xxForum back online, for now

January 22, 2016, 11:07:30 am by Visor
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The forum is (temporarily) back online. The downtime might be extended if the attacker continues his actions.

Read further for more information.

Mirroring the message originally posted at Neo Earth 4 Dead

L4DNation is hosted on a dedicated server in France, owned and sponsored by myself and a friend of mine. That server, apart from L4DNation, also hosts a couple of other sites, including the russian Teamspeak L4D3.RU. Without getting into the specifics of the drama that happeed between my friend and sheo aka The Grenis, I will state the real fact that we have now: the forum is now suffering from DDoS. The aforementioned person is responsible for the attack which is targetting the Teamspeak server, but due to the way how certain things work, any sites hosted on the same physical machine also end up getting affected.

This person is the russian equivalent of the South American DDoSer known as Skylar, who used to be a pain in the ass for L4DNation before I stepped up. He is notorious for this kind of behaviour in his home community, and lately beyond it as well.

The site will recover either when this guy gives up, or when I'm able to find an effective solution against HTTP attacks. Until then, L4DNation will remain down, and now you know why and who is to blame for it.

xxEquilibrium 3.0

December 03, 2015, 04:33:01 pm by Visor
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Final Release

This is the final version of the Equilibrium competitive mod. Yes, mod, not config; because EQ3 goes far beyond toggling a few console variables. Read further to understand why.

It's been a long and a fun ride, but everything good comes to an end. EQ3 is my last and final gift to the community of Left 4 Dead 2. I will fix any bugs that are found in this release, but after that, you're on your own. I will no longer create, modify or support any plugins, extensions or projects related to L4D2. As for this forum, I will keep it up for as long as it's not too troublesome for me to do so. But eventually, I shall pass the honour of hosting it to the community as well.

I want to thank everyone who had faith in EQ and believed it to be the better config. I am convinced that your faith has not been in vain, and today it will be rewarded. Without any offence and with all due respect to other competitive configurations/mods, I believe that EQ3 is better than any other config ever released for L4D2. I have never been more proud with any other contribution of mine for this community -- and I do have quite a number of them. I suspect that my business associate and my friend Dragon, who also happens to be the founder of EQ, believes the same.

As a matter of fact, he has a personal message for the community, tied to the release of the final version of Equilibrium.

Quote from: A personal message from Dragon
Equilibrium is a competitive configuration for Left 4 Dead 2 which was initiated as a major revolutionary step after Confogl Fresh. Its intention is to provide competitive yet challenging play, where play-facilitating mechanics which existed in Confogl Fresh (and still exist in Pro Mod) are no longer present. Thus there is a greater requirement to use better input and tactical thought in order to succeed in EQ, reinforcing the viewpoint that teams and players should be tested thoroughly in their skill and teamwork, and made to earn their points and victories in a truly 'competitive' sense.

The survivors are seen as the more powerful side of the two, which is why making the game more challenging for them with the intent of requiring better input, was always seen as a focal point throughout EQ's development. With version 2.1, we believe we hit the limit as far as just how challenging the game can be from the survivors' perspective. But in more recent times, we have noticed that the SI is in need of a challenge too for various reasons. We have even retraced our steps somewhat and made a few changes that Jahze (the original coder of EQ) had envisioned for v1.4 going back 3 years ago. That is why EQ3, while still retaining emphasis on the need for better input and thinking with survivor play, now places those same requirements on SI and Tank play. How have we done this?

SI attacks that are cheap in terms of effort (such as charge-spit combos) no longer have such a heavy impact as they used to; this helps promote greater SI timing and coordination in order to obtain results, while also partially liberating types of maps that were dominated by such attacks. Despite the fact that there is no slowdown to endure, the Tank has been made more challenging to play than ever before in EQ, without greatly compromising a couple of key philosophies at the config's core. AI-controlled infected entities now have far less impact than in the past; this places further control and responsibility in the hands of the SI team, thus making it more competitive. And one of the most prominent features of this latest version: survivors can now fire their guns while on ladders; a pivotal new feature that changes the complexion of ladder chokepoints entirely and is no longer a heavily SI-biased aspect of map control!

