Author Topic: eFPS Round 2 Double Header: Phronesis vs Qualified ; 420 vs Helix  (Read 1718 times)

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Hello everyone. I'd like to announce a few upcoming casts we've prepared for you this weekend. INFESTED SOUL and the gang are back at it. This time they travel all the way to Korea to play Team Qualified and spread the wrath of the Grizzly Bear. Immediately after we will be going live in our second match: Lupe and Sidewaysbox lead team 420 against Trice and Helix.

Team Phronesis: Grizz, INFESTED SOUL, Pedro, jay, Zzesto, Acer
Team Qualified: werry, trori, m4smash, dhelkay,, Nion

Map: Death Toll
Day: Friday July 7th Time: 5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern
Casters: TBD
Streamer: Puppy

Team 420: Lupe, Joel (SiDEWAYSBOX), Leki, Qiniim, Sam, Mao
Team Helix: Trice, Lust, Renn, MK, Purely, Reflector

Map: Death Toll
Day: Friday July 7th Time: 7 pm pacific / 10 pm eastern
Casters: Infested Soul & TBD
Streamer: jay

Stream Links:
Puppy Cast Link (Game 1)
 Jay (game 2) Cast Link and Game 1 ph Warroom
Don't panic if the match doesn't start on time. Sometimes it takes a while for people to join the servers. Grab some refreshments. Get a drink. This one is going to be good folks!
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