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xxPro Mod 3.6.1 (The Real One)

April 12, 2014, 09:36:44 PM by Jacob
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Pro Mod 3.6.1

Water slowdown fix, important fixes for Retro, some cool new stuff, and a few small balance tweaks.

Change Log:

Pro Mod
- Reduced witch bonus to 20 points in 4v4 and 3v3 configs.
- Reduced witch bonus to 10 points in 2v2 and 1v1 configs.
- Fixed a couple instances of HRs spawning when they shouldn't.
- Fixed water slowdown being set far too high and increasing after you jump.
- Updated confogl's Water Slowdown module to have a cvar for slowdown factor.
- Hitting a survivor with a hittable will now refill your rage meter.
- It now takes 2 hits to kill a common as infected. (Excluding tank)
- Spit will no longer do random amounts of ticks. Spit will always tick 28 times.
- Reduced Hard Rain 3 max distance to 600.
- Reduced Hard Rain 5 max distance to 600.
- Hunter pouncing shove FOV reduced from 45 to 25. (You must aim your melees better now to deadstop a hunter.)
- Spitter recharge interval reduced from 20 to 18.
- Smoker recharge after tongue break reduced from 20 to 18.
- Jockey recharge post incap increased from 15 to 18.
- Jockey ledge hang recharge time increased from 10 to 12.
- Jockey ride damage reduced to 3.

- Decreased temp health point value substantially.
- It now takes 5 hits to kill a common as infected.
- Fixed mapinfo being wrong, causing bonuses to be absurdly high.
- Lowered spawn timers to 15.
- Nerfed shotgun considerably. (Still better than vanilla pump)
- Increased boss flow blocks up to 15%.
- Hunter pouncing shove FOV reduced from 45 to 15.
- Increased smoker tongue range by 10%.

- Everything from Pro Mod update.
- Removed all extra pills from Reflux.

Download: Pro Mod 3.6.1 - Unzip and copy to your server's /left4dead2/ folder.
Website: l4dpromod.com

Developers : Jacob, NF, epilimic, Stabby, CircleSquared (Inactive)
Customogl  : EsToOpi, Jacob, Sir
Plugins    : CanadaRox, ProdigySim, Blade, Jahze, Jacob, Tabun, Vintik, Stabby, CircleSquared,
             Grego, purpletreefactory, epilimic, Sir, Visor, Arti, Raecher, Xan, Griffin
VScripts   : Jacob, Tabun, CircleSquared
Stripper   : Jacob, Blade, Tabun, Stabby, CircleSquared, Visor, epilimic, NF

xxCompetitive L4D2 Welcomes You!

April 04, 2014, 06:13:37 PM by femputer
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Hello and welcome to L4DNation! We are the competitive L4D2 community ranging from all different skill levels and spanning from all parts of the world. We have communities based in North America, Europe and Asia and we continue to grow each day.

With the recent publicity from Twitch.TV, we want to reach out to those who may be interested in competitive play. There are plenty of resources and groups that help new players learn the competitive rules and game play through mentor programs, casual pugs and discussion boards on the forums.

  • 3yebex's 1 on 1 Advanced Lesson Videos
    Community user '3yebex' creates 1 on 1 videos that help break down different aspects and techniques of L4D2 gameplay.
  • Advanced Versus Techniques
    Basic breakdown of terms used in versus as well as descriptions. Slightly outdated, but still informative.
  • Vanilla Versus Strategy Guide
    Various strategies and tactics used in a versus game. It covers many tips and tricks that can help you become a more effective player in vanilla, which can later be translated to competitive play.
  • Game Knowledge Checklist
    Community user 'restless' creates a checklist that includes a variety of skills that a well rounded player should focus on in order to improve skill level.
  • Health Item Breakdown
    Community user 'restless' creates a guide on how to best use your First Aid Kits, Pain Pills, Adrenaline Shots, Defibrillators, and Special Ammunition. Please note that competitive play does not include all of these items, but it's important to note when to use health items in vanilla play, regardless.
  • Tank/Witch Handling
    Community user 'restless' creates a guide on how to deal with Tanks and Witches.
If you wish to learn more about the community and competitive L4D2, please create an account and join us on the forums!
Post in this thread if you have any questions, comments and concerns and we will direct to whatever resources we can!

xxEquilibrium Cup #3

March 22, 2014, 04:53:54 PM by Dragon
Views: 3145 | Comments: 40

We are proud to announce that EQ Cup #3 is coming soon, an international competition pitting the very best teams around the globe against each other. Team Impossibru from Europe were the champions of the inaugural tournament back in 2012 and only a few months ago, Team nv- from Asia clinched a long and hard-fought victory to become the new reigning champions. Will they return to defend their title, or will there be new winners waiting to clinch their glory?