EQ3 has brought along these new changes and many more on top of that. The config has had a rich history of introducing innovative new features which have shaped competitive L4D2 as we know it, even Pro Mod has adopted a lot of these features over time which many players today accept as normality. Some code implemented into Pro Mod which is work that Jahze and Visor have produced in the past include:

- Custom scoring for map distances and bonuses
- Tank Lottery (One tank per map for each player, no 2nd passes to other players, extended grace period)
- Boss Percentage Indicators for Tank and Witch
- Consistent car alarms for both teams on the same map
- Survivor M2 kills on capping SI being disabled
- Disabled slowdown on SI
- Changed jockey pounce recharge after hanging a survivor off the ledge (it used to be just 10 seconds recharge long ago!)
- Fixed Deathspit (only 1 puddle; it used to be 2 puddles before that)
- Used hittables only fading away after the Tank has died
- Static Shotgun Spread Plugin
- Equalised Spitter Damage and Acid Duration
- Lowered the Survivor immunity time against fresh spit (technically not part of the godframe system)
- Player becoming the Tank will not have his SI bot killed if he managed to cap someone
- Fixed the bug where Jockey and Charger would sometimes ride/carry the same Survivor at the same time
- L4D2 Drop Secondary plugin
- Undo Survivor Friendly-Fire plugin
- Equalised Boomer Hordes

On what is now the 4th anniversary since EQ 1.0 was officially released, it seems fitting to finally reach the end of the road on what has been a very long journey. Visor and I have decided that this will be the very last update for the Equilibrium config as we have both achieved everything we had set out to accomplish with the project, and also because real life and other obligations beckon us and demand more of our time. I owe a huge thanks to Visor for all the work and research he has poured into the project; the config's activity and resurgence would not have been possible without his contributions over the past few years.

I also would like to make a toast to Battle and Jahze who were there when we initiated all of this together at this very same moment of the year, 4 years ago. Battle has always been a staunch voice of reason both during playtesting and in his vocal support in public channels, and Jahze in particular is an unsung hero whose name would be lost on most of the current and more recent generations of players, but he is the author of an adequate proportion of the changes listed above which would make comp L4D2 even in Pro Mod today, feel a LOT more different without them and most likely for the worse!

And to all those who supported us over the years and understood exactly what we were trying to accomplish, you have our appreciation. Your support and feedback helped shape this project into the finished article that it is now. At long last, we finally have a config that we aimed for; one that encourages players and teams to play at their very best, to push that extra mile in terms of attaining better standards and real performance for BOTH sides of the game. We are confident that this last version will repay you for your faith in us and that it will stage some exciting competitions in the near future!

And yes, there is going to be one final tournament, EQ Cup #4. We stay true to our traditions. Here is the announcement thread.

Without delaying it any further, here it is -- the changelog for the final version of Equilibrium.

  • Redtown's Antibaiter - Natural hordes revamped: they will only kick in as an antibaiting measure against teams that make no significant progress within the map for a certain period of time, whilst the SI are alive(for too long). The algorithm is adaptive and full of failsafes, and is compatible with readyup, pauses, events and Tanks.
  • Water slowdown completely removed for everyone
  • Bunnyhop completely blocked for everyone except Jockey
  • Fixed a bug that would cause hittables to deal more damage than they should
  • SI bots are kicked with a 10 second delay
  • EQ 2v2 now has Smokers
  • Spawn timers are as follows:
    • 4v4 : 16 seconds (unchanged)
    • 3v3 : 12 seconds
    • 2v2 : 10 seconds
    • 1v1 : 1 second
  • Some previously-infinite event hordes are now finite. Event checkpoints(1/4th of total commons spawned) will be announced with a mega horde sound. Values are as follows:
    • [Map] : [Amount of commons that spawn during the main event(outside of Boomer hordes)]
    • Dead Center 2 : 120
    • Dead Center 3 : 150
    • Dark Carnival 2 : 120
    • Dark Carnival 3 : 300
    • Dark Carnival 4 : 150
    • Swamp Fever 2 : 180
    • Swamp Fever 3 : 150
    • Parish 2 : 240
    • The Passing 2 : 150
    • No Mercy 2 : 60
    • Death Toll 4 : 120
    • Dead Air 4 : 120
    • Blood Harvest 3 : 90
    • Blood Harvest 4 : 60
    • Detour Ahead 2 : 120
    • Carried Off 2 : 90
    • Haunted Forest Two 2 : 90
    • Warcelona 2 : 90
    • Warcelona 3 : 90
    • Diescraper Redux 2 : 90
    • Diescraper Redux 3 : 60
    • The Bloody Moors 2 : 60
    • The Bloody Moors 3 : 60
  • Upgraded the scoring system from EQ2 Scoremod to a modified version of Redtown's Scoremod 2. Notable changes include:
    • Brought back and rebalanced pills bonus. Now it scales with map distance, but can't be lower than 5 or greater than 30. Values are:
      • [Map distance] : [Amount of points per unused pill]
      • 300 or less : 5
      • 400 : 10
      • 500 : 15
      • 600 : 20
      • 700 : 25
      • 800 or greater : 30
    • Implemented a special tiebreaker: if both teams make saferoom without casualties, but with no bonus at all, the team that has dealt more SI damage gets a tiebreaker bonus, equal to the amount of points granted for an unused pill on that specific map. The SI damage counter is different from what is shown on the Infected scoreboard; incapped and overkill damage is ignored, Witch and common damage is accounted for
    • Fixed a cosmetical bug with bonus values in round end chat prints

