Author Topic: 6/16/17 - 6/18/17 Zonemod v 1.5 Brackets and Match Information  (Read 102510 times)

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hey everyone! had a good feeling about this week and i'm thrilled to say brackets are out.

The map pool will consist of the following:

- Dark Carnival
- Death Toll
- Detour Ahead
- Hard Rain
- Dead Center
- Diescraper Redeux
- The Parish
- Hard Rain: Downpour

Download Links for Customs HERE

This is the same map pool that will be used for eFPS. So while the customs are there no one is forcing you to play them, but it might be a good idea. Going to be more strict with the scheduling this week. All matches should be scheduled before Friday and posted here. If you think i'm strict with scheduling then wait till some of you guys get a taste of fig. The idea is to get every possible match streamed even at once. Players currently banned from the Hot Mess Community (excluding minor temporary infractions such as ragequitting) will not be eligible to play. Any questions please feel free to
add myself.

Glhf everyone
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