Author Topic: eFPS Round 2 Double Header: Bravo Sad Toxic Last Day  (Read 930 times)


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eFPS Round 2 Double Header: Bravo Sad Toxic Last Day
« on: July 08, 2017, 09:08:06 am »

Hello everyone. I'd like to apologize for the unexpected delay that caused our 2nd match to not happen yesterday. Today we will be bringing you the latest adventures of Bravo and the evil dr. Kakkerich. Manzano, the host of the previous SND Tournament leads team Last Day in this international brawl. Later tonight, Infested and Koala bring you the second match of our double header, Sadboys vs Toxic. With all 4 teams 0-1 these are both essentially elimination games. Tune in folks!

Team Bravo: Bravo, Remix, Asian, Sam, Purple, Yams
Team Last Day: Sanchez, Manzano, others

Time: Saturday July 8th: 12 pm pacific / 3 pm eastern
Casters: Sam & World of Noise
Streamer: jay
2 Games

Team Sadboys: PoochieFox, Hydro, Nevermore, Nagi, Dr. Sheep, Archer
Team Toxic: Nib, Leon, Discreet, brittany, Cyx

Time: Saturday @ 6 pm Pacific / 9 PM Eastern
Casters: Infested Soul and Koala
Streamer: Infested Soul
1 Game

Game 1 Stream

Game 2 Stream

Don't panic if the match doesn't start on time. Sometimes it takes a while for people to join the servers. Grab some refreshments. Get a drink. This one is going to be good folks!
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