Map balance
  • Altered distances on the following maps:
    • Dead Center 3 : 600
    • Hard Rain 1 : 400
    • Hard Rain 2 : 600
    • Hard Rain 3 : 600
    • Hard Rain 4 : 400
    • Hard Rain 5 : 600
    • The Parish 1 : 300
  • Using Stripper from Promod 4.4.2, with the following adjustments:
    • Removed ladder choke nerfs on all maps
    • Restored native sniper weapon spawns
    • Removed hardcoded Tank spawns on Dead Center 4 and Parish 5
    • Hittables on Parish 5 restored to vanilla mode (24 damage instead of 100)
    • Removed event buff(inability to open the door) on No Mercy 3

  • Implemented static shotgun spread with Redtown values
  • Removed the center pellet from shotgun blast patterns for further competitive standartisation
  • Shotguns now deal a minimum of 1 friendly fire damage and a maximum of 6
  • Increased shotgun ammo from 80 to 96
  • In addition to the Scout, AWP is now featured as well
  • AWP damage is set to 145(180 against the Tank); Scout damage is set to 125(145 against the Tank)
  • Both snipers have a clip size of 10 bullets
  • Both snipers are completely identical in terms of recoil and spread
  • Disabled bodyshot multiplier with the snipers on Hunters. Now only headshots can 1-shot skeet Hunters
  • Unlocked the third SMG

  • Survivors are now able to shoot their guns on ladders. Some facts:
    • Quite realistic animation from a third-person perspective
    • No holster or deployment animation when mounting or exiting a ladder
    • Weapon switching whilst on a ladder is blocked
    • Reloading whilst on a ladder is blocked
    • Using melees whilst on a ladder is blocked
    • Using M2 whilst on a ladder is blocked
    • Pressing M1/M2 whilst near the bottom of the ladder will not cause the Survivor to drop off
    • Weapon recoil and spread whilst on a ladder are adjusted with respect to laws of physics
  • Removed SI anti ladder blocks since the Survivors are now able to shoot from ladders
  • Revamped M2:
    • 5 swings against commons, Boomers and Spitters before cooldown (1/6 penalty)
    • 1 successful M2 against Hunters is worth 4/6 shove penalty (medium cooldown)
    • 1 successful M2 against Jockeys is worth 4/6 shove penalty (medium cooldown)
    • 1 successful M2 against Smokers is worth 3/6 shove penalty (light cooldown)
  • (Left4Downtown v0.6) Completely patched all cases of get-up slides(Promod's fix was buggy/incomplete). See example
  • Survivors can no longer shove other Survivors, which slowed them and shook their screen
  • Survivors are no longer slowed / held in place after being cleared from a Smoker, they can now instantly move at full speed

  • All SI are now immune to any kind of fire
  • SI can break doors with a single scratch
  • Spawned SI now have a 20 second cooldown on despawning to prevent spamming respawns for health gain

  • Smoker deals 1 damage per tick during dragging, with each tick being 0.33s in length (3 damage per second)
  • Smoker deals 1 damage per tick during choking, with each tick being 0.2s in length (5 damage per second)

  • (4v4) Boomer hordes equalized. Max horde size set to 15 commons. Details here

  • Hunter deals 2 damage per tick during lunging, with each tick being 0.2s in length (10 damage per second)
  • Fixed crouching Hunters being unable to pounce after being M2'd
  • Fixed M2 not working on Hunters with a captured victim
  • (4v4) Removed backjump/wallkick block

