changing the value doesn't actually change the way hits register and it doesn't directly improve your ability to get shots that would have otherwise been impossible, it just changes the time offset for your game state.

I don't get how changing the minimum ratio to 1 is "what's right".  If nb_update_whatever actually causes problems it should be removed.  People played with ratio 0 and choppy CI for a long time before anyone used nb_update_penis and if they want the advantage of easier deadstops they also have to deal with the disadvantage of jumpy CI.
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