xxPro Mod 4.1

November 13, 2014, 05:34:50 pm by Jacob
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Pro Mod 4.1
A pretty substantial update. As you will see from this update our main goal moving into the future is to improve the config in every way possible. We are not looking to make any crazy balance changes, but rather to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

- Witches no longer follow the same spawning limitations as tanks, allowing for a wider range of possible spawns
- Blocked infected friendly fire against witch, excluding tank
- Witch no longer respawns when killed by tank
- Survivors will now receive points if witch is killed by tank
- Witch bonus will no longer print to chat

- Fixed an exploit which allowed Tank to kill incapacitated survivors with random props that aren't supposed to do damage
- Reduced the possibility of hittables doing more than 1 damage instance per tank hit (This means that it's less likely for a log to roll on you and instantly kill you after only 1 tank hit)
- Infected bots will now be kicked 10 seconds after tank spawns if they are not capping a survivor
- Removed water slowdown change prints
- Added an audio cue for tank spawns
- Added a new print for tank spawns: "Tank is now in play"

- All melee weapon spawns are now single pickup
- You now receive your starting pills when the round goes live, rather than when you leave saferoom
- Shoving a special infected will now increase your fatigue by 1
- Restored hunter shove FOV to 30.
- Added static shotgun spread. Values are based off RedTown. (We will continue to look to improve it)
- Fixed all survivors using coach's grunt noise when using melee weapons

Special Infected:
- Infected ghost hurt is now enabled after the round goes live
- Infected ghost warp rebound from Mouse 2 to Reload
- Despawning a special infected will now give you half of your missing HP back (This does not mean half of your max hp)
- Infected can no longer be lit on fire (They will however still take damage while standing in fire)
- Fixed hunters being able to instantly repounce after being shoved

- Removed triggers that forced players to crouch near vents/holes
- Remade stripper path to better cater to side configs using unique stripper folders
- Pro Mod no longer uses the Entity Remover module from confogl (All functions have been replaced by better options)

Map Changes:
Dark Carnival 1:
- Unlocked the motel rooftop for SI
- Blocked the motel rooftop for Survivors
- Added two paths onto the rooftop
- Added some "no entry" markers for SI, to specify where unremovable rooftop clips still remain
- Removed tree before the hill drop
- Blocked the top of a bush next to the campsite hill drop
Dark Carnival 2:
- Blocked the tops of the five porta potties after you leave the warehouse
- Blocked the tops of the two hedges after you leave the warehouse
- Removed sandbags at the start, replaced with an SI ladder (yellow pole)
- Added a ladder choke nerf similar to Parish 3 in hunters configs
Dark Carnival 3:
- The coaster will no longer collide with or damage players and NPCs
- Blocked an exploit to skip the event
- Removed a Valve invisible wall in the swan room
- Added a second shelf above the first to block a spot that commons cannot path to
- Improved clipping on the sides of the shelves in the swan room
- Blocked an unteleportably stuck spot in the swan room
- Improved clip alignment over the hanging fence in the tunnel
- Added a prop to cover up a broken infected ladder
- Blocked players from entering the vent alt path in hunters configs
Dark Carnival 4:
- You can now charge, jockey, and pull survivors off the lower barn roof sections without getting blocked. Removed plank props as they are no longer necessary
- Blocked Survivors from getting on the tops of the bushes after you leave the barns
- Added props to cover up a broken infected ladder
Dark Carnival 5:
- Blocked Survivors from getting hit onto the 9 metal support beams underneath the stadium roof
- Blocked the tops of the 5 upright soda machines around the usual camping spot
- Improved clipping around a trash bin at the top of the stadium
- Blocked an event camping spots under the open tents in hunters configs
Swamp Fever 3:
- Blocked witch spawns during the event as they were often far from the intended path
- Tank will now lose rage normally while survivors are in the saferoom on Swamp Fever 3
Swamp Fever 4:
- Removed a Valve invisible wall near the upstairs event camping area, giving SI access to a breakable wall
- Fixed custom max distance printing despite the distance being default
Hard Rain 1 and 4:
- Improved clipping on a fence near the 2nd floor one way drop on map 4
- Added a minor prop for detail
- Removed a few of the orange cones around map 1 end saferoom/map 4 opening saferoom
- Blocked the top of the fence for Survivors right outside map 1 end saferoom/map 4 end saferoom
Hard Rain 3:
- Blocked a witch spawn at the top of the elevator which could be killed before the door opened.
The Parish 1:
- Fixed pistol sometimes still falling into the water
- Removed a Valve invisible wall that partially blocked access to the end saferoom rooftop
- Added a prop to allow SI to access the end saferoom rooftop
- Added a prop to get out of an unteleportably stuck spot behind a fence
The Parish 2:
- Removed concrete wall props in the open area after the bus station
- Added a wall opposite the one in front of the restrooms in the park
- Additional tree in the park is now slimmer and harder to use as an LOS/juking spot
- Park will continue to be revamped and tweaked based on feedback
The Parish 3:
- Blocked a high tickrate jump onto a tall green fence before the 2nd story drop
- Fixed Survivors getting caught on an unclipped infected ladder
- Blocked early witch spawns that were prone to glitching out
The Parish 4:
- Blocked an event camping spot underneath the stairs in hunters configs
The Parish 5:
- Added an intro tank that will spawn when survivors hit the radio
- Tank will now lose rage while survivors are in the saferoom on Parish 5
- Removed all of the reduced damage cars from the "tank arena" portion of the bridge
- Added a full damage hittable car to the "tank arena" portion of the bridge
- Increased pill count in tank arena from 2 to 4
- Removed the maze of balance after the bridge
- Removed escape tanks
- Increased map distance to 600
Death Toll 1:
- Added a static ammo pile near the end of the tunnel
Death Toll 2:
- Blocked an event camping spot in the rescue closet in hunters configs
Death Toll 3:
- Blocked a high tickrate shortcut to skip the train choke
Death Toll 4:
- Removed 4 pointless pill spawns at the very end
- Fixed pills spawning in the end saferoom
- Blocked a bunch of god-spot shelves in the warehouse behind the convienience store
Dead Air 3:
- Blocked an event camping spot under the pipes in hunters configs
- Blocked an event camping spot in the rescue closet in hunters configs
Dead Air 4:
- Fixed too many commons spawning during the event in 1v1 configs
- Blocked an event camping spot under some stairs in hunter configs
- You will no longer get pushed by the moving event van
Blood Harvest 3:
- Fixed too many commons spawning during the event in 1v1 configs
Blood Harvest 4:
- Removed a pointless invisible wall after exiting the warehouse
- Removed all props except one near end saferoom
Hard Rain: Downpour:
- Fixed stripper file being named incorrectly
- Fixed multiple Witches sometimes spawning

