xxAnnouncing RBT #3

August 21, 2015, 03:39:28 pm by Rails
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(or Really Bad if you Still Don't Like Us!)

hosted by Rails Barlow, an entire sleeve of fig newtons, and ZerOxShadows. Our official anti-bullshit consultant is ZenDigital.

Sponsored by World 4 Dead!

SIGN UP --------> HERE!!


The Basics:

1. This is a Six Round Swiss Style tournament, which will then proceed to a finals bracket of the top 8 teams to determine the champion (similar to the Really Big Summer ProMod Tournament and the WatchL4D.com Spring ProMod Tournament).

2. This server format for the tournament shall be North American based with server considerations for international teams for the Swiss portion of the tournament; FOR THE ELIMINATION STAGES, HOME AND AWAY SERVERS WILL BE USED FOR INTERNATIONAL MATCHES. Server considerations for international teams for the Swiss portion are defined as such: all games where a European team plays a North American team MUST be played on a New York server. All games where an Asian team plays a North American team must be played on a California server. All games where a South American team plays against a North American team MUST be played on a Dallas server.

3. This tournament will use The Latest Version of Promod with a match by match option for both teams to play Reflux if they so choose. If both teams choose to do so, they can play their match on Reflux instead of ProMod; both teams must agree to play Reflux, if one team still wants to play ProMod then the match MUST be played on ProMod.

4. Team Signups will be in THIS thread, in order to keep organization simple. Please designate your team captain, and provide profile links and SteamID information for each player on your roster.

5. Teams have a limit of six players.

6. Team Signups close on Thursday, September 10th, 2015 at 11:59 PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

7. The tournament goes live on Sunday, September 13th, 2015.

8. A round announcement for pairings, scheduling, and result posting (via screenshot) will be supplied for each round, as it was in Another Swiss Tournament and RBWT.


The map pool for the tournament is as follows:

Qualification Stages:
Round 1: The Parish
Round 2: Dead Air
Round 3: Swamp Fever
Round 4: Hard Rain: Downpour
Round 5: Dead Center
Round 6: Dark Carnival

8-Team Finals Bracket:
Finals 1: Diescraper Redux
Finals 2: The Parish
Finals 3: Hard Rain

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to post a reply and/or contact one of our admins.


REMINDER: Please do NOT post your team rosters on this announcement thread; the registration thread is linked in number four on this post.

xxPro Mod 4.3.1

May 15, 2015, 01:04:12 am by Jacob
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Pro Mod 4.3.1
This was gunna come out next week but since there were some things that really needed to be fixed in Pro Mod and Reflux, I figured it'd be best to release it earlier. Sorry to everyone for the release so soon after the last. It's been a while, I'm rusty! Give a big thanks to NF and Estoopi, all these map changes are their work. You can check out the 4.3 changelog here if you haven't already.

- Fixed some instances where tanks could be lit on fire.
- Fixed a bug where you would pull your melee out slower when switching from your primary weapon.
- Fixed chrome shotgun spread not being properly adjusted to 3.5

- Fixed spitters spawning in Reflux.
- Fixed hunter limit not being set to 2 in Reflux.
- Fixed shotguns not being limited to 3 in Reflux.

