Author Topic: Wallkicks/backjumps in 4v4  (Read 15177 times)

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Re: Wallkicks/backjumps in 4v4
« on: January 08, 2014, 09:42:43 am »
I believe silent hunter wallkicks should be removed from 4v4 configs. I feel that, now the risk of being unfairly deadstopped has been eliminated, there is really no situation where a hunter wallkick is necessary. A survivor can now only rely on their skeet instead of their m2 so hunters should only have to rely on their normal pouncing technique instead of their wallkick.  As others have stated, if m2 has been removed, wallkicking should be removed as well.

This sounds more like an argument for removing them from configs which block deadstops rather than all 4v4 configs. Bear in mind that only a few configs currently attempt to block deadstops and none of them are able to 100% block them.

I still see wallkicking as having a place in the game for those times where you need to get into action without waiting the 2 second crouch time. For example: the c2m3 coaster event, you can have your hunter at the top by the flagpole and instead of crouching and making it brutally obvious where you are, you can wallkick off the little thing of bricks to start your attack.

When you get to a point in the game where it comes down to every little minute detail deciding a win or a loss, what separates the boys from the men so to speak is the knowledge and ability to know when, where, and how to pull off extra techniques. To help accentuate this point let me bring up attacks like c5m1's death charges for example. Surely a charger on a rail who's feet barely touch your head should suck your body up and be carried off into the water, right? How about the one that doesn't even require a smoker where the charger actually climbs UP the banister which is taller than his waist to carry a survivor in the water. If you don't know EXACTLY where to line that charge up at, you will not land it. These advanced moves and techniques I feel definitely have a place in the game when you're at the point that everybody knows all the standard attacks and all the norms. You have to deviate a bit, you have to mix it up, and there are times where being able to simply wallkick to initiate your attack is something that can make the difference between landing a 3-cap and having everything get cleared instantly.

I really want to reiterate that wallkicking in 1v1's, as in the quick kicks as a survivor is coming around a corner is cheap as hell and has absolutely no place. In 4v4's they absolutely serve a purpose and have a meaningful function. Maintain stealth for as long as possible. It's also incredibly useful to be able to recover quickly and escape up the side of a wall by kicking right away instead of standing there crouching for 2 seconds.

edit: also I nominate KiLLaToY for topgunfogl president 2014
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