  • Amount of spit ticks set at 28: initial 4 godframed, remaining 24 damaging
  • Spit deals 2 damage per tick
  • Removed spit godrames after being smoked/jockeyed
  • Spit recharge time reduced from 18 seconds to 16

  • Jockeys can no longer be resisted
  • Reduced M2 angle versus Jockeys from 45(default) to 15
  • Increased Jockey speed from 250(default) to 275
  • Increased Jockey skeet damage from 195 to 215
  • Jockey recharge time after ledge-hanging a Survivor reduced from 15 seconds to 12
  • A Jockey M2'd from below will no longer insta-cap (e.g. ramp on DK3)
  • Jockey deals 1 damage per tick during a ride, with each tick being 0.25s in length (4 damage per second)
  • Fixed a bug where Survivors captured by Jockeys whilst on a ladder would keep slowly sliding down. Now they will instantly drop down and receive fall damage

  • Fixed cases of Survivor M2 affecting charging Chargers in unintended ways
  • Charger wall impacts don't stumble nearby SI or their victims
  • Increased Charger pound damage against incapacitated targets from 15 to 30 dmg

  • Tank's consistent speed has been reduced from 210 to 200
  • Tanks lose frustration when Survivors are inside the saferoom on any map
  • Removed godframes on Tank rocks that land on smoked Survivors
  • Tank rocks will no longer clip through black & white near-death Survivors
  • Tank's spawn will now be announced via chat and audio
  • Fixed Survivor M2 being able to slow down Tanks
  • Each successful melee hit against the Tank resets his fist cooldown period almost instantly
  • Passing control to AI Tank will no longer grant an immediate SI spawn
  • Jumprocks are blocked completely
  • Increased Tank pound damage against incapacitated targets from 24 to 36 dmg
  • The following maps feature no flow Tank and 2 event Tanks:
    • Dead Center 4
  • The following maps feature no flow Tank and a single first-spawn Tank during the main event:
    • Hard Rain 5
    • Parish 5
  • The following maps feature a flow Tank and a single second-spawn Tank during the main event:
    • Dark Carnival 5
    • Swamp Fever 4
    • No Mercy 5
    • Death Toll 5
    • Dead Air 5
    • Blood Harvest 5
  • All maps not listed above follow their default Tank spawning patterns
  • Adjusted Tank spawn percentage limits on the following maps:
    • [Map] : [Percentage range ban]
    • Dark Carnival 2 : 61-64
    • Dark Carnival 3 : Removed
    • Dark Carnival 4 : Removed
    • Parish 2 : 49-52
    • No Mercy 1 : Removed
    • Death Toll 1 : Removed

  • The Witch now deals 48 damage per swing instead of 100
  • Witch is no longer respawned after being killed by a Tank
  • Although the damage dealt is now less, make no mistake: the Witch is angrier than before and might compensate her nerf in unexpected ways


Standalone release : Does not require any other configs installed
Compatible release : Compatible with any other config that you have installed already, such as Promod

Source code

Sources for all plugins used by Equilibrium 3.0 can be found in the official L4D2 Competitive Framework github repo.
Source code for the Left 4 Downtown 2 extension used by Equilibrium 3.0 can be found in its official repo.
Source code for the Ladder Rambos extension(the one that allows Survivors to shoot on ladders) used by Equilibrium 3.0 can be found in its official repo.

Version:            3.0 - Final
Developer:          Visor   
Ideas:              Visor, Dragon
Plugins:            Visor, Jahze, Sir, CanadaRox, ProdigySim, Tabun, Vintik, Stabby, Blade, CircleSquared, Jacob, Grego, Griffin 
Stripper:           Tabun, NF, EsToOpi, Jacob, Blade, Stabby, CircleSquared

xxPro Mod 4.5

December 03, 2015, 07:54:46 am by Jacob
Views: 3086 | Comments: 42

Pro Mod 4.5
Winter is upon us! This update brings a wide range of changes, and will hopefully improve everyone's experience on the config. We did our best to test things out, but with an update this size it is important that you let us know if you find any bugs! We will be closely watching this update and will aim to release a minor update in the following weeks if necessary. Huge props to darkid again for the amazing work he put into this update.

- Witches now deal continuous damage like Hunters and Jockeys. This makes the damage more accurate to her animations.

