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Re: cfg
« Reply #150 on: December 18, 2016, 11:54:44 pm »
The knife is not due to the config. Tell shitty server owners to stop forcing it to spawn through plugins and overriding configs for their own personal enjoyment.

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Re: cfg
« Reply #151 on: December 19, 2016, 12:45:17 am »
18-LASTLY (for now, unless I update this).. figure out a new health bonus system. Promod Health Bonus sucks because like people said, it allows you to sponge damage on 1 person. Acemod health bonus is okay, but sometimes it's hard to track what the fuck survivors are at) we need a fucking chat to tell us how many incaps a player has taken

!shealth or !sinfo (whatever you want to call it)
Nick/Bill: 1 incap(s)
Rochelle/Zoey: 2 incap(s)
Ellis/Francis: 0 incap(s)
Coach/Louis: 0 incaps(s)

In hybrid bonus they either have perm health, or they don't. Incaps don't matter at all.

Unless you want to know who is BW.
Keeping track of that is part of the game and was more important in classic health scoring.

The real issue with hybrid it frequently goes to 0 with teams that still finish the map.


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Re: cfg
« Reply #152 on: December 19, 2016, 03:04:31 am »
In hybrid bonus they either have perm health, or they don't. Incaps don't matter at all.

Unless you want to know who is BW.
Keeping track of that is part of the game and was more important in classic health scoring.

The real issue with hybrid it frequently goes to 0 with teams that still finish the map.

Yeah, but health bonus is still the majority of the health. 60ish % or so. Then you have damage bonus at 35% and pills at a 5%. (I'm not sure the exact values but I'm using this to represent how dumb it can be). Aside from that, the same concept of sponging a person still applies here, the only difference is that the person taking the damage gets penalized more.

@NF, yeah I know and I get it, it's not the config, its the server's configuration settings that enable the knife, I'm just stating that it's unneccesary and it's overpowered. All melee weapons, except for the tonfa have the same speed by default, then you have a knife, that in comparison with a baseball bat or fireaxe, is "about" 3-5x quicker (again, I'm not xbye and I'm not going to go to the extent of making a video neither).

Im pretty tired of reading arguments like this. For what reason does acemod tank have to stay in compared to promod? You just say well you have to do this compared to this but give 0 reason why, same with shade.

Maybe you think it's the 5 or 10MS or whatever it is, maybe you think its because of the guns. But for fucks sake boys, If you make an argument you have to say why, didn't we learn this in middle school essay writing? You guys are giving the buns of the essay with no meat. I don't agree that 10MS makes the difference in staying in or getting out, slowdown was way more likely to fuck you trying to get out than the 10MS would IMO.

I was getting to that, but I didn't have enough time since I actually have a life, Dusty. But continuing from what I said before.

1) Acemod (with no slowdown, and SUPER uzis)
- Since tank is at similar speed as survivors, when it tries to exit, survivors can spam m1 on the tank from almost any given range since the distance drop damage is ridiculously high for this gun. Aside from that, when the tank is trying to escape, "for a recommit", a person who has an uzi (with the current fast reload), can empty a clip and get half of the second clip onto him as well.

2) Promod
Same situation, I'm not saying promod is better but yeah. If a survivor is shooting a tank, the tank has to deal with slowdown as it is escaping (which can get annoying) but at the same time, as soon as that survivor stops shooting at the tank he can escape. Also, remember, slowndown doesn't stack, however the timing of the slowdown is dependent on the timing of survivors shooting the tank. You can either a) shoot him all at the same time and deal max damage, or b) shoot him 1 at a time, and maximize the slowdown time on it. Also, I'm pretty sure there isn't slowdown when

*Simply put, alot of people don't realize that when you make a change to "fix" or balance something, it has effects on other things.
Giving Uzi quicker reload in order to keep in par with the shotgun, makes tank play a lot more static. "JUST GO TO AN OPEN AREA AND SPAM THE TANK, DONT WORRY GUYS WE HAVE UZI, SPAM THE SI TOO!!"... having an uzi with little drop off damage is ridiculous especially in open maps. I think in Acemod V5, there isn't really a reason to take shotgun unless you're crowning a witch. The optimal gun to take is Uzi, since you can clear teammates from a mile away, plus since you have less spread, you can run shoot people who are smoked (smoker tongues) without having to stop to aim. Not only that, but if you're dealing with SI from a good distance from the tank, you can still shoot it from far away and deal a shit load of damage due to low drop off damage.

