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Re: Compfogl?
« Reply #15 on: August 11, 2014, 03:06:14 pm »
+1 Re: m2 teleporting. Of course this can be removed. It was added by confogl! The only reason it's still there is because, well, it always was.

Setting m2 to teleport me to the survivors is one of the biggest practical jokes ever played on the l4d2 community by config developers. :)


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Re: Compfogl?
« Reply #16 on: August 11, 2014, 03:45:39 pm »
- Why haven't witches been removed?
- Why haven't more trees been added?
- Why can't special infected wear hats?
- Why isn't there an ability to sprint?
- Why can't I look down my iron sights?
- Why hasn't capture the flag been implemented yet?
- Why is there tank slow down?
- Why hasn't 5v5 been added?

please respond.

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Re: Compfogl?
« Reply #17 on: August 11, 2014, 07:31:57 pm »
I say this because if this turns into some DLR type thing, I honestly don't know what my next move will be. 

1v1 DLR banana chargers only

but more seriously.

Australia is very different from everywhere else because we play a big variety of configs, with EQ being the most popular.

 I think the scout is great how it is, there are a few tanks where things you can do in promod as tank you will struggle to do with a EQ tank, Dark Carni 1 hotel rock tank comes to mind, however most tanks just push straight in after getting LOSed or get pushed back into the pool in promod anyway.

however you are starting on a promod base, I don't know if the scout would be a great idea and I agree with fig, I actually really like how promod devs are trying to bring the config closer to vanilla. I would actually like to see a mollie added back in, the nerf being that nothing can catch fire, it just takes fire damage while in the fire, so you can use it kill a tank trying to get out on its 400HP, force the tank to move out of a particular area or use it to shut down a common spawn.

if anyone still wants that old school feeling configs, EQ is still there, I don't really understand why NA players are so against it.


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Re: Compfogl?
« Reply #18 on: August 12, 2014, 04:06:26 am »
I've always planned to make every effort to keep this config as organized as possible. For the distribution packages and etc, I agree 100% and that can and will all be done but first I want to make sure that if I put a lot of effort into this people will actually play it.

Whilst I admire the effort, you have to brace yourself with the fact that the community in general is both resistant to change and lazy when it comes to experimental configs. I'd recommend setting up a steam group specifically designed for announcing anything new with Compfogl and generating a solid and consistent bunch of folks who will reliably turn up for any test or pug.

As far as "needless things like propane bile etc" I'm split on that decision, because I am all for the concept that LESS is not better. Things were originally taken out because there weren't viable ways to balance them. As is, this config has an M16 that is a mid-ground between the SMG and the SUZI. The Mac-10 still being the best "machine gun" The main argument I hear against it once people realize that it's not an actual M16 and it is balanced to be on par with the SMGs is that it's "pointless" but variety is something this game lacks. Of course it's really difficult to make guns different without one being objectively better, but I still feel as though the variety is something this game could use.

If you feel you've got something going with the M16, then keep it. One of the more important features about configs imho is that they maintain at least one thing that is unique and that no other config can lay claim to.

I don't like the idea of the natural hordes at all, and as they are in 4.0.1 I agree that it's completely broken. It may not be a lost cause but it's not high on my priority list. Hittable weight is already back to what it was originally. And the updates to 4.0.1 that are objectively good (IE blocking inaccessable pill spawns) are added as well. But before I can focus on an organized dev cycle, releases, and proper distribution, I need to find a level of balance that is found to be acceptable within both the upper-tier tournament king teams, and the mid-tier pug-all-dayers. It's only me, three team-mates and a few newer lower tier people that hang in my mumble to do immediate testing, and then it's off to pugging. I feel like both are valid chances to test, but I also need to see how utterly top-tier play would work on such a config to truly know how acceptable everything is. I don't want any hand-holding, and I don't want the pug community to feel as though it's inaccessable.

Well this is perhaps the biggest dilemma you will face: you want to create something that appeals to everyone of all levels in a comp community where unanimous accord is the impossible dream. People have different ideals and concepts in their minds of what comp L4D2 'should' be and you're essentially basing all your development, testing and results on the reactions of people who ultimately want a final product that ever so slightly strays from your original vision or from the personalised visions of other testers. You can see that in this very thread when a list of changes were proposed and another person posted a variation of mixed responses. You can see it where people prefer EQ or Pro Mod more than the other based on their differences. That's why I recommend following your own vision first and foremost and then ask for feedback only on the things you feel uncertain about because no matter what you do, not everyone is going to feel satisfied and that's a simple fact that you don't want to waste time paining yourself over.

Once I can observe a balanced level of play for both mid and high, I would also like to make a much more "newbie friendly" version for L2L IF ITS DESIRED.

Unless the majority of L2L really wants this, I would recommend against doing this in all honesty for a number of reasons, one being that at some point, those players will eventually have to delve deep and play the thing that everyone else plays. I believe Killatoy once touched upon this topic long ago by saying something along the lines of "they all have to be thrown into the deep end anyway" and as Zen once said to me on mumble that one of the reasons the newer and lesser experienced players are in L2L because "they want to play exactly what the pros are playing" and I can say the same: when I started 4 years ago, I was bored of vanilla pubs and wanted to play Confogl. The transition from vanilla to comp configs is huge for a new player of course, but their growth and development stems from changing the way they think about the game, perhaps more so than learning merely how to play without an abundance of extra goodies because they'd have to adapt to a new way of thinking regardless of whether or not there are medkits and t2s on the menu.

Also, this was attempted long ago with Confogl Lite and although its purpose was with good intentions, heatlh bonus combined with medkits was about as questionable and abrasive as Battle rubbing his penis against a cheese grater. Not saying that you would do something like this (or that Battle would go to such an extreme, knowing that he already goes to others) but when players embark on their venture into comp for the first time, their growth and success depends on how they are psychologically shaped and primed towards the game and you don't need to water down a config to achieve that.

I could do all this for myself and have a bit of fun, but I feel my time would be more valuable spent working with the community on what they want and need. And it's not going to work out through simple forum polls and posts. A day must be set for reputable players and/or prior devs to meet and discuss IF people are open to adopting this config. And that doesn't mean once it's released we never speak of it again, it means before any future release is made public it must once again go through the same cycle of basic testing. Pug testing. Then observation and discussion between devs and reputable players, if we ever hope to have the organization, professionalism, gameplay, and balance that we all seem to be at a loss for.

You've got the right level of enthusiasm to see this through, I think all you need to do is create a designated group and never give up.


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Re: Compfogl?
« Reply #19 on: August 12, 2014, 03:49:50 pm »
My idea for a L2L config involved much less watering down and much more "LOOK AT THE GODFRAMES THEY'RE RED" esque features.

Otherwise yeah I already have my designated testing groups. And more unique features in the works.
This game would be perfect if only we removed everything from it and installed CS instead.


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