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L4D1+2 Tickrate Enabler 1.3
« on: June 25, 2012, 03:02:28 am »
tickrate_enabler 1.3 by ProdigySim

  • Enables the "-tickrate" switch to be used from the command line to set the game's tickrate.
  • Patches Boomer Vomit behavior to fix an issue where vomit range scaled inversely with tickrate.
  • Removes global upper-limits on the max client data rate (was 30000), and removes the (30k) limits on rate control cvars:
    • sv_maxrate
    • sv_minrate
    • net_splitpacket_maxrate


1. Place tickrate_enabler.dll (Windows) or (Linux) in your server's addons folder.
2. Place tickrate_enabler.vdf (L4D2) or tickrate_enabler_l4d1.vdf (L4D1) in your server's addons folder.
3. Add "-tickrate <desired_tickrate>" to your server's launch parameters. e.g. -tickrate 100
4. Make sure the following convar settings are properly set in server.cfg or otherwise:

    sv_maxupdaterate 100
    sv_maxcmdrate 100
    fps_max 150 // higher than 100 recommended, as ticks calculated seems to dip otherwise.
   sv_maxrate 0 // 0 = unlimited, but you can also set this manually. Default is 30k for 30tick, use math.
   // Setting higher sv_minrate can be used to force users to use higher data rates.
   Note that fps_max and sv_maxrate are hidden variables on most scenarios.

5. Done. Enjoy 100 tick L4D2 gameplay.

Changelog / TODO

    Fixed L4D1 CVomit::UpdateAbility linux offsets.
1.2: thanks to vintik
   Fixed maxrate patching on Windows (L4D1+2)
   Added an extra maxrate patch on Linux that probably does nothing.
    Patches 2 hard coded max rate limits
    Removes CVar Max on sv_max/minrate, net_splitpacket_maxrate
    Some code reorganization
    Patches boomer vomit to behave properly on modified high tickrates
    Code cleaner perhaps
    -tickrate only pseudo-release

   Investigate other bugs
   Remove 30K rate limit from HLTV clients.

Binaries (L4D1+2):
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