Fix would be: (for acemod)
- Have UZI/SMG drop off damage lowered to mid-range from current long-range values
- removal of quick uzi reload

1. I don't think slowdown is needed at all, but even if there was, I'm not sure if it's something that can be toggled just on/off or if you can have a middle ground.

I'm sure there's cvar/defined variable that says how much slowdown a gun does. Just change the value from to half (ex: 0.01 to 0.005) and test it.   easy... -__-

2. This is almost exactly what I said would be a near fair fix to the uzi.
if uzi is underpowered as people say it is (like how danne says, in comparison to shotgun when talking about Acemod mechanics), maybe instead of giving it quicker reload, and more accuracy while running, just buff it a bit damage wise, so getting rid of the reducing the drop off damage too. (Give uzi less ammo as well, too much ammo = more uzi spamming). There's a reason why there is ammo piles on the maps, as well as other guns.

3. I think this is also fair, another downside to running uzi is that you are vulnerable to wallkicks.
Yeah, definitely put thought into this as well. Survivors shouldn't be running and gunning into rooms. IT would be interesting if we readded bacteria sounds, in order to know what to expect. haha lol kinda joking but cool throwback idea

6. I don't think there was any change to the speed tank loses rage, I think just the time in which tank doesnt lose rage in acemod was higher, But I may be wrong on this, and if I am show me some values.
Well, I'll put it to you this way Dusty, since the tank is "slower" in acemod (it technically has less rage), tank speed in promod is alot quicker (without being shotdown with slowdown).

7. I agree that dualies/magnum could use tweaking, as it is melee is almost always the superior choice, and dualies or magnum are the fun/there wasn't a melee to grab option.
It's hard to say what to do with this. Maybe add more accuracy to dualies, or damage? Any ideas would be appreciated for this.

8. I'm happy with water slowdown removal, it really just made maps feel like, oh well we can't go in water or we autowipe, or shutdown everything near perfect.
I'm not saying we should have complete water slowdown as previous configs, but there definitely should be some minor slowdown. Teams in the past had no problem dealing with tanks in water, aside that tanks before weren't able to curve rock before.

9. I'm happy with the props that are currently in, If you had suggestions for other areas to add props too, I wouldn't be against it.
Yeah, and by this I mean, super open areas.

10. I dislike witches all together, They are way too buggy and random. Sometimes they bug out on nothing, sometimes they will smack you from out of even crowning distance. I think nerfing her damage was a good move in the right direction. Maybe just remove the knockback and you take 48 damage or something along these lines if the smack is really what displeases people.
She also takes forever to kill someone, when she punches someone at a distance in comparison to getting hit once. Witch is stupid in general and yeah it's buggy and dumb. I kinda like it because it changes the pace of the game.

13. I'm happy with current spitter values, It's basically a no skill free damage SI. 99% of the time. You land a cap, you get like 2-12 damage based on how fast they get cleared, or stuck in spit.


14. What would this achieve? Making it harder for survivors to make maps? I believe it's good for survivors to make maps, or do you feel its not punishing enough to get someone bleeding? I'd need some insight to why anyone would want this change.
I'll get back to you on this, k.