Map Changes:
Dead Center 1:
- You will no longer be pushed by the fire on the bottom floor.
- Removed dressers blocking the window deathcharge at the beginning of the map.
- Fixed a prop being nonsolid near the end of the map.
Dark Carnival 2:
- Blocked an out of bounds spot near the warehouse.
- Repositioned hittable forklift at the start to be in a less awkward position.
- Removed 2 green trash cans near forklift.
- Revamped bush props on elevated area near the start. They should now go around the entire perimeter, take up less space, and will no longer block the infected ladders.
- Added a way Special Infected can get onto the building in the corner near the warehouse.
Dark Carnival 3:
- Fixed pill cabinet having more than 2 pills.
- Blocked an exploit where you could stand on a small corner in the one way drop hole to avoid falling down.
- Blocked a stuck spot near the event button building at the end of the map.
- Blocked an exploit to skip the coaster ramp drop choke.
Dark Carnival 4:
- Blocked a stuck spot under an awning on the barn rooftop.
Swamp Fever 1:
- Blocked a stuck spot next to the white tank next to the gas station at the start.
- Blocked Survivors from getting punched onto the above white tank.
Hard Rain 1:
- Fixed Survivors being able to be punched onto the bushes near the end.
- Blocked a god spot on an edge of the Burger Tank sign.
- Made alarm car spawning logic match campaign mode.
Hard Rain 2 & 3:
- Removed Valve clips in the ramp drop building that would prevent you from jumping in certain areas. Replaced with remade clips of the correct sizes.
- Fixed getting stuck between an angled pipe on the ground and a walkway above near the ramp drop. Added a small prop as a visual indicator.
Hard Rain 4:
- Fixed Survivors being able to be punched onto the bushes near the beginning.
- Fixed items sometimes spawni!mng in the map 5 Burger Tank area.
- Removed a prop accidentally left in.
- Made alarm car spawning logic match campaign mode.
Hard Rain 5:
- Blocked a god spot on an edge of the Burger Tank sign.
The Parish 1:
- Blocked a stuck spot on a roof near the alley choke.
- Blocked a stuck spot on a roof near the end saferoom.
- Added a path to a tall awning in the right alley at the start.
- Fixed Survivors getting punched over a wall and out of bounds near the start.
The Parish 2:
- Blocked a stuck spot on a roof near the beginning.
- Removed a melee weapon that could spawn out of bounds near the start.
The Parish 3:
- Fixed a stuck spot next to the bridge semi truck.
- Readded fire on the burning car at the end of the bridge.
- Removed two pill spawns that could spawn very far off the main path in the graveyard.
- Removed pill spawns right next to the end saferoom.
The Parish 4:
- Fixed a plant prop in the event area having ice-like attributes when walking on it.
Death Toll 5:
- Fixed Hunters being unable to pounce in the water.
- Added a rock next to the dock to nerf camping there.
- You will now start with a Chrome Shotgun and Silenced SMG.
Dead Air 3:
- Added some minor detail props on the ramp at the start.
Dead Air 4:
- Removed the second event triggered by walking through the metal detector.
- Added a few props to the final stretch to compensate for difficulty change.
- Removed all doors from the map.
- Removed some annoying trash can debris props.
- Allowed Tank to spawn at any point in the map.
- Blocked a stuck spot in the collapsed ceiling at the start.
Cold Stream 1:
- Removed ash particle effects.
- Removed slowdown on log.
- The bunker door now opens 400% faster.
- Banned Tanks from spawning after the one way drop from the cabin.
Cold Stream 2
- Removed ash particle effects.
- Removed static Tank.
- Tanks can now spawn anywhere in the map.
- Tank will now lose rage in the saferoom.
- Removed the event (shooting the exploding barrels will still trigger a horde).
- Reduced the intensity of the bright sun particle effect at the beginning.
Cold Stream 3:
- Blocked death charges off the ladder choke at the start.
- Tweaked ladder choke in a similar manner to Parish 3.
- Blocked 6 stuck spots in tree clusters at the start.
- Nerfed death charges after the exploding tanker event.
- Banned Tanks spawning after the exploding tanker event until Survivors reach the water below.
- Added a path onto end saferoom roof for SI.
- Added a way out of a stuck spot near the end.
Cold Stream 4:
- Now plays like a normal map:
- Finale horde removed.
- Removed static 4 pills on the boat near the waterfall drop, as they are no longer necessary.
- Removed ash particle effects.
- Added a bush spawn outside the exit to the first building.
- Removed hittable log near the end of the river.
- Nerfed ladder choke leading to helicopter by adding boxes to see above the ladder.
Haunted Forest 1:
- Removed rock cluster in the right path where the path splits.  This was originally added in CCT1, but this will reduce 1 choke point from the map.
Haunted Forest 2:
- Added additional piping near the ladder choke in the beginning of the map.  The ladder is now nerfed comparable to the sewer choke on Parish 3.
- Added wooden boards leading to the mountain top above the broken SI ladder just before the alarm car area.  This should add more spawn capabilities and may lead to interesting rock tanks.  Note: The props added here are not enjoyable to walk on, but they're something.
- Removed all hittables from the map except for the alarm car.
Haunted Forest 3:
- Reduced Map Distance Score from 700 to 600
- A burst of horde no longer spawns with the piano tank
- Promod tank is forced to spawn after the 65% mark as to reward teams who kill the piano tank
Haunted Forest 4:
- No more early Promod tanks will spawn
- All brown shotguns and unsilenced uzis are replaced with chrome shotguns and silenced uzis
- The pile of rocks near the railings that enables deathpulls over the railings has been removed.
Dead Before Dawn 1:
- Survivors no longer spawn in the air in the beginning safe room
- Made many hittables non-hittable.
- Infected can now spawn behind the various hedges in the map
- The crazy driver in the beginning will no longer appear (the guy who hit Xbyes tank with his car)
Dead Before Dawn 2:
- Infected can now scratch through the doors throughout the map (allowing for more diverse tank spawns)
- Infected can now scratch through the delivery truck backdoor near the event.
- Survivors now bypass the crank-scavenge event. All areas that were accessible for the crank-scavenge are still accessible.
Dead Before Dawn 3:
- The gun shop is now accessible without a keycard
- The god room no longer insta-kills infected when they enter it
Dead Before Dawn 4:
- The forklift event no longer runs infinitely
- Infected ghosts no longer fall through the floor on the second floor of the mall near the gun shop
- The red propane tank near the end is already in place and ready to be blown, skipping the propane-scavenge portion of the map.
Dead Before Dawn 5:
- There will now always be an early tank again
- Fixed an issue where the second tank would not spawn
- Added more exploit blockers
Carried Off 2:
- Removed shelf prop in the warehouse that was blocking an infected ladder
Detour Ahead 2:
- Made 3 hittable cars, not hittable in the main road before the event
Detour Ahead 4:
- Significantly nerfed the train ladder choke
Detour Ahead 5:
- Reduced Map Distance from 700 to 600 (Vanilla map distance is 800)