Side Configs:
- Replaced all pumpshotguns with chromes and smgs with silenced uzis
- Hunters can now pounce and scratch through doors instantly
- Common will now instantly destroy doors
- Gas can pour time reduced from 0.7 to 0.5
- Reflux now uses a modified version of Pro Mod's stripper files, rather than Retro's
- All hunter exclusive configs now share a unique stripper folder
- Pro Mod Redtown is now included in the Pro Mod package

Download: Pro Mod 4.1
Download: EQ Fix

Static shotgun spread will most likely need tweaking, but we wanted to give it a shot. As you can see this was a pretty big update, we put a lot of time and work into testing things to make sure there weren't any issues, but that doesn't mean nothing sneaked past us. If you find any problems please report them in this thread. We are also currently working on a new website and some ways to improve our distribution. Sorry that it wasn't ready in time for this update. Another important note is that this update brings a confoglcompmod update. Most configs already have what they need to handle this change without a problem, but I included a download above to prevent any possible issues with EQ.

Developers : Jacob, NF, epilimic (Inactive), Stabby (Inactive), CircleSquared (Inactive), Visor (Redtown)
Main Contributors: Blade, CanadaRox, Jahze, Prodigysim, Sir, Tabun, Vintik

xxOfficially Announcing the Really Big Winter ProMod Tournament 2015!

November 08, 2014, 03:39:06 pm by Rails
Views: 1248 | Comments: 15


hosted by Rails Barlow and Jacob

Initial Prize Pool: $200

SIGN UP -------->HERE!!

The Basics:

1. The tournament will feature a five-round long group stage, where teams will be divided into groups of 6 and play every other team in their group. The number of teams who sign up for the tournament will determine the number of the groups in the tournament. The top 2 teams from each group shall proceed to a knockout bracket, the number of teams and length of which shall be determined by the total number of participants in the tournament.

