Author Topic: Wallkicks/backjumps in 4v4  (Read 15495 times)

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Re: Wallkicks/backjumps in 4v4
« on: January 08, 2014, 09:08:24 am »
So what is the real problem here. The fact that the hunters are silent or that wall kicking happens too fast  and is more difficult to react too? If the hunter did make a noise, would that make it easier for a survivor to stop a wall kick? Would that split second matter? Or is being able to cap a target quickly the problem?

I didn't realize wall kicks were this big of a problem. Never was in L4D1. How often to people even wall kick anyways? I understand in a 1v1 I guess, even though 1v1's are fucking retarded, but who the hell wall kicks all the time in 4v4? Not many people even go for DP's with hunters.

Wat do guis wat do?

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