- Fixed tanks dealing self-damage with hittables.
- Fixed a bug where punching a player who was jockeyed would not give them a getup.
- When a player is rocked and then punched, they will undergo a punch getup animation after the rock animation ends.
- Tank slowdown is now proportional based on weapon and distance: Uzis deal 80% slowdown, shotguns deal 50%. When an uzi deals 1 damage, it provides <1% slowdown to the tank.
- Added red flash when a tank gets melee'd (from EQ)
- Tanks will now lose rage normally while survivors are in any saferoom.
- Tanks no longer go AI after third pass, instead they are set on fire. Current burn time is 30 seconds from max hp. They can not be extinguished.

- Fixed a bug which could cause survivors to drop their gun when being punched by a tank while their melee is equipped.
- Survivors can no longer shove other survivors, which slowed them and shook their screen.
- Survivors are no longer slowed / held in place after being cleared from a smoker, they can now instantly move at full speed.
- Pistol fire rate is now capped: 0.1 seconds for dual pistols, 0.2 seconds for single, and 0.3 while incapped.
- Dual pistols can be autofired by holding mouse1 at 0.3 seconds per shot.
- Made another attempt to fix silent jockeys. If you have any recorded evidence (demo, cast) of this taking place, please tell us!
- Re-added molotovs. They will now work as previously intended. (Will not ignite infected, just deal AOE damage)

Special Infected:
- Blocked audio lines and captions for when a survivor sees a hunter, to prevent sneaky hunters being exposed.
- Infected now have a 20 second cooldown on despawning to prevent spamming respawns for health gain. (Only applies to spawned infected)
- Forced all crouching hunters to emit sound, even if they are not holding crouch.
- The bunny-hopping window as jockey has been extended by .05 seconds.
- You can change from boomer to spitter (and back) while tank is up by right-clicking in ghost mode.
- Special infected no longer deal damage to witches. Scratch away!
- Jockeys will no longer latch onto ladders while riding a survivor. (They will drop normally, rather than sliding slowly down the ladder)

- Snow and Christmas lights are back for a limited time. Another campaign has been lit up this year! Snow can be disabled with !nosnow
- Added AutoPause: Game automatically pauses when a player crashes. If an infected player crashes, their spawn timer is restored upon rejoining.
- Fixed spawn timers being set too low in Reflux.
- Fixed boomer hordes being too large in Reflux.
- Fixed a potential exploit with the death cam skip block.
- Fixed various double-getups.
- After the tank fight, the infected team will now see damage dealt to health bonus, rather than damage dealt to tank. Spectators see both.
- Votes can now be called 40s after map change or once 6 players have loaded.
- Spechud has been updated to include health bonus.
- Spechud now shows ghost infected hp.
- Spechud now writes out the full name of secondary weapons, rather than abbreviating them.
- Who will become tank is now printed to casters on round start.
- Fixed a security issue caused by allowing casters to use cheat commands.
- Spawns out of saferoom can now be checked manually by all players by typing !spawns (sm_spawns). They will still be automatically printed to the survivors on round start.
- Fixed a bug where spectators could !unready and cancel readyup countdown.
- Fixed a bug where spitter limit didn't get reset if tank disconnected, was sm_kicked, or level was changed via changelevel or sm_map.
- Health bonus now correctly handles incapped and ledge-hung survivors.
- Health bonus can no longer be manipulated by passing pills.
- Retro and Reflux now share the Hunters stripper folder. (Reduced package size quite a bit)
- Removed orange traffic cone props (prop_physics only) from all maps due to blocking hittables and having exploit potential.
- Map Distance Rebalancing: All non-finale maps now have between 400 and 600 distance points. In addition, all 5 map campaigns are now equal in value and worth a total of 2800 points (Valve maps only).