2. This tournament is, as RBT1 was, North American Based (however, participants from any and all regions are more than welcome to participate!). This means in the event of international teams playing North American teams, a single server with the most balanced ping for the two teams shall be selected and a single game shall be played, as it was in WatchL4D, AST 2, and in the RBST. If a North American team is involved, then a North American server should be used. EU vs EU uses EU servers, and internal regions of teams playing one another are free to use the servers of their choosing which also provide the most balanced ping.

3. This tournament will use ProMod 4.1 (to be released in approximately 3 weeks).

4. Team Signups will be in THIS thread , in order to keep organization simple. Please designate your team captain, and provide profile links and SteamID information for each player on your roster.

5. Teams have a limit of six players.

6. Team Signups close on Saturday, January 3rd, 2015 at 11:59 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)

7. The tournament goes live on Monday, January 5th, 2015.

8. A round announcement for pairings, scheduling, and result posting (via screenshot) will be supplied for each round, as it was in RBT1.

Quote from: Jacob on May 12, 2014, 08:13:56 pm
I'd like to add that teams should include their team's preferred server location in their sign up post. We will take this into consideration while pairing teams.


The map pool for the tournament is as follows (THIS IS NOT THE SET ORDER OF THE MAPS FOR EACH ROUND, ONLY THE MAPS WHICH WILL BE USED. The full order of maps will be released once the signups are over and we know how many teams will be participating.):

Dead Center, Dark Carnival, Swamp Fever, Hard Rain, The Parish, No Mercy, Death Toll, Hard Rain Downpour

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to post a reply and/or contact Jacob or myself.


REMINDER: Please do NOT post your team rosters on this announcement thread; the registration thread is linked in number four on this post.

xxPro Mod 4.0.4e

October 16, 2014, 08:20:55 pm by Jacob
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Pro Mod 4.0.4e
The smallest update Pro Mod has ever seen. Let's consider it the quiet before the storm. And by storm I mean a bunch of improvements, not the other kind. :D

- Fixed players getting stuck after loading in during a pause.
- Increased Parish 1 map distance to 400.
- Changed version number.

- Blocked an out of map stuck spot on Undead Zone finale.

Download: Pro Mod 4.0.4e

Side Notes:
I will be releasing an updated pause in the future which will track which team you were on before leaving, and place you back on that team after the game is unpaused. Currently you have to rejoin the team yourself. I figured this was an improvement over what we had and deserved being released. Also I plan on updating the website and getting it current in the near future.

Developers : Jacob, NF, epilimic (Inactive), Stabby (Inactive), CircleSquared (Inactive)
Main Contributors: Blade, CanadaRox, Jahze, Prodigysim, Sir, Tabun, Vintik, Visor

xxPro Mod 4.0.4d

October 04, 2014, 02:54:06 pm by Jacob
Views: 704 | Comments: 4

Pro Mod 4.0.4d
Just a bunch of fixes. CCT3 Round 1 matches can be played on either 4.0.4c or 4.0.4d.

- The !current command will now be much more accurate relative to tank spawns.
- Fixed "Fixing Waiting For Finale to Start issue for all infected" printing every round.
- Fixed people getting stuck on invis walls in the tunnel of love. (Dark Carnival 3)
- Fixed spawn timers not being properly set in 1v1 configs.
- Fixed witches spawning in 1v1s.

- Unblocked an early tank spawn on Dark Blood map 2.
- Tank will still lose rage while survivors are in saferoom on Dark Blood Map 2.
- Blocked tank spawning while survivors are underwater on Dark Blood map 2.
- Any tank that spawns after survivors have rode the lift up on Dark Blood map 2 will be spawned near the end saferoom, to give survivors breathing room.
- Re-blocked early tanks on Dark Blood map 3.
- Unblocked event tanks on Dark Blood 3.
- Any tank that spawns after survivors have started the event on Dark Blood map 3 will be spawned at the end saferoom, to give survivors breathing room.
- Made it much easier for tank to get out of a "stuck spot" on Dark Blood finale.
- Removed all fireworks from Arena Of The Dead.
- Removed an unbreakable freezer door from Urban Flight 1.
- Made a few (interior) panes of glass breakable on Diescraper Redux Finale.
- Fixed a tank stuck spot on Undead Zone finale.

Download: Pro Mod 4.0.4d

Developers : Jacob, NF, epilimic (Inactive), Stabby (Inactive), CircleSquared (Inactive)
Main Contributors: Blade, CanadaRox, Jahze, Prodigysim, Sir, Tabun, Vintik, Visor

xxPro Mod 4.0.4c

September 26, 2014, 09:41:20 am by Jacob
Views: 1618 | Comments: 18

Pro Mod 4.0.4c
A whole ton of not much! This is going to be the nature of Pro Mod updates for the foreseeable future. We have hit a state of balance that I am extremely content with, and now I will be focusing solely on side configs and improving existing features. The next project I am working on will clean up a lot of the UI and chat prints that we use, as well as hopefully include an interactive tutorial for new players!

