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Re: Equilibrium 2.0
« on: October 12, 2013, 04:57:39 am »
1. I'm curious about all these plugins that you've included that overwrite what I already have. Can you please give a changelog for each one?

2. Also, you've included a lot of promod vscripts. What have you changed in them and what effect are they going to have in promod?

3. Third, based on the last release of jahze's static shotgun spread, it completely broke during readyup. Do you have an unreleased fixed version here?

4. Lastly, what is different about this left4downtown that you've included?

Edit: So the same thing is happening on my server as people are saying is happening on theirs; it's completely broken. Guess I'll be putting my backup on and removing eq until you can get all of this sorted out.

1. botpopstop.sp- is meant to block bots from eating pills instead of tricking them by removing them. However this wasn't my "fix" and it proved it out to be broken. I will restore the original version next week, in the meantime you can do it manually.
l4d2_si_ffblock.sp - added a cvar to control witch FF among SI, doesn't break anything PM related
l4d2_spec_stays_spec.sp - removed redundant chat prints
l4d2_unsilent_jockey.sp - some adjustments by Sir
l4d2_weapon_attributes.sp - includes unlocked shotgun pellet parameters
l4d_tank_control.sp - substitutes put at the back of the tank lottery queue

2. Estoopi pointed out that the Customogl in EQ repo was outdated, so I just copy-pasted everything from the PM repo. I haven't changed anything in vscripts, they're there just for consistency.

3. No, we've encountered different issues during testing, so we scrapped static shotgun spread entirely from 2.0. It will eventually come back, but not during this cup.

4. As Sir described. Plus I'm going to make another commit today, which will include a detailed readme + a more reliable hunter block function, global melee unlocker(no addons for that needed anymore) and a surprise functionality that's been gone since the last major update in July. It will make streamers' HUDs slightly prettier, just as they were before the update.

Two things I've noticed about EQ so far:

- Scoring seems... weird. Sometimes teams will get bonuses for wiping? Is this intentional?
- Witches don't spawn on every map. In fact, they rarely spawn at all, maybe once in a 5 map campaign.

Not sure if the servers I played on installed it wrong or what.

1. It's not. You're probably running a beta version. Try using the scoremod plugin from the archive I poseted. Or even better, the entire archive, because it won't break anything for other configs.

2. That's actually intentional. We posted that as a feature, yes, but in the end I have decided to leave that up to the server admins. Firstly because there are too many variations of the boss percent atm(mine, raechers, canada's etc) and I can't vouch for either of them but mine and thus I'm unable to adapt the config to all of them.

Second, we were actually considering dropping witches entirely for EQ2.1 or at least limiting them back to how they were before the universal trend of forcing them everywhere took over(at the time I still believed fixing them would be "worth the weight"). Maybe on tick 30 their behaviour is still acceptable but with the universally accepted tick 60 in EU/RU, their AI looks like it's relying on a random number generator. Random entities should not belong to comp configs.
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