The deadline for signups will be announced as soon as EQ 2.1 is 100% ready, which will be happening very soon. Teams can have a maximum of 6 players and there is no limit to how many teams sign up. The teams that are officially registered and confirmed by the admins, will be listed at the bottom of this opening page.

We will be unveiling a ruleset and map rotation very soon, and as for signups, this discussion thread right here is the place to go to enter your teams: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/eqcup2/discussions/0/540736965908236393/

It's an international competition which is open to teams of any skill level: you can be top tier or new and fresh on the scene, it doesn't matter to us. So get together with your friends, get in shape, have some fun and we'll see you very soon! ;)

Registered teams:

01. Team Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein)
02. Vintage Germany (Germany)
03. Team Clarity (Russia)
04. Agent's Team (Russia)
05. PlatinuM Clan (Russia)
06. A`Q (Russia)
07. Russian Empire (Russia)
08. Salmon Catchers (Australia)
09. Crazy Frenchies (France)
10. N0n`Stop< (EU)
11. Team France (France)
12. Team Dat Italy (Italy)
13. The VooDoo BoyZ (USA)
14. Team USA (USA)
15. Team Africa (Sierra Leone)
16. Team Final Boss (USA)
17. His Infernal Majesty (Peru)
18. Team Combat Care Bears (USA)
19. Team Singapore (Singapore)
20. Dynasty (EU)
21. Impossible Gods (Russia)
22. Pink Panther Gang (UK)

xxAnnouncing Another Swiss Tournament 2014

fig newtons
March 20, 2014, 02:00:33 PM by fig newtons
Views: 838 | Comments: 2

Another Swiss Tournament 2014
hosted by fig newtons

There will be a cash prize. The exact amount is to be determined. Stay tuned!

We have had some very generous offers to sponsor this tournament. While nothing has been finalized yet, I want to express my gratitude in advance because building the prize fund is a terrific way to help the community: it builds the hype, draws attention to the event, and brings superstar players out of retirement. In short, the bigger the prize pool, the better the Left 4 Dead 2 we'll be able to bring you.

Send your contributions via PayPal now to (ryan delaney gmail com) with "l4dnation" in the subject, or click the Donate button on Kissme's stream! All the donations we receive will be earmarked to reward the players for the blood, sweat and tears they spend putting on such a great show for us every week. :)

You may have up to six (6) players on your team including the captain. Registration will close on April 12, 2014 OR the first Saturday one week after the watchl4d.com tournament concludes, whichever is later.
Sign up your team by filling out the web form here!

The rules are posted here.

Any comments or questions, please feel free to post in the subforum or contact me via Steam or email.

xxThe WatchL4D Finals Brackets Preview!

March 19, 2014, 01:24:41 PM by Kissme
Views: 757 | Comments: 14


We have all been waiting for over 6 weeks for this point to finally be in our hands, and indeed, here it is!  This tournament started off with 34 spectacular teams, with each of them showing signs of growth with each passing week, but now we see ourselves sitting at the final 8 teams in the tournament with the Champion among them!  I would like to thank everyone that has watched a cast or participated in the tournament thus far in some way/shape!  We also have a surprise for you guys in a little bit too because of how successful this tournament was and how much life it brought back into the community!

This whole post is going to be one detailed write-up about the teams and each player that they bring to the table for this final showdown!  It will go down in descending order starting with the 1st seeded team and ending with the 8th seed.  So without further ado, let us get this party started!

Full Finals Brackets can be found here: http://binarybeast.com/xL4D21403180

Click 'READ MORE' to check out the FULL write-up!

Thanks to Powerplaya, Crox and Kekkeri for assistance with the player write-ups!

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