Download: Pro Mod 4.3.1

Developers : Jacob, NF, Dr Horrible, epilimic (Inactive), Stabby (Inactive), CircleSquared (Inactive), Visor (Redtown)
Main Contributors: Blade, CanadaRox, Estoopi, Jahze, Prodigysim, Sir, Tabun, Vintik

xxSky v.2.7.1

May 17, 2015, 12:38:20 am by RedJaneDoe
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What is Sky?

Sky is a competitive configuration for Left 4 Dead 2. Original L4D/L4D2 maps are modified in this config: variable weather conditions across maps(such as Hard Rain), modifications of vanilla events etc. Thus rendering the game more interesting and diverse.


Current version: 2.7.1
Developers: JaneDoe, Electrik, Visor
Ideas: JaneDoe
Plugins: Visor, Vintik, JaneDoe
Sky Stripper: JaneDoe, Electrik
Base plugins: CanadaRox, ProdigySim, Tabun, Vintik, Stabby, Blade, CircleSquared, Jacob, Grego, purpletreefactory, epilimic, Arti, Raecher, Xan, Griffin, SilverShot, Sir
ProMod Stripper: Tabun, NF, EsToOpi, Jacob, Blade, Stabby, CircleSquared
Special Thanks: b9ka, semi, An†ares, iCake, s0b, Sir, nikeOn, Princess Twilight and etc.

* Many thanks to the Confogl team. Tell me if I forgot to include you in the thanks list.


1. Install latest ProMod: ProMod 4.3.1
2. Setup Stripper Source: Stripper 1.2.2 (if not installed)
3. Install Sky: Sky 2.7.1

*Small Fix Static Tank Spawns: Fix Static Tank Spawns (if you download Sky-master.zip before 25.05.2015)

Config Specifics:



Archive (ZIP)

* Config is fully compatible with the latest Promod, EQ etc.

Emperors FragMovie
Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4

*If you have any questions or problems with the cfg, if something is bugged, leave your posts in this thread, we will try to resolve your problem.

xxPro Mod 4.3

May 13, 2015, 01:11:05 am by Jacob
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Pro Mod 4.3
Unfortunately 4.3 didn't end up being the big kahuna we were looking forward to... But I'm glad to say that it is just a minor delay, and not a cancelling of our plans. In a week I will be releasing a stripper only update for CCT, as well as some fixes for vanilla maps.

We will be looking to release the next big update in the next 1-2 months. Many of the features planned for 4.3 were pushed back simply because we want to make sure we aren't putting out anything buggy. The changes coming are HUGE for the future of Pro Mod and yet again change the definition of what is or isn't possible in a config. I look forward to it and I know that many people will be very happy with it when that time comes.

In related news to the future of Pro Mod, I would like to announce that we have taken on a new Co-Dev, Dr Horrible. We have always had a running list of features we wanted to add, and over time it out ran us. With his help we hope to catch up to that list and bring some of the bigger projects that we previously abandoned to you guys. Anyways, onto the changelog...

- Melee weapons will spawn less often, and further apart from each other.
- Chrome shotgun spread increased by 16% (3.0 -> 3.5)
- Added molotovs back (Max 1 per map) *Reminder that infected can not be lit on fire, including tank*
- Molotov burn duration reduced to 5 seconds
- Molotov max spread reduced by 20%
- Lighting a witch on fire will now trigger her normally, but will not do any damage.
- Survivors can no longer get a melee off on tank between punches when cornered.
- Chargers and tanks will no longer be slowed down by m2s.
- Removed charger chestbump plugin.
- Fixed some Pro Mod features not carrying over to Reflux.
- You now bleed out normally, rather than never losing your temp health.
- Fixed quad caps not working.
- Fixed 25 damage pounces not working.

