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Title: Fully Managed 128 Tick L4D2 Servers For Rent
Post by: Visor on May 09, 2015, 04:38:38 pm
Looking to rent a L4D2 server, but can't be bothered with the technical pressure? Let us help you with that.

Where are the servers located?

✔ Paris, France
✔ Frankfurt, Germany
✔ London, United Kingdom
✔ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
✔ Zürich, Switzerland

United States
✔ Atlanta
✔ Chicago
✔ Dallas
✔ Denver
✔ Los-Angeles
✔ New-York

✔ Vancouver
✔ Quebec

Russian Federation
✔ Moscow

What are the prices?

Monthly/per server:
€29.99 for the French location
€34.99 for the German location
$39.99 for any US location
$9.99 for the Russian location

What benefits do I get here?

✔ Hyper-V™ platform
The award winning L4D2 server platform, born with Hyper-V™ and continued with the subsequent project. Experience the unrivalled performance at your maximum disposal.
[VIDEO] NV, worldwide L4D2 champions, despite high pings, won the finals of the Really Big Tournament with a devastating score lead. The match was played on a Hyper-V server, located in Los-Angeles. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC1Z8cHK7fQ)

✔ Fully managed and optimized server
Forget what it means to have lags, bugs or experience any kind of other issues. We have no competition when it comes to technical competence and ingenuity. And we will take care of everything for you.

✔ Up to date configs
You will NEVER have to worry about outdated configs or other issues. We keep all the configs updated to the latest versions at all times.

✔ NEW! Optimized 128 Tick
Get the maximum smoothness and hitreg out of your L4D2 experience!
We do provide any other Tickrate up to 128 on customer's desire.

✔ 32 Slots
We don't leave anyone behind. ANYONE. EVER. Be it a mix/pug, a pcw/scrim or a cupmatch -- there's enough slots to fit everyone.

✔ Super-low ping
Premium traffic for the world! Our servers provide ideal ping to players from respective regions and beyond. They are also one of the best choices for international matches!

✔ * Best DDoS protection in Europe
We guarantee full moneyback if your server EVER goes down due to a DDoS attack. Our service is protected with 4 presence point filters in France, each at 120 Gbps. At a whooping total of 480 Gbps of AntiDDoS protection, your server is literally invulnerable!
* Applies only to the Paris location

✔ Complete power and customisation with no technical requirements
You are able to fully control your server from within, as well as through RCON. You don't have to use FTP or bother with technical difficulties -- let us handle it. To provide your friend with an admin panel, all you have to do is type !addadmin YourFriendsName in game chat. It's THAT simple!

✔ You are the supreme force on your playground
You decide who uses your server and who doesn't. You are not required to justify your bans to ANYONE!

✔ Your personal Sourcebans
We provide you with your own, dedicated Sourcebans page -- free of charge. All you have to do is just ask for it!

✔ The config of your dreams can become true
Always had an idea for a config in your mind, but couldn't implement it due to lack of technical knowledge? Screw that! We will create it for you, for a very democratic price. This will be your EXCLUSIVE config, available only on YOUR server. You will have full rights over it!

Where can I demo some?
Deathrow (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/8N) servers are powered by our platform.
IPs can be found here (
Please note that NONE of the servers on the offer are hosted on the same dedicated machine as the Deathrow servers.

All looks good, except for the prices/locations. I am a bulk buyer and I'm interested in value.
If you are interested in owning a fully-fledged competitive L4D2 hub with multiple servers, or if you want to host your servers in a custom location, or both -- just PM me or add me on Steam. We are very flexible and we're willing to discuss and support special needs.

I'd like to order one / I have a question.
PM me or add me on Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Marauder_Shields/).
Title: Re: Fully Managed Competitive/ProMod L4D2 Servers For Rent
Post by: Visor on May 23, 2015, 02:55:26 pm

  Now you can get your own Mumble server at 200 slots, as a free addition when you order a server in any location!

Title: Re: [HOLIDAY DEAL] Fully Managed Competitive L4D2 Servers For Rent
Post by: Visor on January 03, 2016, 06:25:52 am
During the holiday season(until 31st of January 2016), special HUGE discounts are applied to servers in ALL locations.

As an active community member, now you have the opportunity to own servers that provide the best possible competitive L4D2 experience in the world.

I feel the need to remind you that there are multiple upcoming competitive L4D2 events, including but not limited to:

If you are planning to participate in any or all of them, be sure to secure yourself from the all-time high instability in public server setups. With our servers, you won't have to worry about any lags or bugs.

Gear is not just your PC and the peripherals attached to it. The server you play on is as important as your FPS and mouse! And we just happen to be the Alienware[1] of competitive L4D2 servers.

Promo prices are:

€29.99 €19.99 for the French location
€39.99 €24.99 for the German location
$39.99 $24.99 for any US location
$19.99 $11.99 for the Russian location

With any additional servers purchased in the same location, you get EVEN HIGHER discounts!

And don't forget that you can pay for as many months up ahead as you desire, thus bringing the savings up to a whole new level!

Hurry up, the deal is limited in time!

[1] Alienware is a registered trademark of Alienware Corporation.
Title: Re: Fully Managed 128 Tick L4D2 Servers For Rent
Post by: Visor on May 07, 2016, 11:24:30 am
Now on stable and fully working tickrate 128 at no additional cost. All network data rate settings such as cl_cmdrate, cl_updaterate and rate are functioning as expected and without drops.