Author Topic: Wallkicks/backjumps in 4v4  (Read 15195 times)

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Re: Wallkicks/backjumps in 4v4
« on: December 31, 2013, 02:27:02 pm »
Here is a post I have saved that seems applicable here:

Just because something is a glitch or bug doesn't mean it is bad for the game. A few examples:

Quake has a bug that allows players to speed up indefitely by jumping (similar to bhoping but much easier to do and much you gain speed much faster).  It added a huge amount of depth to how the game was actually played which is [IMO] a huge contributor to what made the Quake series so successful.

Street Fighter II had a bug that would let players chain moves together without letting the opponent recover.  The devs knew the bug existed but they didn't think anyone would actually get good enough to actually be able to exploit the bug.  Probably no surprise to anyone here, but plenty of people were good enough.  Now the idea of a fighting game that doesn't allow chaining moves together (aka combos) is a joke to anyone that plays fighting games.

Starcraft 1 carries had a bug that allowed you to keep the interceptors out when moving the carrier, and switch targets when the carrier is outside the normal attack range.  These were a big part of what made carriers useful, and created a huge difference between different tiers of players.  SC2 doesn't have that "bug" and now carriers are pretty much a big joke (at the time the original version of this post was written, SC2 may have changed since).

Or here is a real good one.  Space invaders.  When they were making it they realized that the game was too demanding for any current hardware (those high-res graphics!).  But what they noticed was as you killed more enemies, the game would speed up because there was less stuff to draw on screen and calculate movement/collisions/etc for.  So as you killed the bad guys, the baddies would speed up.  Turned out it was super fun because the game actually got harder as you got farther into it.  If the devs had not accidentally caused this bug with their ultra-high end graphics who knows how video games would actually play today.

So just because something is a bug doesn't mean it is something that it is bad for the game, and definitely doesn't mean it needs to be fixed.  Jump rocks are something that takes some skill, if the tank screws it up it can turn out extremely bad, and it isn't something that just happens by mistake, the tank actually has to intend to do it.  It doesn't take anything away from the game and it just adds a bit more depth to tank play.
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