Download: Pro Mod 4.3

Developers : Jacob, NF, Dr Horrible, epilimic (Inactive), Stabby (Inactive), CircleSquared (Inactive), Visor (Redtown)
Main Contributors: Blade, CanadaRox, Estoopi, Jahze, Prodigysim, Sir, Tabun, Vintik

xxLeft 4 Dead 2 Pug League

May 06, 2015, 05:30:52 pm by Jacob
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It is very important that you read the entirety of this post before downloading or attempting to play in the league.

What is this?
L4D2PL is an attempt to bring pug players and more competitive players together under one roof. It has benefits for both. L4D2PL allows players to quickly and easily get games going, without the hassle of struggling to find 8, arguing over who will be captain, or worrying about picking teams. It automates many parts of pugging that many people find annoying. Sick of seeing announcement spam? Me too. With L4D2PL you simply open the client whenever you want to play and when a new game is hosted, the client will tell you. There is also an option to put in your cell number for text notifications if you are a die hard pug star. Sick of people trolling or going afk in your games? Yeah, so is everyone else. The league has built in report functionality, with automated time bans based on how many reports a player receives in a short period of time. What's the upside for people who want to play more competitively than an average pug? The league will track your wins and losses, and has a leaderboard which updates after every game. At the end of the month the top 3 players are awarded prizes, and everyone's rank will be reset. If you don't care about prizes, then this feature won't affect you other than giving you more balanced games. I will get more into detail on these features throughout this post.

What did you say about a client?
Players must download a client, IXDL, in order to play. It is a very popular client in the Dota 2 scene and is used by everyone from new players, to mid level players, to the pros. By using this client we will also be getting more exposure for our scene, as L4D2 and Dota 2 are currently the only games supported by it.

So how does the league work?
Players can host games by using ! followed by the game mode they would like to play. Players can join games by typing !sign or by clicking on a game listed in the "Pending Games" section. There are 4 game modes currently supported: SG, BSG, PD, and CL.
SG can be compared to how euro mixes work, once 8 players have joined teams will be automatically picked and balanced based on ranks.
BSG is the same as SG, except that players can not see who hosted or has joined the game.
PD is comparable to how pugs currently work in the NA scene. More than 8 players can join the game, but once the host starts the game, 2 captains will be chosen automatically based on who has the highest rank. They will then take turns picking their team. Once both teams are chosen the game starts and the left over players are kicked from the lobby.
CL works the same as PD with the difference being that one player will directly challenge another, and those 2 players will be the captains.

How does the ranking work?
Each player starts at 1000 points each month. At the end of a game, the team who wins will gain points and the team who loses will lose points. Players with higher rating will win less points and lose more points. Conversely, players with lower points will lose less points and win more points. Additionally, players can earn points from winning streaks. Players with 3 or more win streaks will gain a percentage of their winnings as a bonus. Opponents will gain bonus rating if they defeat a player who is on a 3 or higher streak.

How do reports work?
Players can report other players in their game for any reason they choose. Each player starts with 5 reports, and gains 0.50 reports per game played. Reports only count once per game, regardless of how many times the player is reported. If a player is excessively reported over the course of his game history, he will receive 4 warns. Warns are our way of punishing players, you can be warned for being truant, game ruining, poor attitude, etc. Warns decrease at a rate of 0.05 warns per game. If you exceed 20 warns, you will be temporarily banned for 12 hours per exceeded warn. You can report players through the game lobby of the client.

Where do I sign up?
You can download the client from IXDL's website. I will put a direct link at the bottom of this post. Like I said though, please read this entire post before downloading. Once you have downloaded the client, simply put in a username and your steamid. Do not attempt to make 2 accounts. Once you are in the client you will see Left 4 Dead 2 listed on the side, simply follow that path until you see L4D2PL and join that channel. You are able to register and join the channel now, however the league will not be officially starting until this Friday at 9 PM EST. Players who attempt to make more than one account will automatically have all of their accounts banned, with no chance of appeal. This is not up to me. It is a rule of the client to prevent smurfing. I can not help you if you fuck this up.

Important Information / Recap:
- The league will begin on Friday at 9 PM EST There are still a couple bugs that need to be worked out before then.
- Do not attempt to make 2 accounts, you will be permanently banned.
- There are many more features planned for the future of this client. For now you will have to pick a server and mumble yourselves once the game starts. In the future we will also be automatically printing a random map for players to play, but for now players can simply vote for what map they want to play in the pre-game lobby of the client. If there is a tie, the lobby host gets to choose the map out of the tied maps.
- By default, all games are to be played on Pro Mod. In the future we will have options to host and play different configs.
- As of now this is only an individual league, in the future we will look into hosting a similar league for teams to play in.
- Again, the league officially beings on Friday at 9 PM EST. Get as many of your friends there as you can.

FAQ: http://ixdl.net/faq.html
Full list of commands: http://ixdl.net/commands.html
Download: http://ixdl.net/downloads/IXDL3/IXDL.zip

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