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Equilibrium 2.0
« on: October 07, 2013, 06:44:07 pm »
I'll be using this thread to post weekly additions to the config as the cup progresses. Make sure to check in regularly.


Current version: 2.0 @ 18.11.2013
Intercompatibility: fully compatible with ProMod 3.3.3/3.4
Supported platforms: Linux

Modes included
EQ 2.0 4v4
EQ Retro 2.0 4v4

Playoffs Fresh Installation Package (7z)
Upgrade to Playoffs from Week 2 Package (7z)
Github repo >>


  • Scoremod updated; the damage bonus fraction of the overall bonus now depends on the number of living Survivors(DB/team_size). It still acts as DB though, meaning that there's no distribution of bonus fractions per survivor(like HB). Continued targeted attacks against a single Survivor will still be able to deplete the entire DB Survivors have on their account.
  • Added the Boss Percentage Equalizer. Players must type !cup in chat to commence the respective vote. Static spawns are downloaded from a remote resource.
    Note: Web-based interface for managing the database is not yet done. It will be released separately.
  • Boss Percent plugin updated with necessary functions to support on-the-fly adjustments of boss spawns, rendered possible by the Boss Percentage Equalizer.


Added EQ Retro 2.0 config. Similar changes as in EQ 2.0, but with a few exceptions:
  • New scoring system unique to EQ
  • Tank slowdown on the ground and in water
  • No hunter deadstops
  • No additional pills on the map
  • 8/128 for shotgun ammo/capacity
  • 50/480 for smg ammo/capacity
  • All shotgun spawns forced to pumpshotgun
  • All smg spawns forced to uzi
  • No deagles or melee weapons
  • No scout

General EQ changes:
  • Left4Downtown2 updated with new stuff (v0.5.7). Details on my git.
  • Brought back the manageable Addons Disabler. Casters can stream with HUDs once again. Added the corresponding plugin into the config (L4DT2 v0.5.7 is a dependency)
  • Removed hunter deadstops once and for all (L4DT2 v0.5.7 is a dependency)
  • Updated the Scoremod. Now it shows HB/DB separately. Plus added a new command: !mapinfo
  • Restored the old Bot Pop Stop. The new one was causing issues.

  • New hybrid scoring system unique to EQ
    How it works:
    Map Distance multiplied by 2 constitutes Total Bonus for a Map
    Health Bonus: Total Survivor Permanent Health in the amount of 400 HP which constitutes and corresponds to 75% of Total Bonus. This bonus acts as the oldschool health bonus. The more you lose, the less bonus you have; and until you've lost it all, you still have Health Bonus on your account.
    Damage Bonus: The remaining 25% of the Total Bonus is reserved for the damage bonus, calculated from the Temporary Health lost to Special Infected. The amount is static and set at 133 HP. Once the Survivors have lost more than 133 Temporary HP damage to the SI, they are no longer eligible for the Damage Bonus fraction of their Total Bonus.
    Worth noting is that the bleeding and healing items preservation effects are leveled to the minimum possible extent. Bleeding out of temporary HP will not cause you to lose bonus; taking SI damage will. Conserving pills will not grant you any bonus whatsoever, so don't hold on to them.
  • Scout nerfed (increased recoil, damage is 125 per bullet for SI and tank, 8/80 clip size and ammo capacity)
  • Survivors drop their secondary weapons to the ground after they die
  • SMG limit of 2 for Survivors
  • Deagle limit of 2 for Survivors
  • Melee weapon limit of 3 for Survivors
  • Deadstops disabled against airborne hunters
  • Uncommon Common infected remain (riot cops can be killed with headshots)
  • Tank slowdown in water (but no slowdown on the ground)
  • Tank arm auto-aim removed
  • Tank players can select rock-throwing animations
  • 800-distance finales have 2 tanks (removed intro tanks)
  • Substitutes placed at the back of the tank lottery queue
  • Bots will no longer be deprived of pills upon the player's disconnect/crash/spec etc. Instead, they will be blocked from using them.
  • Upon the Tank's spawn, any Spitters in ghost mode will be presented with the option to swap for a different SI class. This can be achieved by pressing the Reload button.
  • Tanks getting damaged with melee weapons will have their screen flicker red.
  • Cases of unintentional Survivor friendly-fire are reduced as much as possible.
  • Initial SI spawn classes will be vocalized to the Survivors on each round start via bacteria sounds. This aims to further balance the game by letting the first team know what to expect of the first attack.
  • Charger "friendly" staggers removed. This will prevent failed Charger's wall hits from stumbling any surrounding SI and/or ruining their caps.
  • Witch on every map.
  • Witches will no longer be taking damage from other SI.

For those who feel they need to refresh their memory regarding Bacteria sounds, this video is a quick bit of homework:

Left 4 Dead 2 bacterias
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