Map Changes:
Dark Carnival 2:
- Added an ammo pile near the carousel for late Tank fights
- Blocked Survivors from jumping on the soda machine at the very end of the map
Dark Carnival 3:
- Added some props to reduce available space in the saferoom to discourage players from fighting the Tank there (like in Dark Carnival 4)
- Increased the chances that an outside pre-coaster Tank can spawn by modifying the ban range to begin at 60% rather than 55% (coaster Tanks are still banned)
- Blocked Survivors from jumping across the fence to skip the coaster ramp choke
- Blocked an exploit to jump to the end of the coaster after the one way drop by climbing up wood pieces
Dark Carnival 4:
- Blocked Survivors from getting punched out of bounds under the awning near the bumper cars
- Blocked two stuck spots underneath the event button roof
Dark Carnival 5:
- Re-added two fireworks boxes
- Fixed players getting stuck under the left-side helicopter when it arrives by adding two props to block the stuck spot
Swamp Fever 3:
- Blocked a stuck spot in a small shack
Swamp Fever 4:
- Blocked Survivors from jumping on the fence before the town
- Removed a wooden fence prop near the hittable log
Hard Rain 2 and 3:
- Blocked Survivors from being able to skip the sugarcane field by getting onto the warehouse roof beside it
- Fixed Hard Rain 3 missing some exploit fixes present in map 2
The Parish 2:
- Changed weapon spawn near restrooms to pump shotgun
- Fixed Witches spawning in the end saferoom
- Blocked Survivors from getting on top of the various soda machines, televisions, barricades, and windowsills in the bus station due to no navigation mesh
- Fixed the large sign on the bus station being see-through from behind
- Removed the annoying event alarm sound
No Mercy 3:
- Fixed being unable to open the way-back door after the event
- Survivors will now take a maximum of 30 fall damage if they are pounced or jockeyed while on the sewer ladder.
No Mercy 4:
- Blocked Survivors from climbing on top of the barricades / windows in the break room Tank fighting area

Download: Pro Mod 4.5

Developers: Jacob, NF, Darkid, High Cookie, Manu, Visor (Redtown)
Inactive Developers: epilimic, Stabby, CircleSquared
Main Contributors: Blade, CanadaRox, Estoopi, Jahze, Prodigysim, Sir, Tabun, Vintik

xxPro Mod 4.4.2

October 15, 2015, 01:32:47 pm by Jacob
Views: 3033 | Comments: 39

Pro Mod 4.4.2
Rolling out a quick update for RBT. The main purpose of this update is to fix the issue on Dead Center 3, however I included a few of our fixes from 4.5 just to sweeten up the update a bit. You can expect the 4.5 release in early December. Please be sure to give us any feedback / suggestions here. Our plate is already pretty full for 4.5 but we keep a list of all suggestions, and you may see your idea in a future version of Pro Mod. Also wanted to briefly give a shoutout to another new dev we picked up, Darkid. He's done more work in the couple weeks he has been on the team than I could possibly expect!

- Fixed some unbreakable doors becoming breakable on round start.
- Fixed fire, again. (Molotovs have not been re-added yet)
- Fixed a way that infected were still able to skip their death cams.
- Fixed all survivors being warped when only one attempted to leave saferoom during readyup.
- Fixed !cast. Please ensure that when using sm_add_caster_id (such as in confogl_personalize.cfg), you always use STEAM_1 ids rather than STEAM_0.
- Usage of !cast: If a user has been added as a caster, they can type !cast (sm_cast) to self-register. Admins can type !caster <username> (sm_caster <username>) to explicitly add someone.
- Casters now have access to sv_cheats commands, such as fog_enable, mat_fullbright, or mat_postprocess_enable. Cheat cvars will be reset upon joining a team.

Download: Pro Mod 4.4.2

Developers: Jacob, NF, Darkid, High Cookie, Manu, Visor (Redtown)
Inactive Developers: epilimic, Stabby, CircleSquared
Main Contributors: Blade, CanadaRox, Estoopi, Jahze, Prodigysim, Sir, Tabun, Vintik

xxPro Mod 4.4.1

September 18, 2015, 10:12:40 pm by Jacob
Views: 1419 | Comments: 6

Pro Mod 4.4.1

Anyways you are now safe to update. Expect 4.5 in early December with some big quality of life improvements! I assure you that your jockey experience will be improved on both the infected and survivor side this winter.

- Fixed some instances of survivors dropping their weapons when punched by tank on high tick rate servers.
- Removed molotovs since tanks are still being lit. I will re-add them when I am certain they are working.
- Enabled upgraded weapons in some start saferooms. (c1m4, c2m3, c3m4, c4m2, c5m1, c5m5)
- Lowered boomer horde call per survivor from 18 to 13. Max is still 30 (AKA Boomer Horde scale changed from: 18/30/30/30 to 13/26/30/30)

Download: Pro Mod 4.4.1

Developers : Jacob, NF, Dr Horrible, High Cookie, Manu, epilimic (Inactive), Stabby (Inactive), CircleSquared (Inactive), Visor (Redtown)
Main Contributors: Blade, CanadaRox, Estoopi, Jahze, Prodigysim, Sir, Tabun, Vintik

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