- Fixed gascans spawning on some peoples servers.
- Vote kick ban time reduced from 5 minutes to 1 in all Pro Mod configs.
- You now have 20 seconds to call a vote for a new campaign after finishing a game in all Pro Mod configs. (Previously the rematch vote would prevent this.)
- Added support for a shared plugins file. All Pro Mod configs will read from "sharedplugins.cfg" in your left4dead2/cfg/ folder.
- Improved shadowing on a lot of props.
- Cleaned up stripper files.

Map Changes:
Swamp Fever 2:
- Added a spawn near the usual event camping area
- Reduced props near the shack after event
Swamp Fever 4:
- Improved clipping on fallen log that leads to a rooftop (you will no longer get stuck on it)
- Fixed a stuck spot under the planks that lead to the roof
- Blocked Survivors from getting on some bushes near where you enter the town
- Blocked Survivors from climbing the barrel stack intended for SI
- Removed an unecessary prop in the town
- Blocked Survivors from getting punched onto a tall bush in the plantation backyard
- There will now always be a Chrome Shotgun and Silenced SMG in the mansion
- Added an ammo pile and a propane spawn in the plantation backyard
Hard Rain 1 and 5:
- Removed unbreakable porta potty door
Dark Carnival 3:
- You will no longer get stuck inside swans in the Tunnel of Love
- Blocked a high-tickrate-only shortcut that would let you jump to the second level in the swan room from the ground level (not the generator shortcut)
- Blocked Survivors from getting punched onto a water tank in the swan room
Dark Carnival 4:
- Improved clipping on white fences surrounding saferoom
- Removed unbreakable porta potty doors
- Reduced viability of fighting Tank in the saferoom
- Tank will now lose rage normally while survivors are in the saferoom
- Moustachio horde can no longer be triggered by tank

Side configs:
- Updated all side configs to have the most recent CCT changes.
- Pro Mod 1v1 and 1v1 Hunters no longer have witches. (Deadman still has both witches and tanks.)
- Common limit reduced from 7 to 6 in all 1v1 configs.
- Mega Mob size reduced from 12 to 10 in all 1v1 configs.
- Gascan pour time reduced to 0.7 in all 1v1 configs.
- Deadstop field of view reduced to 15 in all 1v1 configs.
- Fixed Deadman not having proper spawn timers and damage per pounce.
- Reduced Jockey HP in Pro Mod 1v1 to 250.
- Added chargers to Pro Mod 1v1. They have 450 hp, 6 second cooldown on charge, 0 damage on the first scratch, and 5 damage on any scratches after that.

- Survivors can no longer fall out the side of the lift on Arena of the Dead map 3.
- Removed all color correction from Undead Zone.
- Fixed error prop not being properly hidden on Undead Zone 1.
- Removed 2nd event from Undead Zone 1.
- Blocked survivors getting punched over a fence that they couldn't get back from on Undead Zone 2.
- Fixed weird shadowing of a prop on Undead Zone 3.
- Blocked survivors climbing on the metal rail we added for SI on Undead Zone 3.
- Flickering lights on Undead Zone 4 are now constant to improve FPS.
- Blocked instant tank spawn on Undead Zone 4.
- Fixed infected being unable to spawn on 2nd half of Urban Flight Finale.
- Removed an extra pill spawn from Urban Flight Finale.
- Fixed a broken ladder on Urban Flight Finale.
- Unblocked early tanks on Dark Blood map 3.
- Blocked event tanks on Dark Blood map 3.
- Survivors no longer have to climb the ladder of doom on Dark Blood Finale. The gascans have been moved to more reasonable places.
- Fixed infected not being able to spawn behind some bushes on Open Road 2.
- Fixed infected not being able to spawn behind some bushes on Open Road 4.
- Fixed the shadows of some props on Open Road 4.

Download: Pro Mod 4.0.4c

Developers : Jacob, NF, epilimic (Inactive), Stabby (Inactive), CircleSquared (Inactive)
Main Contributors: Blade, CanadaRox, Jahze, Prodigysim, Sir, Tabun, Vintik, Visor

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