18. You want us to find a new scoring system because counting to two is troublesome? I mean, when survivors get up being black and white, the person picking up says a voiceline making it clear. I don't think its much of a problem keeping track of AT MOST, 8 incaps. The only gripe I have with acemod scoring is that I've been told that scratching a bleeding survivor aka DB, for say 6 damage, takes away more points than scratching someone with HB for the same amount. I haven't tested this personally, but that seems backwards of how it should be, at least in my eyes.
In a way, I like damage bonus only since it promotes no one taking "free" damage, but then again, you dont get rewarded for perm hp.

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Re: cfg
« Reply #153 on: December 19, 2016, 03:35:01 am »
Make tank base speed same as survivors (promod base speed) and enable slowdown that is capped at acemod tank speed xDDDDDDDDDDD


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Re: cfg
« Reply #154 on: December 19, 2016, 08:51:50 am »
2-Get rid of the reload buff on the uzi, keep the uzi spread buff on, remove drop down damage from uzi from far distance.
I think that the only problem about the uzi in Acemod (survivor>infected.config) is that it deals too much damage on long distance, so the config doesn't reward properly the infected team catching off guard some survivors that splitted from the team. For example smokers are a joke in this mod.
With no tank slowdown faster reload is really needed. But still the spread should be nerfed cause you should choose between helping a mate and shooting tank, not clearing the whole map from any distance.

3-Allow hunters to get m2'd while on the ground, no m2s on hunters while in the air, and add wallkicks back to hunters.
Hunter can jump anyway, m2 on hunter is unneeded imho
Wallkick is arguable a lot, it's not only a problem of the uzi, it's an easy hunter+spit on shotgun as well in closed areas. Leading to the gangbang (''i land hunter, you spit, then rest attack for chaos/more damage on that pleb''). Wallkick adds some sort of more baiting + paranoia but idk, i don't like it that much. Always felt better hunters with sick sync were played in configs without wallkick.

6-Give tank back promod rage value (I'm not 100% about this but I feel as though the tank is acemod losses rage too quickly)
     6a- allow tanks to play rock tank, and not just a YOLO commit tank feeling
If the smg spread/dmg at longer distance gets nerfed tank will get a legit help in that. Anyway long tanks are boring, one of the main changes of Acemod (props to Visor) was forcing the tank to commit fast.
I mean, there's two controls to make it possible to commit without easy AI for survivors, not to give the tank the possibility to play forever... tank is a steroided guy that wanna kick your ass, not a scared nerd (<-- ok it's a debatable argument).

12-limit gun ammo, instead of making this game really spam oriented, have people go into locations to get ammo. (creates more "choke" points
This is a cool idea, i totally forgot that on promod ammo management was pretty important. I forgot cause lately i just play the whole map with m1 pressed lelele

11. Im fine with a gun limit, 3-1. 2-2. It adds a different type of stratagem to the game, that I personally like.
Forcing 2-2 would be insanely cool in terms of new positioning strats. It's the less OP choice anyway, cause even in Acemod v4 people will get a lot of shotgun in small areas, and even before on promod people would go often 3 uzi in open areas.

By saying my opinion about some little fixes in Acemod i don't mean this:
I'm not saying acemod is bad, just not as good as promod.

thx dear readers


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Re: cfg
« Reply #155 on: December 20, 2016, 03:54:19 pm »
The reason why i want BLEEDING rate to be a bit higher (I'm not saying it should be rediculously high, I'd just like it to be a factor, like right now it's like a 10 count = 1 hp bleed out, would like this to be 7 or 8).

Also, this makes it so teams that are holding out and baiting are penalized with hp loss. (I don't really like the baiting timer, so bleed out would be the alternative). If we are to keep the possibility of Hold-outs like how Visor implemented to Acemod, then we can create a variable that stops bleedout temporarily or have the the bleedout rate slower. Same thing can be implemented for tank.

@Sanchez, long tanks can be boring of course, but it's the survivors job to LOS the tank. This is why, for open areas, you can add props not only to give infected the ability to spawn closer to survivors but also survivors can use it to LOS. It's beneficial to both sides.


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